Saturday, November 25, 2006


Club Members And Friends:

Regretfully I must inform you that our Christmas Party will not take place as planned on the 10 Dec.

Our new host(s) have asked for a change of DATE & TIME and the General Meeting Held on Saturday, 25 November agreed to this change:

The Christmas Party will now take place Saturday, 16 Dec @ 6PM.

My sincere Thank You to Kathy & Doug Grant who will be our host for this party.

Their home is located on 20 Hemlock Street (Hemlock extends across Kimberley Dr. and #20 is on the right), Sydney, B1S 1S4.

Kimberley Drive & Hemlock are located off Kings Road between Jaspers Restaurant and Price Choppers Grocery Store (a short distance on the right handside, when entering Sydney from the #4 Hwy on Kings Road and just after The Super Value Store).

I will do my best to inform all members however I ask that you pass this message onto anyone you know not to have e-mail.

This will be a pot luck style party

Thank You for your support in this matter.

The 10 anniversary t-shirts that Barb & Cal designed will be available at $15.00 each.

They (Cal& Barb) are now taking orders e-mail

The brochure and registration form for our 10th Anniversary celebration in Louisbourg is now available for distribution.

All of the information about the walk events and the dinner will be included in the brochure and for those attending the party I will have sufficient copies on hand to pass out.

Get your order for t-shirts and fill out the registration for our candlelight dinner ASAP as there is limited seating at Fortress Louisbourgs Restaurant.

Friday, November 17, 2006




Tuesday, October 31, 2006


[1] The Last Guided Walk For 2006

When: The walk will take place on Sunday, Nov. 12th

Registration: Starts at 12:30 PM

Walk Begins: 1:00 PM

Directions to the Start Point for this Guided Walk Event:
From Hwy 125 Exit 3, follow Rte.223 past Leitches Creek for approx. 7kms to the base of the Barrachois Mountain.

The walk will begin at the gravel pit located on the left (west) side of the road.

This is a guided walk event of 10k Rated at 3C, those walkers wanting to do 5 k are welcomed to do so.

[2] 9th Annual Club Meeting:

Place: 106 Carmichael Drive, Sydney River

When: Saturday, November 25th, 2006

Time: 2:00 PM (opening remarks by the chairperson will begin promptly at 2:05 PM)

The meeting is open to all club members and anyone interested or joining The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club.

We will be discussing the plans for the clubs 10th Anniversary celebrations for 2007 and we will have the brochure for these events available as well.

There will be a discussion as well on our 4th Celtic Colours Walk Program.

If you do not have our 2007 Guided Walk schedule you can pick it up at the annual meeting.

The club executive committee’s is open to any member who would like to volunteer for a position.

We will try to make this meeting as informal as possible but as informative as we can.

[3] IT's PARTY TIME, Annual End Of Season or Christmas Party:

This potluck dinner party will take place: TO BE CONFIRMED
Come out and enjoy the company of your fellow walkers; after this party we are taking an unprecedented extended break until March 2007.


When: Sunday, 10 December 2006

Time: 4:00 PM

The North River Trek

The trek along the North River Trail proved to be a little wetter under foot then we had anticipated.
Earlier in the morning before our walk there had been high winds and a heavy rainfall, particuliarly in the Glace Bay and Sydney areas where some power interuptions had been reported.
Undaunted by the weather a number of volkssporters from the Island Hoppers made their way to the North River Trail head.
Before starting off there was a light shower and wind. Then as we made our way up the trail entrance the sun broke out of the clouds and though the temp was a little cool we had a very comfortable walk.
Parts of the trail had turned into streams but we were able to walk on the high sides of the trail with little or no problems. We did not have to deviate from the trail as we have with some of the trails after a rain storm. The trail is well packed and rocky, not muddy, making it easier to walk during inclement weather.
The trail is also lined with a heavy foilage of fallen leaves with a distinctive smell in the air that you only get in the fall of the year when travelling through the forest. The vibrant colours of the fall were still visible but will soon disappear if we continue to have such wet weather this fall season.
Along the trail we passed over two bridges and the streams had turned into malstorms, the once tranquil small waterfalls along these brooks could be heard in the distance as we were approaching and then departing the bridges that crossed over these now new rivers flowing into and feeding the larger North River.
At the 4.5 k mark we turned left towards the North River; if we had continued to the right along the main trail we would have gone onto the North River Falls. Today was not the day for that particuliar trip.
At the rivers edge, the planned turn around point, we noted that the river had swollen over its banks. Where we had stood 3 days ago on the prewalk was now part of the river and after a short break we opted to head back as the weather was once again changing, thick black clouds engulfed the mountains around us and the temperture quickly and amazingly dropped in a few moments.
On the way back I noted fresh moose tracks coming up from the river heading for higher ground, apparently the moose was not interested in crossing the river today.
We were a fortunate group of walkers as we made it make to the Start/Finish Point without getting wet and in fact most if not all the walkers heeded the advice of the prewalkers to wear good hiking boots and we arrived back without even getting our feet wet.
A successful and wonderful walk along the North River.

In the coming years we will again consider this walk event for our Celtic Colours Program as there is potential for three seperate walks in this area; this Includes a much more comfortable start point to the North River Trail other then the SP that is located in the North River Park picnic area.

Sunday, October 22, 2006




The following message was sent by Lee and Suzanne Lazaro, California USA

Rollie - please share this short message with the Island Hoppers.
Thanks, Lee.

" Hello and greetings to the Island Hoppers ! Suzanne and I, as well as Suzanne's mom, Janet, wanted to share with you how pleased we were to join the Island Hoppers volksporting group this summer, and how much we enjoyed walking and talking with many of you. Due to the arrival of friends at our home in Cape Breton last week, we were unable to make the final walk in Louisburg, but we enjoyed the other Celtic Colours walks with you. The Island Hoppers are a fun group and we look forward to joining you next Spring/Summer on some new walks !

PS - some of you may have read in the Post last week that Suzanne had accidentally lost her camera during the visit of the Premier of Nova Scotia to Dominion Bay Beach, where we had (of course) been taking a walk ! The great news is, we recovered the camera with pictures intact, thanks to a typically honest Cape Bretoner, Mr. Joseph Elsworth of Dominion Bay, to whom we are very grateful (he of course received the obligatory bag of turnips as a reward! :-) Therefore, we will be sending Rollie the group photo's from our Canoe Lake walk.

Best Regards for a wonderful Fall and Winter !

Lee and Suzanne Lazaro"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Christmas Party, A Visitor to Louisbourg, Last Two Walks for October!

Our 3rd Annual Celtic Colours Walks will end this coming Saturday, 14th October with one of our most favourite walks going to the lighthouse in Louisbourg. After this walk I will be prepared to give the statistics of the numbers of walkers and where they are from for those who are interested.

We will start this event at Han Beck Sea Products parking lot located off Main Street Louisbourg.

Registration begins at 1:30 PM and we step off at 2:00 PM.

