Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Celebrate Canada Day!

When: Thursday, July 1st at 09:00am

Where: Westmount, Petersfield

Walk Distance for this Event is 10Kms and is Rated 2B

Walk Leader(s) for this Event is Barb & Cal Thistle, 567-6702

Avoid traffic and take Exit 5 off Highway 125, continue 4kms to Westmount Rd.(Rte 239) turn right, the Start Point is Petersfield Provincial Park.

The CBIH is not involved with the parade nor will we be following the parade route, however we should be returning to the Start/finish Point at about the time that the Parade arrives in Petersfield, therefore we should have the remainder of the day to enjoy the festivities at the park.
Rilla & Jim MacLean sent the following photos from our Walks On Cheticamp Island

Rollie!! Explaining the route to the troops or is that his favorite pastime, "Just Talking about the walks". Posted by Hello
Along the road on Cheticamp Island, waiting for everyone to catch up to Rilla. Posted by Hello
Rilla MacLean and Ian Henderson waiting at the Cattle Crossing, Who goes first? Posted by Hello
Cheticamp Island, Saturday,June 26th Cal & Ian are ready to protect the women from the cows with their walking sticks Posted by Hello

Saturday, 26 of June, the weather wasn't ready to cooperate when the 29 walkers for this Event were signing in for this 12Km walk; BUT within moments of stepping off and all of us dressed for rain and cool weather the sun broke out from behind the black clouds and sunshine made this a very warm walk, by the time we reached the lighthouse the clouds began to hide the sun once again but the rain held off.
The cow population on the island came out to meet us and they were as surprised to see us as we were with them. Both groups, walkers and hoofers stayed at respectful lengths from each other.
Sinclair and Bill proved that the electric fence works AOK ~~~~!!!

On behalf of those who attended the dinner that night at Island Sunset dinning room in Belle Cote, we owe Elsie Buck and Joe MacKinnon a very hardy Thank You, a very reasonabley priced restaurant, great meals and a wonderful staff of servers. Hopefully we will return!

On Sunday there were 23 eager walkers to participate on our second A'cadien walk event, due to weather conditions, rain and more rain, we offered an alternate route along the Salmon River for those who felt a little unsure of their footing on the acadien trail that leads into the highlands and its narrow and steep trails.
The view from the top of the Acadien trail is spectacular and we should return here at another time so that we can take a look at it!! low lying clouds is just another way to describe fog!Though it rained and there was fog we completed the walk and had a great time doing so and we met several new friends along the way, two young ladies from Toronto and an Appachalain trail hiker from Rhode Island.
The Atlantic Area Director Lynda Kanne and Rick Kanne joined us for both events as well as visitors from The Central Nova Club. Thank You for your support and visiting us.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Grand Narrows Walk Event!

What a great walk along the The Bras d'Or Lakes and what great weather for a 10Km walk.
The scenery along this part of the lakes is in a word "fabulous", across the lake you can see the white cliffs of gypsum protruding out into the water and the highland village with the church dominating the skyline for miles around.
The walk leader for this event was Barb MacDonald, who found a wonderful beach at the 5Km mark for us to stroll on, reluctantly the 23 walkers on this event had to return to the start point at the Marina in Grand Narrows; this would have been a great opportunity to have a swim, though the water was still a little to cold. With all the the great beaches on this island maybe we should consider a volksswim in the future!!??

Did anyone take pictures??

Thank You Barb for a wonderful walk and thanks to all of you who continue to support the club.

Almost Time to Clip the "+" Sign:

Its hard to believe that we are soon going into the second half of our schedule; on or about the 30th of June, we will be taking the plus sign "+" off the Year Round Events (YRE's) stamps. If you have not done a YRE this year you only have a short time to get out and do the five YRE walks with the "+" sign.
The IVV rules, for the YRE's, allow only one stamp for each walk event in your "Event Book" however for the year round events you may stamp your book twice a year, once with the plus sign "+" before the 30th of June each year and then you may stamp again on or after 1st of July without the "+" sign.
Don"t forget that those of you who have been frequent walkers, using our YRE's should have paid $2.00 at the start of the year and then only $1.00 thereafter when and if you are stamping your Distance Book. At the beginning of the second term on the 1st of July you are asked to again put $2.00 in the envelopes provided and $1.00 thereafter for the distance stamp each time you walk the respective Event.
The Year Round Events are sanctioned by the Canadian Volkssport Federation and the IVV at a cost of $108.00 each to the club, we have 5 YRE's on the Island at a grand total of $540.00.
Your donations of $1 & $2 and those of our volkssporting visitors to the island help to defer this cost and allows our club to continue to operate as a non profit organization.


