Tuesday, September 30, 2003


The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club is made up of people from the Island of all ages and abilities who enjoy the outdoors. We recognize that walking is a simple but effective form of exercise that enables us to discover the beauty and uniqueness of Cape Breton Island while increasing our personal health.

New members, visitors, volkssporters from other clubs are welcomed at all of our events. If your interested in just trying us out and are up to a small but delightful challenge of walking, then contact us at the address and numbers provided. A schedule of events can be provided on request or check the HOME PAGE on the upper right of this page.

Volkssporting is a non- competitive sport, that originated in Europe and translated literally means 'peoples sports' of which there are four events, walking bicycling, swimming and cross country skiing/snowshoeing.

The CBIH has taken on volksmarching/walking as our preferred sport and all of our walking events are 10 kms or more. We do not walk for pledges at any of our events, though we encourage our members to walk for the charities of their choice as they see fit to do so.

Volkssporting is a fun activity and is non-competitive in nature, there is no racing, it is a personal challenge to complete the event other then to get to the finish line first or how fast you did it.

Walk with your family, your friends, your pet or simply walk by yourself and enjoy one of the hundreds of trails, old logging and farm roads or a wonderful coastal trail on our Island.

The Majority of our events are guided walks (GW) with an appointed or volunteer walk leader therefore one of our very few rules is that you do not pass the Walk Leader; new members and guest should not worry about getting lost on the trail as one members of the club who has previously walked the trail is designated as the sweep to ensure that all participants follow the designated route, we want you to have a safe and happy walking experience with us; please feel free to stop and rest at any time, take pictures, enjoy the view, check out the birds and wildlife or fauna.

We are associated with the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) and the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV)

The IVV program also features an optional awards program as an incentive for continuing participation. Certificates and pins are available for Events and Distances in progressive order as you complete each of the booklets available from the club executive. You complete these at your own pace and time, there is no effort made to have new members complete a series of events or distances in any particular time period.