Special Note to Club members: If you have completed this event since 01 July of this year you may walk for distance only and the stamp for your DISTANCE BOOK is only $1.00; all other club members who have not walked in Louisbourg at anytime this year or who have walked prior to 31 June,you may stamp both Event & Distance Books at a cost of $2.00. PLEASE CHECK YOUR BOOKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT for a + sign and the last three numbers for Louisbourg are 243 with a stamp image of a lighthouse.

On Wednesday, Oct 11, five of our club members met Sylvia Fisher, a member of The St. Alberts Trekkers, Alberta. Sylvia is travelling by cruise ship from Montreal to Norfork, Virginia. It is Sylvia's goal to do all the capital city walks and lighthouse walks across Canada. The Island Hoppers have helped her with this goal by escorting her out to Louisbourg one of the two designated lighthouse walks here in Cape Breton and a part of the National Lighthouse Program.
Sylvia will try to return to CB in the near future to try and complete our other lighthouse walk in Baddeck. She may try to accomplish this during our 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2007.

Thank You to Carmel Coffin, Elsie Buck, Lucy Nardini and Bill Hopkins for joining Sylvia and myself for a great day of walking. The weather was perfect, unusual for Louisbourg,the comradiere on the trail was equally perfect.

SUNDAY, OCT 29th we are in North River Bridge at the Provincial Park, picnic area for a 10k walk along the North River. PLEASE NOTE: We will not be going to the falls.
Start Time 1:00PM, please register at 12:30

The Annual End Of Season and Christmas Party!

This year Marion Hopkins will be our host for this Pot Luck Event.

185 Fatima Drive, Sydney River


Later in November we will coordinate what type of prepared dish that you would like to bring.

I though I should share one of the photos that I came cross while going through my files of photos that were sent to me recently. This smiling couple is Kathy and Doug Grant on top of Broad Cove Mountain in the Highland National Park. A fantastic view of Cape Smokey in the back ground.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Glasgow and Pacquette Lakes Walk

Glasgow Lake in The Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The view from the turn around point of our walk from Paquette Lake to Glasgow Lake.
From this point it is a complete 360' panoramic view of the highlands that few tourist and native Capers will ever see.
This is the scene that awaited the Island Hoppers on our latest trip to the National Park on Sunday, 24 Sept. 2006.

Thank You to Terry Crawley for the latest pictures.

More photos can be found on our Photo web site. Click on the site to the right of this page.

With the Glasgow Lake Walk Event under his belt, Terry has now completed his first 10 events with the club. Good Show Terry!

On this Walk Event Nancy and Jerry Haley from Sydney joined us for the first time and from all indications they will be joining us again in the near future. Welcome aboard folks, I'm sure you will find us a friendly group of walkers.

My Thank you to all who participated in the prewalk on Tuesday Sept 26th at St Alphonse Church In New Victoria in preparation for the Celtic Colours Festival coming up on 7,8 and 9 Oct 2006.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We have two Walk Events remaining for the month of September:


DATE & TIME: Sunday Sept. 17th, Registration at 1:30 PM and the Walk begins at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Warren Lake Picnic Area in The Highlands National Park

The Guided Walk around Warren Lake is Approx 5k and the remaining portion of the walk continues to Broad Cove Mtn via Warren Lake Road and return to the picnic area is a total distance of 11k.

Joe MacKinnon will lead the walk around the lake and Rollie Coombes will continue with the Broad Cove Mtn portion.

Broad Cove Mtn is quite steep and I advise all participants to take their time ascending this Mountain, excellent views of the highlands, Cape Smokey, here you are above the the eagles who soar along the shoreline and forest below you! Don't forget to take your camera and binoculars.


DATE & TIME: Sunday Sept. 24th, Registration begins 1:30 PM and the Walk begins at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Glasgow Lakes/Paquette Lake in The Highlands National Park

-- From Neil's Harbour continue for 9k along the Cabot Trail towards Cape North
-- Watch for Highland National Park Road Signs indicating Glasgow and Paquette Lake Trail on the left side of the Highway. The road to our start Point is approx 2ks in land from the main highway.

This is not a steep mountain trail though it mostly follows a dried up river bed and is rocky in some places; however once we reach the turn around point you will realize that you have been walking in the Highlands of Cape Breton as the panoramic view before you unfolds the secrets of this fantastic National Park.

This is our last adventure into the Highland National Park as a club for this season and we will not be here for 2007 as well. This is the last chance to walk the highlands as a group for at least another year or so.

If you are interested in walking or hiking the highlands the annual " Hike The Highlands Festival" takes place in the second or third week of Sept. Unfortunately this group out of Ingonish and the Northeast Highlands Association are not affiliated with the IVV and I repeat myself by saying unfortunately their walk/hikes are not sanctioned by the Canadian Volkssport Federation, they are a separate group.

We (The Island Hoppers) are holding the only 2 IVV sanctioned events in The Highland National Park as indicated above for this year; one event on Sun. the 17th and the other on the 24thl Regretfully we are not a part of the "Hike The Highlands" festival.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006



We invite club members and friends to join us for a scenic 2 hour boat tour on the Mira River.

Please note there is limited space for 23 passangers and bookings will be on a first come first served basis at a cost of $15.00/person. RESERVE A SEAT NOW.

Mira Boat Tour will be held on:


TIME: 2:00PM (please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time)

START POINT: Mira Boat Tour Dock on The Brickyard Road, from Sydney take Rte 22 the Louisbourg Hwy and continue to Albert Bridge, cross the bridge and turn left (East)on to The Brickyard Road and continue for approx. 1.5
Km and watch for the sign "Mra Boat Tours" located on the left and just before the Mira Provincial Park.

For more info please contact Elsie Buck at 562-3117 to RESERVE A SEAT NOW or

Cape Breton Island Hoppers

Due to scheduling difficulties our Mira Boat Tour that was to be held in October during The Celtic Colours Festival has been cancelled!


We had a very good turn out for this walk even though six of our members had signed up for the walk events in Cape Chignecto with the Central Nova Volkssport Club.
Participating with other volkssport clubs can be a good thing for our club as well as the host club; I encourage all members to visit other clubs when they are holding special walk events as this encourages their members to come and visit Cape Breton as well. All of us can be ambassadors for our club and the island.

The Tower Road Trail proved to be an easy walking trail along a portion of the "old Sydney & Louisbourg Railway" the Marconi Towers Road and Sand Lake Road with an excursion across a footbridge at MacAskill Brook. There was even a stopover at the former "Marconi House" now owned by Doug Cunningham who was gracious enough to give the group a breviated tour of this "designated Nova Scotia Heritage property", unfortunately the home is not open to the public and if anyone requires more information on Marconi and his work here in Cape Breton please check out the Marconi Museum at Table Head in Glace Bay.
Doug is the brother of Shirley Pettigrew our walk leader for this delightful event and on behalf of you the club members my sincere thank you to Shirley and Doug for allowing us to view this home and for a great day of walking.
This walk will be highly considered for another year on our schedule.

