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Achievement Awards & Old Photos

Hold On! I thought I had given up on this type of walking adevnture when I retired from the infantry. So, here I am again, the only things missing is a rifle and a 60lb rucksack and a Sgt pushing me on! However my walking partner, Nip Hillier who is holding the camera seems to have filled the role of a bootcamp Sergeant, spurring us on to the mighty North River Falls......

The above picture is that of Nip Hillier crossing over one of the four rope and ladder bridges that we encountered on our very first pre-walk to the North River Falls Sept 29th 1998.

Due to the many crossings of the river at that time we decided that this was more of a hiking adventure then a volkswalk and we delayed a group walk to the North River Falls for another three or more years. In the ensuing years the area was closed to hikers and campers due to an extreme fire index and for two years access was delayed as the new bridges (replacing the rope bridges) were washed away during the spring breakup.
The clubs first trip to the North River Falls was led by Bill Boutilier using an alternate route along the Oregeon Trail. A cross country walk that was not soon forgotten as we encountered some very steep climbing down into the gorge at the base of the falls.

My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing.
-Edward P. Weston

The club eventually made it to the falls along the river trail once a new route was opened up along one side of the river (the east side) by NS Natural Resources Dept. and The St Ann's Bay Trail Association.
I am looking for more pictures and small antedotes to help celebrate
our 10th anniversary celebrations.

Send me a photo with a caption or a story about your exploits with the
club on a group guided or pre-walk.

Of all excercises walking is the best.
-Thomas Jefferson
In the Fall & Winter issues of VOLKSSPORT CANADA I came across the following information:
Event Achievement Awards:
10 Events Edward (Ed) Hopkins Port Morien
75 Events William (Bill) Hopkins Sydney River
100 Events William (Bill) Hopkins
100 Events Shirley Pettigrew from Mira Bay
250 Events Carmel Coffin Sydney
400 Events Barbara Thistle Sydney
400 Events Cal Thistle
Distance Achievement Awards:
1000 km Shirley Pettigrew Mira Bay
1000 km William (Bill) Hopkins Sydney River
1500 km Ann Coombes Glace Bay
1500 km Judith Lorway Sydney
1500 km Lucy Nardini Sydney
3000 km Carmel Coffin Sydney
3000 km Roland Coombes Glace Bay
4000 km Isabel Grant North Sydney
4000 km Robin Grant
4500 km Cal Thistle
Congratulations to all!
A reason to Volkssport! 1 of 14.
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Friday, January 05, 2007


Regretfully I must inform all members that I have not been able to place the new 2007 slugs at each designated location as of this time due to personal health problems.

I will get the slugs setup as soon as I am able to travel once again.

We have been forced to make some changes to our Year Round Events in order to continue with these Self-Guided Walk Events.

Low turn out and financial considerations had to be taken into account, a second review will be made during the 2007 season and a final decision will be made to cancel at least one YRE before the start of 2008!

The following statement will be placed in all five (5) log books (sign in books) at each location before the end of January.


The Walk Events in Glace Bay, Louisbourg and Baddeck have had some changes for the 2007 season.

These walk events have been discontinued as Year Round Events for 2007, they have been changed to Mid-Seasonal Event status as per the Rules And Regulations as outlined by The Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) and by approval of the CBIH club executive who recognized that these events needed to be changed due to the low turn out of walkers each year. The overhead cost have become another concern for the club, we will review this decision at the end of 2007.

“A Mid-Seasonal Event [up to 6 months less a day]”

These self-guided walk event will continue from 5 May 2007 to 28 Oct 2007.

All members of the IVV and CBIH who participate in the awards program may continue to stamp their Event Books twice in the same calendar year.
(a.) Only one stamp maybe placed in your Event Books from 05 May to 30 June (2007+).
(b.) A second stamp with the “+” sign removed maybe placed in your Event Book from 1 July to 28 Oct (2007).
(c.) Distance Books maybe stamped as many times as you desire to walk these Events

Louisbourg and Baddeck will remain on the “National Lighthouse Award Program” and those persons who are participating in this “special event” can still have their Lighthouse Event Books stamped as per the programs rules.

Sydney & North Sydney:

The Year Round Events in Sydney and North Sydney will continue as YRE’s with the CVF rules applied for the “+” sign.
(a.) Only one stamp maybe placed in your Event Books, from 1 January to 30 June (2007 +).
(b.) A second stamp with the “+” sign removed maybe placed in your Event Book from 1 July to 31 Dec 2007.
(c.) Distance Books maybe stamped as many times as you desire to walk these Events.


The rules pertaining to distances on the Year Round, Seasonal & Mid-Seasonal Events have recently been changed. We are now authorized to offer shorter 5-9k walk events including the 10k or more distances that we currently offer on our routes. Therefore in the next few months the walk committee will prepare 5k routes for all of our Events.