Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Walk Events! Dinner! General Meeting! Convention 2008? Benefite of Volkssports!

Come Join us for our Year Round Event Group Walk in Sydney

Sunday, April 24th
Start Time 2:00pm (1400Hrs)
Registration: 1:30pm (1330Hrs)
The Cambridge Suites on the Esplanade
Walk Leader is Phil Irons, 539-2823

From Rilla McLean, Port Hawkesbury, NS

This is to confirm that The Creamery will be opened at 1:15 on Saturday May 7th for registration for the walk.
At 1:45 one of the staff or a member of the Causeway Anniversary Society will give a 10 minute presentation before we start the walk at 2:00 pm.

Jessica Evans MacDonald is our Event Director for the Causeway 50th Anniversary Society. Any questions about the week of August 7-14 should be directed to her.
(please check CBIH annual schedule for walks and BBQ's)

Sorry that I couldn't join you for the walk yesterday (Sunday, April 10th) in St. Peter's - too much snow and mud on the trail.


On behalf of the Island Hoppers, I would like to Thank Rilla and Jim for their efforts in organizing this upcoming event in Port Hawkesbury.
There will be a short 10 Minute briefing about the Events happening at the Causeway this year, before we start the walk; plus tea, coffee and some sweets will be available upon completion of the walk event.

Glace Bay Miners Museum Walk Event and Club Dinner

SUNDAY, MAY 22nd at 2:00pm (1400Hrs) REG:1:30pm (1330Hrs)

This will be a new event stamp and not the YRE stamp!

We would like to have as many club members and friends attend a dinner at the Miners Restaurant as possible, this would take place at approx. 5:00pm.

I would like to book the room or tables asap; please email or phone me if you will or will not be attending the dinner.

We will order off the menu, though it has been suggested that the restaurant has at least 2-4 specials on each day at $9.95 each.

This wiil be an informal dinner/MEETING prior to my departure for the CVF convention in Quebec City.

As the club president I need to know if you the members would support bringing the Canadian Volkssport Convention and General Meeting to CBRM (Sydney) in 2008.

During the convention in Quebec City I will be meeting with this years convention organizers and the CVF President Graham Fawcett and Lynda Kanne our area director to discuss the feasability of bringing the General Meeting to Cape Breton in 2008.

There are 300 volkssporters registered for Quebec City as of this past weekend, they will be spending a fair amount of money in Quebec, Why not bring that money and fun to our Island.

Over the next few weeks I want to hear from you the members about this proposal, the executive cannot hold such a meeting or bring it to CAPE BRETON ISLAND without your sole cooperation and approval.

Your approval yes or no will not deter me nor the executive in continuing to promote volkssporting as a healthy experience on our island and we will continue to do our best to provide an island wide walking schedule for the foreseeable future.

Rollie Coombes, president


Walking for Fun, Fitness and Friendship

The Individual-

· Through an increased level of non-competitive physical activity,
ideal for all ages

· Through a greater awareness of the community

· By meeting new friends and sharing a common, enjoyable activity.

The Family-

· By providing an activity in which family members can participate together.

The Community-

· By attracting visitors to the community to participate in volkssport events

· By showcasing their community to volksmarchers from other communities and countries

· By providing a simple,inexpensive and healthy activity for their citizens.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Canadian Volkssport Federation Has Confirmed....

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club will be ten (10) years old in 2007.

The application for membership in the CVF is dated April 10, 1997. The membership application was signed by Wayne Howie, president. The the two signing directors were Philip Irons and Roland Coombes.

At our last general meeting Phil Irons volunteered as the 10th Anniversary Chairperson.
If you have any suggestions for this celebration I am sure Phil will be glad to take them into consideration.

Heel and Toe Newsletter correction

Barb Thistle is the chairperson for our Ways & Means Committee, my sincere apologies to Barb for omitting her name in the column of contacts for CLUB EXECUTIVES.
Barb has been a hard working and concientious member of this club since its conception in 1997. This is Barbs second time to take on this portfolio throughout the lifetime of this club and when not on this committee Barb has organized and helped on many of our picnics/BBQ's and has been a walk leader or sweep at many of our walks.
My sincere Thank You to Barb and again my apology to her for my short sightness.