Prior to the walk I had the privilege of introducing Karen and Bernard Lalanne from Coxheath, Sydney. Bernard and Karen walk each day for 40-50 minutes and decided to make this a challenge walk for themselves as they had never walked 10k before. They completed the event with a lot of enthusasim and ready to go on the excursion with us in the highlands on 17 September at Warren Lake and Broad Cove Mountain. Welcome to the club folks we are pleased to have you join us at any of our walk events! My thanks also to Doug and Kathy Grant for introducing the Lalannes to volkssporting.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Walk Group on the first bridge along The Mabou trail, 20 August 2006



We will be in the Glace Bay and Tower Rd area on Sunday, 03 Sept @1:30 pm for registration, the Guided Walk Event begins 2:00 pm.

The original Start Point has been changed from "The Old Pumping Station Road" to the intersection of Marconi Road and Tower Road about 200 m from the original SP, this should not cause any real problems as both points are visible from each other.

We will have Volkssport & CBIH> road signs along the route. I intend to have ROAD SIGNS beginning in Reserve Mines pointing the way to Tower Rd., keep an eye out for the BIG BOLD VOLKSSPORT SIGNS.

This Guided Walk Event will feature a trail along a portion of the old S&L Railroad, old forest, a former popular swimming and picnic area that was reached by the former train system that stopped here along the route to Louisbourg, a glimpse of The Marconi House that was built by the inventor when he lived and worked on his famous overseas wireless projects in the Glace Bay area, Sand Lake and a nice quite ideallic country road. Again the original 2C was for this trail was overstated, it is a very easy walk and should be enjoyed by all participants.

Come join the Island Hoppers as we explore this great Island.


The new CVF Awards Coordinator is:

Lea Tocher

Please send your Distance And Event Books to the following address:

Lea Tocher
450 Rouge Road
Winnipeg, MB
R3K 1K4

Friday, August 18, 2006



Mabou Rail Trail, 45 South West Ridge Road, Mabou, this is the parking lot at "Mother of Sorrows Pioneer Shrine"

Sunday August 20th, Registration begins at 1:30 and the walk Starts promptly at 2:00 PM.

The walk will be a 5 & 10K event lead by Elsie Buck and Joe MacKinnon and is rated 2B.

Joe and Elsie have done another pre-walk of this event and have reported back that 2B may have been to much of a high rating for this trail as it is a well groomed trail, easy walking; they have also scouted out the trail in the opposite direction. They were very impressed by this newer route that they have asked the walk committee to include this portion of the trail for the 2007 schedule. This is now on our 2007 schedule.

Your walk committee have been working on the 07 schedule and it has been sent to CVF for approval and insertion in the IVV's 'World Book Of Walking' program.
Club members will begin receiving the 2007 schedule by the end of Sept of this year, one month earlier then previous years.

We are now compiling trails for our 2008 schedule and are looking forward to suggestions from other club members, as you can see we are very optimistic that we will continue this club well beyond our 10th year celebrations in 2007.



We will be in the Glace Bay and Tower Rd area on Sunday, 03 Sept @1:30 pm for registration and the Guided Walk Event begins 2:00 pm.

The original Start Point has been changed from "The Old Pumping Station Road" to the intersection of Marconi Road and Tower Road about 200 m from the original SP, this should not cause any real problems as both points are visible from each other.

We will have CBIH> road signs along the route. I intend to have ROAD SIGNS beginning in Reserve Mines pointing the way to Tower Rd., keep an eye out for the BIG BOLD VOLKSSPORT SIGNS.

This Guided Walk Event will feature a trail along a portion of the old S&L Railroad, old forest, a former popular swimming and picnic area that was reached by the former train system that stopped here along the route to Louisbourg, a glimpse of The Marconi House that was built by the inventor when he lived and worked on his famous overseas wireless projects in the Glace Bay area, Sand Lake and a nice quite ideallic country road. Again the original 2C was for this trail was overstated, it is a very easy walk and should be enjoyed by all participants.

Come join your club members for some great walking, exercise and friendship.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


There will be a special 10k walk event in Louisbourg on Saturday, 12 August.

Iris Stevens from the National Lighthouse Society and the local chapter "Louisbourg Lighthouse Society" have invited us to lead a walk to the "site of the oldest lighthouse in Canada and the second oldest in North America"; your executive on behalf of the CBIH have accepted this invitation to participate in "National Lighthouse Day".

Registration begins at 1:30 PM and the walk Starts @ 2:00 PM.

The Start Point is The S&L Museum on Main Street Louisbourg.

The walk leader for this event is Shirley Pettigrew with assistance from Elsie Buck.

We will use our Louisbourg YRE stamp for this event. For our club we usually begin at "Pecks Store" on Wolfe Street , however we have accepted the kind invitation of the "Lighthouse Society" to lead their special walk event from the museum for this occasion only.

The walk will proceed up Havenside Drive and to the lighthouse and return to the museum; our members and those with the lighthouse society who want to complete the 10k circuit will continue on our regular route around the town in order to get the 10k stamp in their distance books plus the event book if you haven't done this walk for 2006.

please pass this message on to other club members, bring a friend on a nice leisurely walk, sorry I do not have time to phone all club members, I am having an unplanned busy summer.

Our NEXT OFFICIAL SCHEDULED WALK EVENT is: Mabou Rail Trail, 45 South West Ridge Road, Mabou, this is the parking lot at "Mother of Sorrows Pioneer Shrine"
Sunday August 20th, Registration begins at 1:30 and the walk Starts at 2:00 PM.

The walk will be a 5 & 10K event lead by Elsie Buck and Joe MacKinnon and id rated 2B.

Volksmarchers walk for the health of it!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Walk Events and Meeting for 2007 Schedule

JUST A REMINDER! Please check your schedule and join us for a walk. Bring along a friend.

The next 2 walks will be held within the boundaries of CBRM and are only about 15-20 minutes from downtown Sydney! Rollie's speed and time?

Hopefully we will have a good turn out of walkers, Please pass on this message to those not on our e-mail list.

(1) This coming Sunday July 23 @ 2pm, Registration begins @ 1:30 pm, New Waterford's Colliery Lands Park on Ellsworth Ave.
Davis Trail to New Waterford Lake. This is a very easy 2B Rated Walk, 5 & 10 km, Guided Walk led by Rollie.

(2) Sunday August 06, Registration @ 1:30 pm, walk starts @ 2 pm, The walk begins at the "old airport rd." entrance which is located less then 1 km beyond the "newer" entrance continuing east towards Reserve Mines. Once again this is a very easy walk around the airport grounds and out to the far end of one of the landing strips and a former coal mine area behind Reserve Mines.

This coming Wednesday 19 July at 6pm for club executive and those interested in contributing to our 2007 schedule there will be a meeting at Rollie & Ann's home in Glace Bay.
Contact me for directions.
The meeting will focus on the overall 2007 schedule and will finalize the 10th Anniversary celebrations; this is our last chance to make changes as I must send the Schedule and plans to the National CVF office at the end of this month.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Fun Weekend In CHETICAMP, 7, 8 & 9 Of JULY 2006

NOTE:Louisbourg Sunday, 25th June


Checkout the following news:

3 walks, one Potluck/BBQ, One Club Dinner, lots of Fun & Friendship, Food and Fitness!

