Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Start Point: Bay Saint Lawrence Road, 6014 Road, B0C 1R0
Registration:  Sunday, 19 October @ 1:30 pm
Walk Start Time:  2:00pm
Group Guided Challenge Walk 
Distance:  5-10k
TR: 3C

Our walk leaders are Bruce and Diane Clarke, they are all keyed up to show us this unique area of Cape Breton.
Diane and Bruce are energized and ready to go!

Directions to Start Point:

Participants should allow at least 3 hours driving time; this should give you time to take a break before starting on the trail.

Follow the Cabot Trail to Cape North Village, turn right at Mac Donald's Motel and follow Bay St Lawrence Road and CBIH Walk Signs to the Start Point.


Meet At The "Big Fiddle"

The CBIH along with other CVF clubs who happen to have Permanent Trails or Year Round Events that may go close to where a cruise ship is docked in their areas provide walk instructions for volkssport members who happen to be on a cruise. The volkssporter is provided information by email on how to get their stamps and continue on the walk event within the city that they are visiting. Always a good idea to have a club member accompany them as well!
Our walk event in Sydney is unique as the dock area is so close to the original Start Point.
We have developed a set of walk instructions specifically for cruise passengers!
Passengers/volkssporters get off the ship, at the "Joan Harris Pavilion" and proceed to the "Big Fiddle",as their Start Point, and then follow the new boardwalk to the Cambridge Suites, where they register and stamp their books. From the Cambridge Suites they then proceed on most of the Sydney walk event with some alterations from our original walk event.
The volkssporter/passenger following our instructions returns to the "Big Fiddle" and Joan Harris Pavilion not requiring to end at the hotel.
This coming Sunday 19 October, at least one passenger/volkssporter Bill Rusby, retired US Air Force has indicated he is interested in doing this walk event.
I have met several passengers over the past couple of years and it is always interesting to meet with these volkssporters form other places. It is a great way to meet new friends and be a club ambassador who can represent our organization plus another small way to entice these walkers in coming back to Cape Breton on their own or with other groups.
Because of the club walk on the same day as the ship arrives, we are looking for a volunteer(s) to accompany Bill on his walk event in Sydney.
Note the walk in Bay St Lawrence is our annual challenge event
If you are interested call or email Rollie 902-849-0747 club email address: for further details.