Rollie Coombes

St. Peters, Battery Park and Rail Trail Walk Event

There were 26 walkers at this Event, 20 regular members and 6 new walkers.

Many members took our suggestion and car pooled to this event, if you want to volunteer to take passengers please contact me before the next walk outside of the CBRM area.

We will be in Sydney on SUNDAY, 24 APRIL, 2005, Walk begins at 2:00pm, registration begins 30 minutes before at 1:30

This will be a Guided Walk of our Year Round Event, beginning at the Cambridge Suites on the Esplanade.

Phil has been working on extensive changes to this event and deserves our thanks for his work in this regard.

Parking should not be much of a problem along the Esplanade on Sunday, however there is a dirt road between the Cambridge Suites parking lot and the Gas Station in that area that is usually capable of holding our vehicles.

Come out and enjoy a walk around Sydney and bring a new walking partner/friend!

tops news

The April May Addition of tops news features a great article on Volksmarching its great
This is a two page article about the walk to "Crazy Horse Memorial near Rapid City in South Dakota and a description of our non-competitive sport.
A worthwhile read especially for the novice walker or those who would like a challenging walk experience.

Friday, April 08, 2005


To All CBIH Walk Members,

I continue to send messages out Bcc, however some email groups consider this or recognize it as spam or junk mail, doing my best to get the info out and maintain your privacy at the same time.

The walk at St. Peters Start Time: 2pm, registration begins at 1:30

Sunday, APRIL 10th, 2005

Battery Provincial Park - just before the St Peter's Canal swing bridge; when coming from the CBRM area and of course if coming from the opposite direction you must cross the 'canal bridge' and immediate right to the park!!

Need more details contact Elsie Buck 562-3117.

Walk for fun, fitness and friendship with the Island Hoppers, Cape Breton's only Island wide walking club!

Due to the high cost of gas, it has been suggested that we should be car pooling, this has always been the case, with a lot of our club members; However I feel that it would be prudent of me to suggest this once again.

example: when departing from Glace Bay there will be five club members in my car.

Do you have room for passengers or are you willing to travel with others to help save energy?

If you need the name of a club member in your area please contact me for information and/or are you ready willing and able to take passengers or be a passenger.

A good (suggested only) meeting place to pick up a pax is the Sydney River Mall near Tim Horton's or the Car Pool Lot on George Street near the 125 bypass.

North Sydney/Mines area club members can make arrangements as they see fit or if I may suggest meet at the North Sydney Mall again near the Tim Horton's.

Lets do our part to save energy, make it a habit to car pool, walk or bicycle to work.
Lets make it a habit to car pool to our Island Wide Walking Events as much as possible; take turns sharing the driving as well.
Check with our friends at Velo Cape Breton about bikes and Info:


Sunday April 17, 2005 from 10:00 to Noon.
Atlantic Super Store, Parking Lot, Sydney River

Walk for fun, fitness and friendship with the Island Hoppers, Cape Breton's only Island wide walking club!


A group walk (GW)using our year round event (YRE)

SUNDAY, APRIL 24th, REGISTRATION BEGINS AT: 1:30PM and we step off at 2:00PM

380 Esplanade, Sydney, Cambridge Suites

Phil is working on making some changes to our YRE in Sydney and by all indications this should prove to make this a very interesting walk for our club members and visitors to the Sydney area.

Come out and get your YRE stamp for this walk, this is a good opportunity to walk this event before 30th of June.
On July 01 or thereafter you can walk again on your own or with a friend to get another EVENT STAMP in your EVENT BOOK.

You can do any of our YRE's as many times as you want and stamp your Distance Books accordingly each time you walk the event.

The Event Book can only be stamped twiced each year once with the (+)sign and once without, you can do this for each of our (5)five Year Rounds.

Come! Walk For The Health Of It!