Cape Breton Island Hoppers July Weekend Walk Events

Come to Cheticamp the “sunset side” of Cape Breton Island July 7-9, 2006 for 3 walks with The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club

Friday July 07
Reg. 1:30pm ST 2pm
GW, 5-12k, 1B

Cheticamp Island
Plage St-Pierre

B0E 1H0

Cal Thistle/Barb Thistle 567-6702

Directions: From Hwy 19N turn left at the sign for Plage St-Pierre just before entering Cheticamp.

After this walk there will be a picnic/potluck.

Location: "THE THISTLE CAMPSITE" in Plage St-Pierre campgrounds on Cheticamp Island

CB Highlands National Park, West Gate

Meet at the Visitors Information Centre parking lot before going to the Start Point

Saturday July 08

Reg. 1:30pm ST 2pm

Rollie Coombes 849-0747
Elsie Buck 562-3117

Start Point is the Entrance to Skyline Trail, due to the fact that this trail is somewhat short for our needs we will continue the walk at Le Buttreau and for those wanting more Ks in their Distance Books we will continue along Le Chemin du Buttreu for a grand total of 15K.

Skyline Trail - 8k, 3B, Le Buttreau - 2k, Total 10k 1B
Le Chemin du Buttreu - 5k, 2B. Total GW 5-15k.

For more information on entrance and parking fees for Highlands National Park go to:

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The Island Hoppers cannot be responsible for parking infraractions in the HNP.

Saturday evening a club dinner will take place at approx. 6:30, Le Gabriel Restaurant, please contact Barb Thistle if you would like to attend so that she can reserve enough tables for all.

CB Highlands National Park, West Gate

Sunday July 09

Reg. 9:30 ST 10am

Rollie Coombes/Ann Coombes 849-0747

For this walk event you have a choice of a river trail that is a bird watchers delight at:

Trous de Saumons - GW, 5-10k, 2B
Old growth forest and a panoramic view of the coastline on
L’acadie Trail - GW, 10k only (5k will not be offered on this trail), 3B

If you are unable to come for the entire weekend! Why not try and plan a day trip around the trail and take in at least one walk with your club members and friends!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Notes: Canada Day Walk, Louisbourg Event & Pringle Mtn Fog

First I would like to welcome

Lee and Suzanne Lazaro
Grand Mira North, Marion Bridge

Who will be joining us in the near future.

Lee and Suzanne are Part time residents to Cape Breton and are ready to explore CB with The Island Hoppers.

Welcome Folks We hope you find us a friendly group of walkers.

"The views up here on Pringle Mtn are quite nice with views of St Peters and the ocean off in the distance, believe me!" Said Rollie! all morning while peering through the fog!

We had to abandon the original trail due to the many water obstacles that in other places would be considererd lakes.

However the rain held off and we had a nice cool day for a stroll along the Oban & Pringle Roads at the rear or North of St Peters.

After the walk we all headed forthe "Christmas Shop" and got in some early Xmas shopping then headed for a dinner at the local pub.

Overall despite the overcast weather we had a great day for walking and do what Island Hoppers like to do, "explore this great little island of ours".

Coming Events:

Please check your schedule for details:

June 25, Reg. 1:30pm Start 2pm

Louisbourg, Lighthouse Walk starting at the picnic area

On-line Map Directions: Directions,Louisbourg, Havenside Rd

& Picnic Park

Walk Leaders for this EVENT has changed, Barb & Cal Thistle have taken over the reins for this event. My personal thank you to Cal & Barb who will also org. a club picnic for this walk.


Saturday 01 July, Reg. 9:30am Walk Time 10:00am

Coxheath Arena

On-Line Map:

Coxheath Arena


For this event we will meet on the Coxheath Road parking lot side of The Arena, watch for Barb & Cal Thistle.

We originally planned to walk in the Canada Day Parade, however the organizers of the parade do not expect to leave until 11am, therefore our walk leaders, Cal & Barb Thistle will begin our walk at the posted times as per our schedule

Friday, June 09, 2006



The next walk event for the CB Island Hoppers will be Sunday, June 11, 2006.

Registration begins at 1:30 and we start walking at 2:00PM.

Location: Pringle Mtn Road/Trail

When travelling From the CBRM take the #4 Hwy to St Peters and continue through the village to River Tillard Bridge,

This is the area where the #4 meets the 104 Hwy

Do not cross the River Tillard Bridge, Turn Right before crossing the bridge following the signs marked Oban Rd.

Anyone travelling from the Port Hawkesbury or west side of the island will have to cross the Bridge and turn LEFT.

You will pass under two main Power Lines, a short distance past the second Power Line take the Road to the Right and continue to our Start Point.

From the #4 to the Start Point is 7.5 Kms, a gravel road that is in almost better shape then the paved Hwy 4.

Our signs CBIH} will be posted along the route.


The Trail:
We will only be using a small portion of this trail, the remainder of the walk will take place on back roads with some very nice views atop of the Mtn. This will be an easy walk and is suitable for walkers of all abilities. Please note some hills but WC accessible. Due to weather conditions the trail that we originally planned to use is unacceptable for our needs.
The pre-walkers encountered over 14 water obstacles before calling it quits and scouting out a new route.

Thursday, June 01, 2006



Walk Event is on International Trails Day in Georges River, Saturday 03 June @ 10:00AM, registration begins at 09:30AM. If the fire hall parking lot cannot accommodate all of us there is plenty of space on the Ross Rd. just across the street.

Due to the fact that this walk is on SATURDAY and not our usual Sunday Event, I am sending out a second reminder.

Also Checkout The Cape Breton Post Page A10, "Hiking Events Planned for International Trails Day". We have had some difficulties in getting our message out in the past through this media! I thought I should bring it to your attention.

However, for the past two seasons we have been members of "Cape Breton Pathways Association", looks like they can get the job done and my thanks to CB Pathways and Wilson Cameron for their support.

Lets get back on track for a Sunday walk at Pringle Mountain June 11 @ 2PM, more details to follow prior to this event.


After a great start to our yearly walk events with an average of 21 per walk for the first seven events we have hit an almost record low of participants with only an average of 10 walkers at the last three events.

The walk in Catalone was the first we had done in that area and the small waterfall after the rain was very impressive and the Devils Trail was an easy wooded trail with great views of Catalone Lake and the Ocean in the far distance. Those who walked this trail were quite happy with the route and at least it was a true loop event that we try to strive for. It will be on the schedule for next year.

National Walking Weekend (NWW) and World Walking Day (WWD) will be on the schedule as well but closer to the CBRM area so that everyone can get an opportunity to participate. The rules for World Walking Day have changed so that we can do it on a weekend.