We will be in Cheticamp on the weekend of 26 & 27 of June, both walks begin at 1:00pm.

Saturday June 26 we will be at Cheticamp Island, walk leader Bill Boutilier.

Sunday, June 27 the L'Acadien, beginning at the parking lot in the Highlands National Park, walk leader Rollie Coombes. (see details of these walks in previous post on this site dated tues May 11 "coming events")

July 1st begins the second half of our schedule:

Canada Day Celebrations at Petersfield, Westmount begins at 9:00am, for more info contact Barb and Cal Thistle, 567-6702.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Snow Shoe Group at Ski Ben Eoin, A bright sunny day on the cross-country trails but very chilly!  Posted by Hello
A lonely little sign marks the spot of the former Canoe Lake School, Nip Hillier was the creator of this sign and the CBIH put it in place on our walk event to this area in 2003. Photo submitted by Phil Irons. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Barb MacDonald talking with our friends from Walking Adventures International, at the end of a great walk at Uisge Ban Falls, Forks Baddeck. Posted by Hello
Rollie presenting Rilla McLean with a patch signifying International Walking Day, Our first event in Port Hawkesbury, with Bill Boutilier looking on. Posted by Hello

After searching the net for a way to put photos on our website at little or no cost to the club(cheaply)I have finally come up with a solution, albeit temporarily until the folks at the Blog site decide to start charging a fee.

If you have photos you think that would be of interest to the club members or the general public who are checking us out please email them to me and I will publish them as soon as possible.

Please Check the remainder of this site for other pictures and information on our newest Atlantic Club.
A Message From our newest Atlantic Club:

FUNDY VOLKSSPORT CLUB located in Saint John, New Brunswick

President Steve Anderson

Explore Our Past, Discover Your Fitness Future with Volksmarch Fun!

In the same spirit that led Sieur deMons and Samuel de Champlain to our region 400 years ago, area residents and visitors alike are invited to "explore our past, and discover your fitness future" by enjoying the new Fundy Volkssport Club's premiere heritage walk in Saint John on Saturday, June 19.

The Celebrations 400 Heritage Walk is designed to give folks a taste of what Volkssports (German for "people's sports") is all about: fun, friendship, and fitness! Across Canada and around the world, millions have discovered through Volkssports that few things encourage physical activity more than enjoying the outdoors together, having fun and making new friends in the process. Volkssports identifies and promotes safe, scenic and circular activity routes, along with occasions for people to get out together for fun and fitness. In its first year, the Fundy Volkssport Club offers a year-round uptown walk including Lily Lake and Mount Pleasant, and a seasonal Rockwood Park walk. The Celebrations 400 Heritage Walk is an "event walk" - a one time only walk intended to compliment the many activities being offered in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of the naming of the Saint John River by Champlain.

"This walk promises some fun and interesting surprises all along the way! We've had wonderful response by groups and organizations along the walk route, and each looks forward to introducing something special about our city and its - or 'our', rather - heritage. So instead of just walking past everything from point A to B, a souvenir passport/guide and walk instructions will inform you as well as provide fun stops to learn and discover a bit about Saint John's past and present. Bring your camera, as there will be many terrific photo opportunities!," promises Mr. Anderson. "I mean, when's the last time you and Champlain or Madame LaTour got together for a great snapshot?" The route will lead walkers to other fun Celebrations 400 activities, such as the flea market at Harbour Station, which plans to have a costume contest. Passports are "stamped" at each designated stop, and participants get a "Thank you" package when they complete the walk. A number of gift items will be raffled, with proceeds going to new walk routes for 2005.

