Sunday, November 20, 2011


The CBIH annual walk schedule for 2011 has come to an end as of Sunday, 20 November.

Photos of today's events that began at the Cambridge Suites in downtown Sydney and through Wentworth Park and into a portion of Rotary Park along Wentworth Stream.

DSCF0397(1) Two angels!!!

DSCF0398(1) 3 new walkers join the CBIH for the days walk event.

DSCF0399 DSCF0400

We stop at the Tennis Court before heading on to the trail.

DSCF0401 DSCF0402

Along the trail in Rotary Park

DSCF0403 Nip Hillier and Joe MacKinnon

DSCF0405 Wentworth Park

DSCF0407(1) DSCF0408

On the return trip through Wentworth Park we meet up with our good friend(s) Phil Irons (forefront with Joe MacKinnon). In the background is (L) Anne Irons with Nip Hillier.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


A great day for a walk on the Coxheath wilderness trails:

A very sunny day with a light breeze at our backs.DSCF0379

Above: Joe MacKinnon President CBIH welcoming walkers to the 10k event.


Above: (L) Bruce Clark walk leader for this event introduces Andy Pitman chairmen of the Coxheath Trails Association. Andy welcomes the group and gave a short comment on the trail and other activities taking place now and in the future.

DSCF0382 DSCF0383

Up the hill we go! Carmel Coffin and Phyllis MacLeod enjoying the surrounding view.

DSCF0388 Our newest member just below the Pitman Cabin enjoying the stroll along the newest loop trail.


The new picnic kiosk along the North loop.A very scenic area with a small stream nearby. On the far right between Bruce Clark and Elsie Buck is our latest visitor,Holger Kirkman who comes from Germany. This was Holger's first walk with the CBIH and unfortunately he will be returning to Germany on Monday. Holger will be back in Cape Breton next June and promises to join us again.


Above: (L) Cal Thistle (R) Barb Thistle

DSCF0391 Barb Thistle standing on the bridge and next to the badge of the 45 Field Engineers who constructed the bridge. The 45 Field Engineers are located in Victoria Park, Sydney.

Our sincere thank you to the troops who spent their time here to ensure we all have a safe bridge to cross.

DSCF0392 Bruce shares his Hallow' en treats with the gang!

DSCF0394(1) DSCF0395(1)

The view of Sydney River area as we head down the hill and say "farewell to the Coxheath Hills" for another year.