The Central Nova Volkssport Club is sponsoring the Bass River Lighthouse Walk as a Short Seasonal walk from June 2-Sept 30.

The walkbox location is currently listed as the Dominion Chair Co. Store in Bass River. Unfortunately, they have reneged on our agreement and a new walkbox location had to be established. The Masstown Market has agreed to keep it there.It will be located on the shelf under the Free Acess Computer in the restaurant section of the Market. The hours, parking and washroom availability are basicially the same as listed in previous information. The Masstown Market is a great place to visit, featuring a grocery market, bakery, greenhouse, gift shop and restaurant for light dining. The actual Bass River walk is about 15-20 minutes from the Market. Follow the same road directions, just stop at Masstown Market after coming off the ramp at Exit 12.

I hope this change does not cause any problems for walkers and that enjoy both the Masstown Market and their Bass River experience.

Tanya McNutt
Prsident-Central Nova Volkssport Club

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The New CVF Awards Coordinator will be Lea Tocher who assumes the responsibility as of May 13, 2006, Anna MacAnally will retire from this position as of April 30, 2006.

If You have Distance and Fvent Books to send in Please wait until after the National Convention to send them in for your awards:

Lea Tocher,
CVF Awards Coordinator
450 Rouge Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R3K 1K4


Thursday, May 04, 2006


The month of MAY should be declared WALKING MONTH at least for The Island Hoppers.

We have four walk events this Month:


[1] GUIDED WALK (GW) using our Year Round Event (YRE)

Sunday, 07 MAY @2PM in North Sydney, starting at the Clansman Motel parking lot. 10K 2B


Monday, 08 May @ 7PM in North Sydney, starting at Indian Beach, Purves Street. 5 & 10K, 2A

[3] National Walking Weekend Event

Monday, 22 May @ 2PM, Inverness, Broad Cove Trail, starting at MacLeod's Campsite off HWY 19. 5 & 10K, 2B

National Walking Weekend was created to commemorate the remarkable achievement of Ole

Olson and Helene Viel, both Volkssporters, who walked across Canada in 2000, from sea

to sea, for a total distance of 10,081 km (combined). Volkssport clubs across Canada

are rising to the 2006 National Walking Weekend challenge, which is for walk

participants to cover a total distance of 5951 km, equaling the distance sea-to-sea

distance from Vancouver to Halifax.

[4] Guided Walk Event

Sunday, 28 May @ 2PM, Catalone, Devils Hill Trail, starting at Catalone Recreational Centre off Hwy 22, (Louisbourg Hwy). 5 & 10K, 2B

WHAT IS IVV? This one of the most FAQs.....

IVV stands for the Internationaler Volkssportverband, a German word that means in

English: International Federation of Popular Sports. It is a non-profit association of

volunteers, which was registered by the Court in Munich, Germany in 1972.

The official language of the association is German with English approved also.

The main purpose of the association is:

1) To encourage public health through a non-competitive, outdoor sports program


2) To contribute toward peace and understanding among nations by fostering

international friendship through volkssports.

Friday, April 28, 2006


The CBIH and many visitors from the Atlantic Area were on the the move from Friday 21 to Sunday 23rd April 2006.

On Friday night at 6pm 12 volkssporters led by Robin Grant did the 10k walk around North Sydney, starting and ending at the Clansman Motel. There was a light cool breeze but most importantly no rain. A nice stroll around the community with the Newfoundland ferries in the harbour.

After the walk 8 members of the group stopped in at the Clansman Restaurant for supper and though we had not made reservations the staff were very accomodating setting up a table for our little band of walkers. Good Food! Pleasant dinning partners from the Valley, what more can I say!

Above is the group from Saturday morning 22 April who started out at the Cambridge Suites. What's a walk in downtown Sydney without stopping at the "BIG FIDDLE" for a photo opportunity, Terry Crawley stepped out of the crowd to take one of these photos using Lionel Conrods camera. Phil Irons has taken some pictures as well and we hope to publish them very soon.

After the picture we continued along the boardwalk and met some of the folks celebrating "EARTH DAY" and we then continued in to the partially finished Wentworth Park (its starting to look good and when completed will be a show piece for Sydney and CBRM). After the heavy rains I expected the Baille Ard Trail to be somewhat impassable but due to the volunteer workers for The Baille Ard Association, who happen to be working that day, the paths and bridges were in excellent shape, this is another hidden jewel within the so called "industrial cape breton area."

Dinner at the Cambridge Suites was attended by members of CBIH, The Valley Trekkers (Annapolis Valley area), Dartmouth Club, The Chebucto Club (Hlfx), Central Nova (Truro), River Valley Trailblazers (Fredricton & Oromocto NB), Hub City (Moncton NB)in all there was a total of 36 diners including Darrell Taylor from Pathways Cape Breton who gave us a very informative briefing about the functions of Pathways and what the future holds for trails and transportation on the island.

Those who attended the buffet dinner were very impressed by the the calibre of the food and how it was presented, the staff at the Cambridge were very pleasant and helpful, our visitors seemed to enjoy themselves and the accompaning music in the back ground gave us a great atmosphere to enjoy the company of other walkers.

Barb & Cal Thisle of our Ways and Means Committee were responsible for the planning and implementing of the evening activities, Thank you both for all your hard work and now I have a new exercise regime that Barb introduced to us a walk around the block. Everyone whom I have spoken with also enjoyed Cal's Canadian photos! Thank you Cal!

"If I can be a little male chauvinist it was nice to see our lady walkers dressed for the occassion, Tilley hats and rain suits do not do them justice" hey! the guys also looked ok !

During the dinner I asked Bill and Shirley Boutilier to Represent all of those from the Island Hoppers who had walked across the Causeway during the 50th Anniversary celebrations to come forward and except their certificates on behalf of the walkers on that day, Rick Kanne was asked to represent all the other club members who were there on that most rainy but wonderful day.

The following photos were taken by Lionel Conrod, thank you Lionel, it was most appreciated.

On The left is Bill Boutilier, centre Rollie Coombes and on the Right Shirley Boutilier accepting certificates for walking across the causeway during the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Rick Kanne accepts on behalf of all the club members from across the Atlantic Area.

On Sunday the sun finally arose and we had an excellent day for a 10K walk along the cliffs behind The Glace Bay Miners Museum to South Street Beach, we then turned around and walked through the wharves watching fishermen preparing for the upcoming Lobster season, into Commercial Street Glace Bay for an unscheduled stop!, through Renwick Brook, Queen Elizabeth and Cameron Bowl Parks and back to the museum area.
Many of our members and visitiors stayed to have a light luncheon buffet at the Miners Village Restaurant.

After this weekend of Walking for fun, fitness and friendship we are placing a fourth "f" into the motto for "food"

My sincere thank you to all who participated in this great weekend of walking and meeting new and old friends. Rollie

How do we continue to pass on the message of Walking for the Health of It?

How do we pass on the message of Walking for fun, fitness and friendship?

Your comments would be appreciated on this subject!