The walk (or 'Volksmarch') has been designed for everyone's enjoyment. "Many asking about it are relieved to learn that it is a walk, not a race," emphasizes Mr. Anderson. "And that's a feature of Volkssports that many will appreciate - it is non-competitive. After all, what is more discouraging than checking out something offered by a fitness group or activity club, just to have others leave you in a cloud of dust? Or to be tempted to push yourself beyond safe limits? Volkssports supports and celebrates everyone's efforts, and encourages everyone to participate at a safe and comfortable pace. A good guideline is 'walk and talk' - if you have to catch your breath in order to walk and talk, you probably need to slow down a bit."

The walk options encourage maximum participation. For families, the Celebrations 400 walk route is fully paved, so perfect for strollers. Much of the walk is on level grade, with only a few steep hills. And while experienced walkers will appreciate the full 11 km walk route, others can enjoy a leisurely 5 km uptown circle, a scenic 6 km Harbour Passage, Douglas Avenue & Fort Howe circle, or the 4 km mobility challenge Harbour Passage walk suited for wheelchairs and walkers. Everyone is welcome including pets, provided they are on leash and cleaned up after, and young people 16 years of age or less being accompanied by a responsible adult. A hallmark of Volkssport activities is that they go rain or shine, so Mr. Anderson advises, "Wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather."

A popular motivational feature of Volkssports available to members is its international achievement program, with distinctive pins, badges and certificates for a variety of walking milestones. Celebrations 400 Heritage Walk participants will receive free credit toward future awards, should they later choose to join the club and become a Volkssporter. "We hope they will!," says Mr. Anderson. A low-cost annual membership fee of just $10 goes toward new walk listings in the region. "The first thing many people ask is, 'Do you have a walk here, or do you have a walk there?' The answer to that is, 'Join the club and we'll soon have those walks too!'"

As for all Volkssports events, participants must register by signing a waiver of liability, however the walk is free of charge. A limited number of souvenir passport/guides and thank you packages will be available on a first come, first served basis. Registration begins at 9:00 am at the Market Square Atrium, with guided uptown walk starting at 10:00 am. Assisted registration with self-guide materials are available until 2:00 pm. All walk routes start and end at Market Square.

For more information about the Canadian Volkssport Federation and other walking events across Canada, visit the web site at For more information about the Fundy Volkssport Club and walking opportunities in Saint John, contact the club president at 672-8254 or by email:
Steve Anderson
CB Island Hoppers on the Clyburne Trail circa 2002, Thanksgiving Weekend Posted by Hello
Nip Hillier displays a couple of his walking sticks! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 04, 2004

Trails Day in Inverness County

As part of International Trails Day, the fourth annual Trans-Canada Bike and Hike will take place this Saturday, June 5th at 10:00am, starting at the Mabou River Inn, this is a 15 Km route along the abandoned rail line.
Participants are invited to a BBQ at the Little Judique Harbour Trestle beginning at 3:00pm.

Please note this is not an IVV sanctioned event.

This is the type of event which our club should be attending each year as it encourages the joy of hiking along the many trails of Cape Breton and the organizers are encouraging a non competitive walk and family participation.

Your walk committee and trails coordinator are working to try and coordinate this type of event with local groups and we continue to make representation in all counties to be invited in a timely fashion so that we can get a sanctioned event stamp from the CVF.

At a recent meeting in Truro I was able to obtain dates for International Walk and Hike Events for 2005 and we will ensure that these will be on the schedule for next year.

Therefore I encourage thoughs of us who can travel to Inverness on such short notice to do so and bring the message of Walking for Fun, Fitness and Friendship. We will do our best to participate as an organized club next year.

Inverness County Recreation Department, recently devoted a two page article about our club and volkssporting in the Inverness Peridodical "The Participaper".
A limited amount of copies were distributed on our last walk and I will hold a copy in our Leaders walk box for any of you who would like to read the article.
My sincere Thank You to the editors and writers of the Participaper for this article.