Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Bridge on The Marconi Rail Trail

The wild life is returning to the ponds at the former heavy water plant
Guided Walk Events and CBIH Annual General Meeting
The 2009 walking season for the Cape Breton Island Hoppers is drawing to a close with two walk events and the clubs annual general meeting remaining for November. The 2010 schedule is now available by contacting the club President Joe MacKinnon at the next walk event, at the annual general meeting or you can see the schedule (a work in progress) online at http://www.capebretonislandhoppers.com/
Sunday 01 November, Guided Walk Event
Registration: 1:30pm, Start Time: 2:00pm
Marconi Towers Trail (My name for this portion of the S&L Railroad)
This trail is also part of the future development of the DEVCO MEMORIAL TRAIL.
5/10k Rated 1C, note our original assessment of this trail was 2C however the new SP for this year has made it much easier then previous walk s on this trail.
Start Point: 755 Hwy 255 (Donkin/Glace Bay Hwy)
The start point for this walk event is the “former Heavy Water Plant” parking lot in front of building #1 and please note that there are signs indicating the highway is closed except for “local traffic”. The road is open to the former plant and we will have signs directing you to the parking lot.
Walk Leader: Rollie Coombes, 849-0747, bretonhoppers@hotmail.com
Saturday 14 November, 1:30 – 4:00pm MEETING
CBIH Annual General Meeting
Cape Breton Regional Library Headquarters
McConnell Memorial Library
50 Falmouth Street, Sydney, NS
For further details or to suggest an item on the agenda please contact the club President Joe MacKinnon, 562-3117 or e-mail joeandelsie@ns.sympatico.ca or bretonhoppers@hotmail.com
Sunday, 15 November Guided Walk Event
The Last Guided Walk for 2009
Registration: 1:30pm, Start Time: 2:00pm
MacKeigan Road/ Trail
Marion Bridge
5/10k Rated 2C
From Sydney take Hwy 327 to Marion Bridge, MacKeigan Road is a short distance after the bridge off Hwy 327. CBIH signs will be posted to the Start Point.
Walk Leader: Lucy Nardini, bretonhoppers@hotmail.com
Don’t forget our two Year Round Events in Sydney and North Sydney will remain open until DEC 30th. Members can support the club by doings these walk events on your own or with friends and other club members whenever you want to get out for a walk. YRE’s are an excellent way to accumulate distances in your awards books and to help the club as well.
Hope to see as many club members as possible at these last events for 2009.
Check out all the information on the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) 2010 Convention to be held here in Sydney 28-30 May, 2010 http://www.walkcapebreton.com/

Thursday, October 15, 2009



This is a follow up meeting from a workshop attended by the CBIH walk committee.

The proposed conversion of the DEVCO rail line that runs from Sydney to downtown Louisbourg needs vocal support.  This is part of the divestment plan of the defunct DEVCO facilities on Cape Breton Island and of CBRM's Active Transportation Plan to turn the old railroad through Glace Bay and Dominion into an active transportation (walking, biking, etc.) trail. This is part of the original Sydney&Louisbourg Railroad.

The officials at DEVCO and at CBRM are still considering the issue, but is fearful of moving forward without a tangible amount of support.  

Presently, there is debate about whether or not motorized vehicles should be included. If you care about this issue one way or the other, please attend these meetings. If you live along the trail in Glace Bay or Dominion, this is your opportunity to have your say as to what that trail will look like and what types of uses will be included.

PUBLIC MEETINGS on the proposed DEVCO rail trail are planned for the following locations and dates:

Wednesday, October 21 at the BayPlex in Glace Bay

Thursday, October 22 at the Dominion branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Both meetings are scheduled for 7-9 pm and Jim Neale will be facilitating

Please add this on your "To Do List" to show your support for this initiative. It would provide a recreational trail that would bypass the notorious Trunk 4 traffic, and allow kids and adults a way to safely commute to work, meet friends, go shopping, run errands, go to events and the like.We cannot afford to let this opportunity pass us by! 

Island Hoppers Annual General Meeting

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM)

DATE CHANGE: SATURDAY, 14 November 2009, 1:30 - 4:00pm

Members are encouraged to attend these most important meetings to ensure that you have a say in club matters.

This years meeting is definitely very important due to the upcoming Canadian Volkssport Federation Annual General Meeting and Convention to be held here in Cape Breton  28-30 May, 2010.

Location for this years 2009 Annual Club Meeting will be The Cape Breton Regional Library Headquarters, MacConnell Library, 50 Falmouth Street, Sydney

SATURDAY, 14 November 2009, 1:30 - 4:00pm

Joe MacKinnon, President CBIH

Friday, October 09, 2009

Celtic Colours Walks

DSCF1127 DSCF1100

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club present an annual series of walks during the Celtic Colours International Music Festival:

Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 2:00pm French Road/ Canoe Lake Trail

Walk Leader Carmel Coffin, Distance 5 and 10k Rated 2B

Directions To Start Point: From Sydney take Hwy 327 to Marion Bridge and continue for 10k to the Community of French Road. Canoe Lake Road is on the right.

Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 2:00pm Grand River/Heather Hill

Walk Leaders Barb and Cal Thistle, Distance 5 and 12k Rated 2B

Directions to start Point: Follow Hwy 4 to Soldiers Cove, take road to Grand River, continue to Fire Hall in Grand River.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

42K Marathon CD Available

DSCF1660(1) 036_36

A very special CD featuring the 42K Marathon walk event has been developed and is available by contacting Terry Crawley of our Ways and means Committee. crawleyterry@gmail.com
The CD was developed by the creative touch of Clare MacNeil in collaboration and partnership with the recreation director for Inverness County, AnnaLee MacEachern.
Clare MacNeil clare.macneil@ns.sympatico.ca will have some CD's available on the bus tour.
The DVD was  produced by professionals at The Judique Interpretive Center in Judique using their creativity. They produce music DVD's for the well known local musicians such as Kinnon Beaton featured on this DVD. The music on this DVD is terrific.  It is worth the $10.00 just to listen to the music. The scenes are beautiful scenes of the Trans Canada Trail.  The people in the pictures of the marathon are fantastic.
A large number of photos have been produced as a souvenir on our Sept 12 event from Troy to Port Hood.
Music Credits: Kinnon Beaton and musicians on the Eoghan Dubh CD.

Cover and Disc Design: Angela MacNeil

Photo Credits: Cal & Barb Thistle, Roland Coombes, Wendy Snook, Jean MacLean, Ellen Wilcox, Shauna & Clare MacNeil