Tuesday, January 11, 2005

VOLKSSPORT CANADA Jan. Feb & Mar. 2005

A study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, led by Jennifer Weuve and the bottom line is "walking gives your brain a workout", there is evidence that better cardiovascular health is related to better cognitive function. Physical activity also appears to have a direct effect on the brain itself. "It appears to promote the production of chemicals in the brain, called nerve growth factors, that improve the brain cells' survival and growth."

If you want to sharpen your memory, attention span, and learning ability, put on your walking shoes and get going.


Fran Campbell, Coxheath 10 Events

Frank Campbell, Coxheath 10 Events

Janice Wilson, River Ryan 10 Events

Dianna MacDonald, Sydney 30 Events

Carl MacRae, North Sydney 30 Events

Bill Hopkins, Sydney River 50 Events

Ann Coombes, Glace Bay 75 Events

Roland Coombes, Glace Bay 150 Events


Bill Hopkins, Sydney River 500 Km

Roland Coombes, Glace Bay 1500 & 2000 Km

Isabel Grant, North Sydney 3000 Km

Robin Grant, North Sydney 3000 Km

Convention 2005 Quebec City

The next Convention and Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Volkssport Federation will take place in Quebec City, May 27 through 29,2005.

For further information on the convention please go to the CVF website and follow the links or phone 418.845.2746 or 418.529.1570.

Bookings for rooms must be done soonest,I'm booked at the Clarendon the convention hotel and was informed that we were fortunate to get a room as they were now booked for that weekend.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend the convention, if for some reason that I cannot attend I will have someone else from our club appointed as a voting member at the general meeting.

Normally the CVF does not plan for conventions anymore then 2 years in advance, however they are now committed to having the convention booked until 2007, therefore we could start planning for a convention here on the island for 2008 if you the members are willing to participate. What a great way to promote our Island and our walking activity to the remainder of the Cape Breton Community(s).