Friday, November 28, 2003

Schedule of Events for 2003

Our scheduled Guided Walk Events (GW) have been completed for this year 2003, however we still have Five (5) year round events (YRE's) that you and a friend can do at your own pace and whenever you want before the end of this year. If you haven't stamped your Event and Distance Books for this year there's still plenty of time to do so, the weather is great for walking, the stamps are still in place at the different locations, so grab a friend and get some exercise before the snow arrives.

Where are The Start Points for the YRE's?

(1). Sydney, Cambridge Suites on the Esplanade, ask for the Walk Box at the Front Counter.

(2). Glace Bay, 364 York Street, Walk Box is located at the top of step, Front Entrance.

(3). Louisbourg, Pecks Store, Wolfe Street, Walk Box is Located in the store near the videos.

(4). North Sydney, Clansmen Motel, Peppett Street, Walk box is at the Motel registration desk.

(5). Baddeck, Telegraph House B&B/Motel Chebucto Street, ask for the Walk Box at the registration desk.

If you have any questions on these events please do not hesitate to contact Rollie or the Points of Contact for each event. The clerks and cashiers at the SP(s) are not responsible for these events; The oweners of the venues have kindly provided the space at no charge to our organization.

Webspace and Links:

The CBRM will be providing us with some space on there site very shortly, hopefully this will give us more exposure to the community.

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers, Walking for Fun, Fitness and Friendship!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

More News From our online 'Heel and Toe' News!


Where: Sydney Radar Base, Lingan Road
Schooner Curling Club, Military Road

Time: 2:00pm

When:SATURDAY, January 17th, 2004

Purpose: General Election of Club Executive --- President, Vice president, Trails Cooridinator, Secretary, Treasurer and selection of Walk and Ways/Means Committee.
General discussions of IVV & CVF policies, rules and regulations; our own policies and regulations.
Briefing on trails and schedule for 2004 and future plans for 2005.
Bring a new idea/request for a particuliar trail in 2005 or we may try and squeeze it into our 2004 schedule.

Come out and support YOUR club.


The Dartmouth Volksmarch Club will be hosting 6 walk events at Fundy National Park on the Labour Day weekend:

Friday, Sept. 3rd until Monday, Sept. 6, 2004

Contact Person(s): Lionel and Lily Conrod, 17 Benview Avenue, Dartmouth NS B2Y 1W6
Telephone 902-466-4421

Bill and Betty Mayo, 268 Acadia Ave. Unit 148, Dieppe NB E1A 6T2
Telephone: 506-854-4437 (home)
506-532-5011 (cottage)

A brochure for these events will be made available at our AGM on the 17th of January 2004 or you can contact Rollie now to make arrangements to receive a copy before the Annual General Meeting.

McKeigan Rd/Mira Public Pastures

A nice sunny fall day with a cool wind at our backs proved to be a very successful walkabout for our last GW for 2003. There were 27 walkers on this event, three of our newest members came along for the walk and all indications are that they will be back. They were very excited about our awards program and the Mira Pastures were a great introduction to volkssporting.
The end of the trail at Mira Pastures and the walk up the hill to the doppler radar site have a wonderful view of the Mira area, again it proves that while driving in your car across our Island, you miss some of the best areas of Cape Breton.

Volksmarchers Walk For The Health It!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


What more could you ask for but snow on a cross country ski trail; the happiest people on the trail were Jacques, Micheline and Sinclair as we headed out on to the trails at Ski Ben Eoin for a 10Km walking tour of the different xc trails.
Jacques Cote our Walk Leader (in this case our Task Master) ensured that we started the walk at 13:00h (1:00pm) as per Volkssport rules; Micheline and Sinclair took turns at the rear to make sure we all kept up and didn't go astray on the numerous trails.
We followed the trail up the East Bay Hills, a steady, slightly challenging climb that culminated with several good views of the Bra D'or Lakes. We were introduced to a maple tree named after Sinclair and the Ski Ben Eoin volunteers showed us the new trails they were planning and the ongoing maintenance that was and is required to keep the trail a viable and worthwhile endeavor for xc-sking and snowshoeing enthusiasts.
There was a total of 24 walkers on this event and after the walk we were given the use of the ski chalet where our members brought out a birthday cake!! Thank You fellow walkers, it was very much appreciated.

