Monday, May 31, 2004


On Sunday May 30th a group of 22 Rainsuited walkers ventured out along The Little River Reservoir Trail and made their way across the wind swept (first)dam of the reservoir, at the end of the dam is a great area for a picnic but todays experience was one of getting across one dam too many and getting back to the main trail.
Rilla and Jim McLean who were leading the walk were encouraged to continue along the main trail as we had originally planned on taking a side trip along the second causeway or dam.
The main trail in this area was originally a part of the water pipeline that fed into the old heavy water plant that was located near Port Hawkesbury. This is an excellent walking trail and with all the rain we were not sloshing through mud or streams of water.
Rilla was more then able to maintain traction along the trail and most of us had trouble keeping up with her.
At the end of the walk Rilla provided packages of oatcakes for all the walkers but due to weather conditions there was little time for socializing.
Claire McNeil brought two new friends on this walk and there was two members from the Truro club.
The Club Trails Coordinator will be considering this walk for next year but will hold it during a nice sunny day!!!
There had been some concern about parking in this area however we were able to put some cars in the two driveways and along a very wide shoulder on both sides of the road.
Excluding the weather this is a very pleasant walk in the woods and along the Little River Reservoir.

Another New Walk Coming Up!

When:Sunday, June 13th @2:00pm

Where: Grand Narrows/Derby Point

Directions: From North Sydney Hwy 125, Exit 3 onto Rte 223to Grand Narrows
take the second exit into Grand Narrows just before the Barra Strait Bridge.

The Start Point is the Barra Strait Marina (the former dock for Grand Narrows ferry)

The walk leader for this event will be Barb MacDonald.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

A Wonderful Walk with New Friends

Our walk at Canoe Lake on Sunday the 16 of May, has proved to be one of our most favorite events.
Starting off,the weather was over cast and a light sprinkle of rain that soon gave way to periods of sunshine and a pleasant day for a walk in the country.
Our walk leader for this event was Elsie Buck while Joe and Bill Followed in the rear keeping a close eye on the 31 participants.
Canoe Lake Road/Trail is rated at 2B, some moderate hill climbing and a well groomed trail, which winds its way past several small lakes including Canoe Lake.
Two years ago our friend Nip Hillier constructed a sign showing the location of the old Canoe Lake school house, surprisingly the sign is still in place and in excellent shape.
We were joined by five (hopefully) new walkers for this walk event and some old friends (four) rejoined us as well.
If you missed this walk you will have a second chance, as this is one of the walks that the Celtic Colours WALKS Committee selected for the fall colours event on the 10th of October at 2:00pm.
There will be a new stamp issued for this event and the guide will be Carol Butts.

Coming Events:

(1a) Next walk will be 30th of May at Little River Reservoir, take Hwy 4 to St Peter's continue straight through St Peter's to Hwy 104 and watch for our signs along the 104 a short distance from Exit 44

(1b) Sunday 13 of June @2pm, Grand Narrows, S/F at Barra Strait Marina, this is a 10km event led by Barb MacDonald, 849-0573.

(2a) Pot Luck at Cal & Barb Thistle's Camp Site, Cheticamp Island on Friday night 25 of June

(2b) The first two of our 4 Acadian Walks will begin on Saturday 26 of June at Cheticamp Island beginning at 1:00pm

(2c) Dinner at Island Sunset Restaurant at 18:00 hrs (6pm) in Belle Cote about 10 minutes from Cheticamp,
Please contact Elsie Buck at 562-3117 for details; Elsie has booked reservations for the club BUT we need you to call and confirm with Elsie how many will be going to this dinner.

(2d) Our second Acadian Walk will begin at 1:00pm on Sunday 26 of June in the Highlands National Park using the 10Km Acadian Trail (L'Acadien). The Start and Finish Point will be the parking lot at the Visitors Information Centre a short distance north of Cheticamp.

(3) Brochures and Info about our Bus Tour to Fundy Park and Our Louisbourg Acadian Events, are still available, please call 849-0747 or email

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Walk Schedule For 2004 continues with one of our favorite walks:

On Sunday 16th of May @ 2:00pm we will be at Canoe Lake

This is a 10Km Event rated at 2B and will be a guided event led by Elsie Buck.

From Sydney take Rte 327 towards Gabarus, we will begin at the obscure T-junction of Rte 327 and Canoe lake Road.


On Sunday the 2nd of May we met at the corner of Glengarry and East Bay Hills Road.
There were 22 walkers as we ascended a long steady hill on the East Bay Hill Road.
A view of a low valley to our right just beginning to explode with summer colours,this was a reminder of why the Walk Committee picked this trail as one of our Celtic Colours Fall walk Events. The Colours should be fabulous in October
This was a nice leisurely walk through the forest with signs of rabbits and plenty of birds for the birdwatchers amongst us.
As is the poblem with many of our trails on the island, we were unable to make this a looped trail, we had to walk in for 5 Kms and return on the same trail.
Our two most devoted walkers, Elsie and Joe could not make it for this Event, as they had been to the States on a visit, however being such devoted Volkswalkers; they met us at the finish point as they were on their way home at about the same time as we were completing the event.

Sydney, Glace Bay & North Sydney YRE's

Changes to the routes have been made to all three of these Year Round Events; which we hope will be more appealing to our visitors and our club members.

Check our website for details on the "Start Points" for these events.

What is a Year Round Event (YRE)?

The Walk Committee along with a local club member and a volunteer business establishment set up a Start/Finish Point within a community.

These are Map Walks that are self-guided events enjoyed every day of the year. Ask for the 'Walk Box' and after registering, walkers receive a map and instructions and then proceed along the trail at their own pace.

The trails may sometimes be marked with signs and tape and may have checkpoints along the route. Generally, participants may start the walk any time after 0800 and finish by 1800 hours.

Anyone may participate in a Year Round Event or a volkssport event free of charge, but before starting an event, all participants must register and those walkers who want to collect the coveted IVV stamps may then stamp their Books and ensure they put $2.00 in the envelopes provided and fill out the information on the front of the envelopes, at the finish.

Organized walking events in the volkssport program are called "volksmarches". They follow planned routes which are safe, scenic, and circular (that is, you finish where you started). The trails are normally 10 kilometres and occasionally, longer walks are offered.