My answer: one step at a time, one new walker from each of us at future events; walking or volksmarching is a uniquie sport but we are not media savvy, there's no one getting hurt, crippled, bloodied noses or penallty boxes.We do not participate in local or federal politics. We have something even more special "our Island, Our Trails, the occassional deer or moose, a tranquil spot to have a group picnic, a place along the shoreline to see a whale or a porpoise in one of our many coves and harbours. We have fun and friends.

The next walk(s) check your schedule for 7 & 8 May 2006.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dinner News Flash, April Walks,Causeway and Awards

HERE's Lily

Lily Conrod, a twenty year veteran of The Canadian Volkssport Federation was recently featured in a Dartmouth newsletter, she is the president of The Dartmouth Volkssport Club, walks every day and attends as many volkssport events as possible as evident by the many awards attached to her vest.Lily is proud to tell her age but this scribe will take a more cautious trail and allow her that bit of news. Not to be out done Lily and Lionel will be in Sydney for our meeting and they will be attending our dinner on Saturday 22nd April.

The Ways and Means Committee continue their great work in organizing our Meet & Greet Dinner on 22nd Of April, 5:00pm, at the Cambridge Suites and now a NEWS FLASH they have informed me that Barb Thistle has arranged entertainment for the evening. Come out for the evening and enjoy a fine dinner and the music of David Murray.

Hopefully as many of our club members as possible can come out to this dinner and if you have any questions or want to sign up please contact:
Cal Thistle

Don't forget if you cannot make it to the dinner but would like to attend a walk there are two 10K walk events to select from that start at 10am each morning the first one starts at the Cambridge Suites on Saturday 22 April(this our Sydney YRE) and the other on 23 April at the Glace Bay Miners Museum is a different IVV stamp then the Glace Bay YRE. ---suggestion only--- Walk with the group in the am for the new IVV stamp, have lunch at the museum restaurant then walk our Glace Bay YRE after lunch!

The Causeway Walk Event:

We now have certificates for all participants of our Causeway Walk Event.

I will be giving out the 50th Anniversary Causeway Certificates at the dinner,Club reps. will be asked to pass these on to their members who had walked with us; these certificates are the results of the hard work and dedication of club members Rilla and Jim MacLean of Port Hawkesbury. On behalf of the Island Hoppers I want to thank both Jim and Rilla for their support and work throughout the years and especially the work done for the celebrations of the Canso Causeway festivities during 2006 and the work preceding our walk event.

From the latest edition of 'VOLKSSPORT CANADA'

Event Achievement Awards have been given to:

CAROL HISCOCK Mira Gut for the first 10 Events; congratulations Carol and we hope you continue to enjoy walking with our (your) club members.

CARMEL COFFIN a long time member has been awarded her pin and certificate for attending and completing 225 Events with the Island Hoppers and other volkssport Clubs in the Atlantic area. Well done and very much deserved.

Happy Trails to all!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Moncton NB, First Walk of The Season

The following information has arrived about Atlantic Canada's Newest Volkssport Club

If you are in the area or passing through you may want to join them for a walk or you maybe interested in their 11K YRE starting at The Howard Johnson Hotel 1005 Main Street Moncton, NB,506-854-6340.

From: Al Morrissey
Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2006 4:45 PM

Subject: Hub City Wanderers First Guided Walk of the Year

Come out and join the Hub City Wanderer's on Saturday April 8 , for the first of the season's guided walks.

Start point is Lounsbury Centre Parking Lot at 1655 Mountain Road Moncton.

Registration starts at 09:45 With walk Start at 10:00am

Everyone welcome

Regular CVF Fee's Apply

For more info call
Al at home 860-6125

Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club actively promotes walking on Cape Breton Island and we would also like to introduce our members to what is happening in other parts of The Atlantic Area as well. In the next few weeks we will be entering more Atlantic walks on this site to help keep you informed of what other clubs are doing in the Atlantic Area and if you get time you may want to explore other parts of the area and meet more walkers throughout the year, maybe you can make this a part of your vacation plans!

"Happy is the man who has acquired the love of walking for its own sake" WJ Holland

The above photo was taken in Iona CB and features volkssporters from around the Atlantic Area, other parts of Canada and many friends from the USA.

THE VALLEY TREKKERS - 1996 - 2006 -

The Vally Trekkers will be holding their 10th Anniversary celebrations from June 23-25, 2006 which will include a banquet at the Mid Valley Motel, Main Street, Middelton. The banquet meal will include Roast Beef or Turkey Dinner, complete with all the fixings and Anniversary cake for dessert. The cost of this dinner is $25.00/person.

Send a cheque or Money Order,no later than June 15, 2006 made payable to:

Valley Trekkers Volkssport Club
PO Box 1035 Greenwood NS B0P 1N0

Please indicate Turkey or Beef Dinner and list allergies if any.

Walk Schedule:

Friday, June 23rd - 6:00PM - Wolfville Year Round - Meet at the Robie Tufts Monument, Front St. Registration starts at 5:30PM

Saturday, June 24th - 10:00AM - Bridgetown - meet at the Information Centre, Main St. Registration starts at9:30AM
- 2:0PM - Middelton - meet at the school next to Rotary Park at the end of King St. Registration starts at 1:30PM

Saturday evening 24th of June meet at 6:30PM for Dinner at 7:00PM, Mid Valley Motel/Restaurant, Main St., Middleton, NS

Sunday,June 25th -10:00AM - Kingston - meet at Pinecrest Elementary School, Registration 9:30AM
- 2:30PM - Kentville - meet at the Kingstec Campus Parking Lot, Belcher ST., Registration at 2:00PM

If you require more information please contact: Bert Currie president of The Valley trekkers.

The Mid Valley Motel is offering $20.00 off rooms for volkssporters; 121 Main St., Middleton, NS, 902-825-3433;866-332-3433.


Edmonton, Alberta
12, 13 & 14 May 2006
Shaw Conference Centre

for this convention which is open to all volkssporters and interested groups can be found at the website to the right of this page-->

The Valley Trekkers Volkssport Club will host the 2008 Convention at Acadia University, Wolfville NS, May 23-25th.

It would be appreciated if they could have the support of all clubs in Atlantic Canada to follow this through.

Lynda L Kanne
Atlantic Region Director
Canadian Volkssport Federation
97 Palmer Road RR#1
Aylesford NS B0P 1C0

Special Activities for The Central Nova Volkssport Club

September 1 - 4, 2006, Labour Day Weekend

Saturday, Sept. 2 - Potluck supper 6PM at the home of Sally Merriam #3651 Main St., Advocate Harbour

Sunday, Sept. 3 - Turkey Supper 6PM, Advocate Harbour School, Rte 209 just past the Irving Station.
Cost $15.00/person, paid no later than July 31. No refunds after August 10. Make cheques or M.O. payable to:

Central Nova Volkssport Club and mail to: 273 Glenwood Dr., Truro, NS B2N 1R1

For Further Information about walks and other activities contact a member of the Truro group, some brochures will be available here in CB or call Rollie and I will give you contact numbers.