The walk at Ski Ben Eoin was a great success due to the efforts of Jacques, Micheline, Sinclair and all of you who paricipated in this event.

We continue to grow as a club due to the enthusiasim of all our members, bring a friend along on our next event:

Sunday, 16 November @ 1:00pm, McKeigan Rd/Mira Pastures in Marion Bridge.

Dartmouth Volksmarch Club

A letter was received from Jerry Simpson, President of the DVC and Lionel Conrod Committee Chair, again expressing their thanks for the large turnout of CBIH members on the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the DVC, during the long weekend in October. Some pictures were sent as well and they will be made available at our next event and at our Clubs Annual Party 15 November.

MEMBERSHIP and Membership Fees

Annual membership in CBIH is $10.00/person, $25.00/family. You may pay this fee to Elsie Buck our club Treasurer at any event between January and March and If paying by cheque please make payable to:
Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club.

Membership in CBIH entitles you to vote at our Annual Meeting and allows the club to sponsor our five Year Round Events, it also helps to pay for our 20 or more Guided Walk Events each year. Membership also ensures we keep you on our e-mail and regular mailing address, so that we can continue to contact you for any new developments that happen within the club.
A club membership card will be made available in the near future upon receipt of Annual Dues.
All of our Walk Events are free; however, if you want to receive (stamps) or participate in the awards program from the IVV and CVF there is a $2.00 fee. There is a certificate for five free walks with our club, which may be obtained from the President or the Walk Leader at any of our Walks. Event and Distance Books are also available at a cost of $7.00 each for those who wish to participate in these awards programs.

Please remember the IVV awards are strictly voluntary, you can walk with our club or any other Volkssport Club at any Event free but most members enjoy keeping track of the distances and events attended and the free pins and badges which are availble through the IVV

For further Information

Come Put Your Heel and Toe On Our Island!

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Grand River Falls Walk Event!

A cool but sunny day at Grand River Falls, where 20 of our regular members plus 5 new walkers joined us for an 11Km stroll along the Loch Lomond Road and then down a narrow trail to the Grand River Falls and Fish Ladder.
The falls here are more like rapids but very narrow and fast moving; you can hear the sounds of the water as you descend the hill.
This was a great introduction to our newest members, all of whom have indicated that they will be returning for our next walk at Ski Ben Eoin trails on the 9th of November, starting time 1.00pm.

What is a YRE (Year Round Event)?

The locations of our YRE's can be found on our WebSite: CBIH

At each location our members have walked, driven, used local maps and have tried to pick out the most desireable locations, streets and parks within the selected communities that we and visiting volkssporters would appreciate as walkers. Most of our walk events are limited to 10Kms. Many volksmarchers/volkswalkers plan their vacations around these events on their own or by bus tours that specialize in hiking and walking tour groups. ie: Walking Adventures International, Tater Tours and Aquilla Tours.

A YRE can be walked at anytime during daylight hours and on any day of the week, anytime of the year except Christmas Day and in some cases on New Years Day.

You can walk these events on your own, with a walk partenner or a walk group, ie: bus tours.

A 'Walk Box' supplied by the club is located at each venue, ie: motel, general store; information about the event is found in the box such as maps and directions, a registration log and envelopes. Most importantly the CVF Sanctioned Stamp, that you place in your Distance and Event Books upon completion of the walk.

Ensure that you register and fillout the information on the envelope.

A $2.00 donation to cover the cost of the Event is requested by the club and most Volkssport Clubs ask the same.

CBIH has a frequent walker rate for club members only; after walking the event and submitting $2.00 for the first event, members can then pay $1.00 each time they participate in that particuliar Event between 01 Jan to 30 June.
On or about 01 July the contact person for each YRE is responsible to remove the + sign (2003+) from the stamp, all members who are frequent walkers then pay $2.00 again for the event and therafter $1.00 for the remainder of the year.

You may stamp your Distance Book with the same stamp as frequently as you walk that particular YRE, however you can only place the same stamp in the EVENT BOOK only twice, once with the plus + sign (2003+), once without (2003)

Need more info or clarification please contact me at: