Friday, June 21, 2013


The CB Island Hoppers Walk Committee is in the process of developing the 2014 schedule of Walk Events.

Do you have a favorite trail you want to have on the schedule for next year?

Do you have a suggestion for a new area/trail that we can walk?

Remember, the trail or the area you select must meet the criteria of 10k or more to meet the standards of the Canadian Volkssport Federation. The walk event can be divided up into 5 k segments to allow for the new shorter distances as approved by the CVF.
Your club needs more "Walk Leaders"! Over the past 16 years we have  relied to heavily on the same persons each year to fill this function! The more seasoned walk leaders are there to help if you want to take on this challenging adventure!

Come help out, and spice up our walk program!

Due to the extensive walk program we have had for 2013 such as Louisbourg300 and the 42K Marathon in September we will have a very simple but varied walk program for the 2014 season. This will allow the mainland volkssport clubs to do the marathon, bus tours and 25th anniversary celebrations for the Central Nova Club.

“Walking is the first thing an infant wants to do and the last thing an old person wants to give up.
Walking is the exercise that does not need a gym.
It is the prescription without medicine, the weight control without diet, and the cosmetic that can’t be found in a chemist.
It is the tranquilizer without a pill, the therapy without a psychoanalyst, and the holiday that does not cost a penny.
What’s more, it does not pollute, consumes few natural resources and is highly efficient.
Walking is convenient, it needs no special equipment, is self-regulating and inherently safe.
Walking is as natural as breathing”

John Butcher, Founder Walk21, 1999

West Mabou Beach and Trails Sunday, 16 - 06 -2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The Long term weather forecast for the upcoming weekend is looking good for our next walking adventure!

West Mabou Beach and Trails - Sunday 16 June

The West Mabou Trails are located off Hwy 19, southwest of the Village of Mabou on the Colindale Road Continue on the Colindale Road for approx. 7 K to Beach Road and continue to the end of this road at the picnic area that is our Start Point for this walk event.

Click on the link below for further details:

A great area to have a picnic lunch before  the walk and you could possibly pick up something to nibble on  at the Mabou Farmers Market from 11-2 every Sunday from 11 - 2!

Click on the link below for further details