Monday, August 31, 2015


CB Island Hoppers, a reminder:


Lewis Mountain Trail: A former road/trail to Lake Ainslie.

The trail follows or runs parallel to McPherson Brook.
The Trail is a very gradual incline and not very steep as the name may suggest, it hugs the side of the mountain it is named after

CBIH Walk Event will take place on Monday 7 September

Registration takes place at 12:30 and we Step Off at 1:00 PM

For further details go to our website EVENTS CALENDAR:

Please note that our national organization The  Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) have established a new or revised website, please see the link below:

Within the CVF site you will find the CVF Newsletter "VOLKSSPORT CANADA" and the latest edition features CBIH on the front cover. Follow the links in the black banner "What is Volkssport" and click on "Volkssport Canada". If you do not have "Drop Box" you will be instructed to sign up,(this is free)  if you do, simply log on and the newsletter will open

Don't forget to sign up for our October long weekend (9-12) of events in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Cheticamp area.
If you can't make it for the entire weekend then how about coming out for one or two walk events to help support your club.
Pick up a copy of the brochure at the next walk event or simply request at this email address and I will send out to you as .pdf as soon as possible.
There may be one trail change: Salmon Pools Trail has been closed because of recent flooding and Parks Canada officials have promised to let me know about the trail as soon as they can to determine the amount of damage and if the trail will reopen by October. 
An alternate trail will be selected if we cannot use Salmon Pools Trail.
Lets get out and walk for fun, fitness and friendship!