A Brief Walk Schedule:

Friday, Sept 1 - Bass River Lighthouse Walk, 2PM

Saturday,Sept 2 - Cape Chignecto Park Walks, 9AM
- Refugee Cove 25Km
- Millbrook Portion 12Km
- Beach Portion 5Km

Sunday, Sept 3 - two walks at 9AM, carry a lunch, meet at Cape Chignecto Park Information Centre, The Trails are Eatonville to Seal Cove and return or Eatonville Overland Trail; contact the club for further information.

Monday, Sept 4 - Cape d'Or/Spencer's Island walks, 9AM, 5/12Km/18Km, all walkers meet at Advocate Harbour United Church and drive to Start Points.

More Information about other activities will be posted shortly. Watch For:

The Irish Festival in New Brunswick, Kejimujik Seaside Adjunct and National Park

Friday, March 10, 2006


Walk Events For April:


The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club Walk Events For April 2006 including The Atlantic Area Director for The Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) Meeting and Club Dinner.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

2:00 pm - South Head/ Wadden Cove, located between Port Morien and Homeville, If coming from Sydney take Hwy 22 (Louisbourg Hwy.) take a left onto Rte 255Hornes Rd then left towards Port Morien and Waddens Cove.

This is a Guided 10km Event featuring a side trip to one of Cape Bretons oldest Anglican Churchs, coastal views including Scaterie Island, a quiet tranquil country road

Saturday, April 22, 2006

10:00 am - Sydney Walk, Year Round Event, a 10km Guided Group walk open to all members and guests, starting at the Sydney Cambridge Suites, 380 Esplanade; Come see the Big Fiddle and a delightful walk through Sydney’s Baille Ard Walking Trail, check out the sounds and the diverse life in the forest.

12:00 noon – lunch throughout the many locations in the Sydney area of your choice;

2:00 pm – Atlantic Area Directors Meeting with Lynda Kanne, by invitation only, club presidents, trail coordinators and or a club representative;

5:00 pm – Buffet Dinner, Cambridge Suites, by reservation and prepayment, Come Meet and Greet other walking enthusiast from the Atlantic area.
Please see Menu and details below

Sunday, April 23, 2006 – 10:00 am –

Join The Island Hoppers for a 5/10km sanctioned, IVV Guided Walk in Glace Bay at the Miners Museum parking lot, 42 Birkley Street, B1A 5T8, please note this is not our YRE. This is a coastal beach walk plus a stroll through Renwick Brook Park. See a portion of the new downtown area and watch fishermen at work along the harbour.

The Miners Village Restaurant opens for the season on 15th of April 2006; we recommend that you call for reservations if you would like to have lunch before returning home, please call 849-1788.

The dinner and all walks are open to the general public and friends of the Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club. RSVP for the dinner is a must.

Come! Put Your Heel n’ Toe On Our Island!

Dinner and A Walk

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club invite you to attend a meet and greet dinner on Saturday, April 22nd at 5:00pm, on the occasion of the 3rd Annual Atlantic Area Directors Meeting. Schedule of Events are attached.

This delicious buffet style dinner will take place at the Cambridge Suites Hotel, 380 Esplanade, Sydney, NS, B1P 1B1, 902-562-6500 or 800-565-9466.depending on numbers.

The Menu:



Soup of the Day

Grilled Caribbean Salad
Assorted Greens; Grilled Pineapple, Mango and Red Onion; Grapes, Walnuts And Caribbean Mango Dressing

Baked Ham and Roast Turkey served with Roasted Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Root Vegetables, Cranberry Stuffing, Cranberry sauce and Jus.


Warm Apple Crisp or Warm Bread Pudding with Carmel Sauce

The cost of $30.00/person includes all taxes, gratuity, parking in the hotel lot.

Please send a cheque or Money Order made payable to CB Island Hoppers before Monday 17 April 2006 to: Note to Members: a mail out will be sent shortly, please send your cheque to the address given and please let us know if you will or will not be attending, it is important that we know the amount of participation or lack of!!!


Cash Bar will be made available upon request, beer & liquor $3.75 and house wines $4.00

Name(s): ______________________No. in your group________

Address: ____________________Telephone:_____________

Amt Enclosed: ___________________Cheq or M. O.

Your desire to have a cash bar open Yes / No

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Walk Event For March

The Only Event For March 2006:

Our Next Walk Event: (snowshoe, x-c ski optional) will take place 05 March 2006 at 2pm, registration starts at 1:30pm.

Where: North Sydney, Trans Canada Trail, the intersection of "Old Branch Rd". and Johnson Rd off Exit 2, Hwy 125

This is a 5 or 10K Event, your choice.

Your Event And Distance Books will have a SK+ annotated for this Event and is the last SK+ for this year.

If You did not get a copy of our Regular Walk Schedule For 2006 please contact Rollie and I will be happy to send you a copy plus The Brochure on Celtic Colours Walks 2006.


Hi everyone:

On behalf of the Volkssport Clubs in Atlantic Canada I would like to take this opportunity to welcome David and Vicki to the World of Volkssporting.

David and Vicki have taken over the President and Secretary/Treasure position for the River Valley Trailblazers. Ron Clark remains as Trails Coordinator.

The River Valley Trailblazers (formerly The Oromocto Volkssport Club)

David De Koeyer (President)
Vicki Gustafson (Secretary-Treasurer)
Ron Clark (Trails Coordinator)

I am very pleased that this club will continue and on behalf of The Cape Breton Island Hoppers a sincere welcome to Ron,David and Vicki.....Rollie

Monday, February 20, 2006

2006 Winter Events

Photo by Allan Paruch

Mira Park

Our first Event for 2006 had been delayed on Sunday Feb. 5th due to a a heavy freezing rainfall however we were able to save the IVV stamp and use it the following weekend on Sunday the 12th.
Due to the terrain, the ice and hard snow on the trail all the participants opted to walk instead of snowshoeing this trail, we came across many bare patches of gravel.
The park at this time of the year is a pleasant winterland of delight and is well used by local crosscountry skiers and snowshoers.

The 15 participants of this Event were happy to get out of the house for the day and enjoy the fresh crisp coool (-7c)air. Snow flurries were in the air as we departed for the walk and by the time we returned to our cars there was a full blown snow storm. Overall this was a great walk and all returned home safely.

Kennington Cove/ Louisbourg

A very cold day at approx. -10/11c with a wind did not deter 11 members of the Island Hoppers from this walk event. The trail was snow packed with many open area of gravelled trail, much too difficult for snowshoes and skis. This is a trail that we have followed in the summertime on other occassions but again the winter gives you a different perspective on the local landscape. Deer, rabbits and a possble coyote (or was that a big dog) were abundant throughout the trail.

North Sydney

There is one more Event that is designated SK+ (optional walk, snowshoe, x-c ski Events) for this year. This next Event is in North Sydney at the trail head to the Trans Canada Trail, "old Branch Road" off the Johnson Road.
Sunday, March 5th, 2006, Registration begins at 1:30pm (1330H) and we start walking at 2:00pm (1400H). Lets hope for good weather.

Friday, January 20, 2006


THE FIRST EVENT FOR 2006 will take place:

Sunday, February 5,2006, registration begins at 1:30pm

Mira Provincial Park, Brickyard Road

5/10 km snowshoe, x-c ski or walk


Three New Annual CVF Programs have been introduced for 2006,

(1) Capital Cities Walk Program: a program booklet, a description of the cities and a capital cities souvenir patch is available by sending $10.00 to the CVF office.

Certificates and pins are available upon completion of the designated capital cities of each province or territories, the national capital.
A special insert slug is shown on the stamp, for more info contact the CVF Office.

(2)Lighthouse Walk Program: For this program Canada is divided into three locations:

Atlantic Coast (which includes Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI), the Pacific Coast (lightouses of British Columbia) and the Inner Coasts (which includes the lighthouses of the other provinces. For more information send $5.00 to the CVF office and receive the program booklet, a description of the lighthouses included and a lighthouse souvenir pin.

There is a special lighthouse insert slug at each designated lighthouse event-- in Cape Breton Baddeck and Louisbourg have been selected for this special event.

Certificates are awarded for various levels of particpation, Assistant Lighthouse Keeper, Lighthouse Keeper, Superintendent of Lights.

(3) Winter Exercise Program: This is also an annual event which you apply for through the CVF office at a cost of $5.00 for material and registration sheets, a souvenir pin and certificate upon completion. Awards are given for distance rather then events. This year will begin 1 Jan through to March 31, 2006 this year only. For 2006-2007 year this program will run from Oct 15, 2006 through May 31, 2007.


PO Box 2668 Station "D", OTTAWA ON K1P 5W7

Telephone: 613-234-7333 Email

The following club members have received distance and event awards:

Dianna MacDonald completed 50 Events, Distance award 500 km

Lucy Nardini completed 75 Events

Ann Coombes completed 125 Events, Distance award 1000 km

Rollie Coombes completed 175/200 Events, Distance award 2500 km

Barbara Thistle completed 375 Events, Distance Award 3500 km

Cal Thistle completed 375 Events, Distance Award 4000 km



The New CVF Awards Coordinator will be Lea Tocher who assumes the responsibility as of May 13, 2006, Anna MacAnally will retire from this position as of April 30, 2006.

Distance and Fvent Books will be sent, as of May 13, 2006 to:

Lea Tocher,
CVF Awards Coordinator
450 Rouge Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R3K 1K4

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 Walk Schedule, A New Beginning of Fun & Friendship

Walking, Swimming,Biking,x-c skiing/snowshoeing make up the four Volkssport Events

May I wish you all a belated Happy New Year and hope that you have all had a Very Merry Christmas.

On behalf of All Club Members may I Thank Lucy Nardini for opening up her home for a very successful Christmas/end of the Year Party! Great Company and a Wonderful Host,
Thank You very much.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting the club throughout this past year as well as keeping this organization going as long as we have, each and everyone of you has participated as often as you can and this has been most appreciated. Many of us lead very busy lifestyles and are unable to participate at every walk event, so again thank you for coming out as much as you posssibley can.(where is all this leisure time we were supposed to have, as promised with the invention of the automatic washing machine or the computer or when retired?)

Last year (05) I made it known that I would like to step down as the president of this club, though I was not giving up as an interested volkssporter or Island Hopper. That has not happened, the annual meeting failed to select a new president, therefore for all purposes related to the Canadian Volkssport Federation I will retain the title; However within the club I will be the Chairmen (chairperson) or Coordinator, for the lack of a better word, The Walk Committee and any Special Events, Barb And Cal Thistle will continue to Chair the Ways & Means Committee, Elsie Buck will continue with Finances & Membership; other committee members will be confirmed shortly including one or two "at large members" (not to be confused with Large Persons). A meeting of the new board will convene in the near future and hopefully before the first volkssport event of 2006.

All club members who are involved as contacts for the Year Round Events will be called upon to continue their good work, please check the "walk box" in your area at least once a month or more, please let me know if you need supplies, such as Paper, Pens, stationary, maps, directions etc. I will look after Louisbourg until Shirley Pettigrew recovers from her accident. Coordinators should and can modify the routes as they see fit, I have changed the trail in Glace Bay several times throughout the years to keep up with local changing conditions within the community. Club members are asked for their input as well, your suggestions are important as we advertise these walk events throughout the IVV.

The 2006 schedule has been sent out in a newsletter and distributed at the last walk events for 2005, if you do not have a copy or know someone who needs or would like a schedule please contact me and I will be happy to send it out, if you did not get the schedule by mail please inform me of your address; I continue to update the club list at every opportunity and Cal Thistle maintains a phone list to remind members of our upcoming walk events.

All the Guided Walk Events for 06 appear on the schedule, unlike in previous years where we published a separate schedule for Celtic Colours, (including our plans for a weekend in Cheticamp in July and our 3rd Celtic Colours Walks) have been approved by the CVF. A brochure with further plans for Celtic Colours will be produced in order to attract more visitors as we had this past October and we will produce a separate flyer for the activities we plan in Cheticamp as well.

On Monday 02 January Ann and I spent the day travelling to Baddeck, North Sydney, Sydney, Louisbourg and returned to Glace Bay to replace all of the 2005 Year Round Event Slugs with the 2006+ which means you can now place the 2006+ in your distance and events books as soon as that feeling of wanting to get a new stamp overwhelms you before the spring comes.

Remember you can place the distance stamp in your Distance Book as many times as you want to register for the walk. The Event stamp can be placed in the book only once with the + sign between 01 Jan and June 30th, 2006.
The Year Round Coordinators are reminded to remove the + sign on or after 01 July 2006 so that club members can once again stamp their Event Books once more between 01 July and the end of the year. The money envelopes should be picked up by the YRE coordinator for each "Walk Box" and/or the Treasurer Elsie Buck. All club members can note the amount of completed envelopes in the boxes and inform the Treasurer or YRE Rep.

The Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) has instituted Lighthouse Walks across Canada for 2006.

Lighthouse Walks will be Year Round Events (YREs) or Seasonals (any type);

Walks must pass lighthouses that were or are the responsibility of the Canadian Coast Guard;

Lighthouse walks will be identified in Footpaths/Sentiers 2006;

A fee of $3 will be charged at time of application;

Application will be made to the CVF office;

A lighthouse pin and documents will be sent to the walker at time of application;

There will be Three Award Levels:

Any 6 lighthouse walks - Certificate as Assistant Lighthouse Keeper

8 lighthouse walks, with at least 2 from each coast - Certificate as Lighthouse Keeper

12 Lighthouse walks, with at least 4 from each coast - Certificate as Superintendent of lights.

The Louisbourg And Baddeck Walks have been designated as "Lighthouse Walk Events" and there is now a minature lighthouse symbol within the "stamp block" as you will see the next time you do this event.

Hope to See you all at the Next Event