Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NOVEMBER- Walk Events - Party Time - Annual Meeting


The 2008 season is beginning to come to a close for The Cape Breton Island Hoppers, with a very busy November for our club:

1. Sunday Nov. 9 @ 2 pm Guided Walk Event, we will be in New Waterford on the Davis Trail, the start point is the Colliery Lands Park, Ellsworth Ave

2. Saturday Nov 15 @ 6:30 pm Club Members are invited to the "End Of Season" "Pot Luck Supper."

This years party will be hosted by Ann & Rollie Coombes contact info bretonhoppers@hotmail.com or rajcoombes@ns.sympatico.ca or 849-0747

364 York Street, Glace Bay, B1A 2N1

3. Saturday Nov. 22 @ 2-4 pm, CBIH's Annual General Meeting to be held in the Nova Scotia Room, McConnell Library,50 Falmouth Street, Sydney NS.
The agenda will be published at a later date. Please contact the club President Joe MacKinnon if you wish to discuss or add to the meetings agenda.
joeandelsie@ns.sympatico.ca or bretonhoppers@hotmail.com or 562-3117.

4. Sunday Nov. 23 @ 2 pm Guided walk Event, we will be in Sydney on The Baille Ard Trail, 40 Cabot Street, St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church parking lot.

Special Notifications: (A.)The Glace Bay walk, Baddeck and Louisbourg Seasonal Events are completed as of 31 Oct for this year. You still have a few more days remaining to get these walk events stamped into your book for 2008.

Sydney and North Sydney remain open until 31 Dec 2008 and will reopen 02 January 2009 with a 2009+ slug available in the walk boxes.

(B.)It is also that time of the year for a review of the nominal roll and the group email addresses! If you want to be removed from this mailing list please contact me to be removed. Anyone who has not walked with the club in 2008 or has not paid the annual club membership will automatically be deleted from this list as of Jan 15th 2009.

(C.) The 2009 schedule will be available at the Annual General Meeting and thereafter it will be published on the website no later than 15 Jan.2009.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Celtic Colours Walks - FEED NOVA SCOTIA WALK

IMG_0311 DSCF0651

Registration for all walk events begin 30 min before the Start Time:


Saturday 11 Oct, 2pm Coxheath Road, Coxheath Recreation Park
Walk Leader Doug Grant, 10k 2C

Sunday 12 Oct, 2pm East Bay Hwy 4, Saint Mary's Hall, East Bay Hill Trail
Walk Leader Carmel Coffin, 10k 2B

Monday 13 Oct, 2pm Big Pond Hwy 4, Glengarry Rd., Glengarry Rd./Trail
Walk Leader Rollie Coombes, 10k 1B

Saturday 18 Oct, 2pm Tower Road/Glace Bay, Marconi Towers Trail
Walk Leader Shirley Pettigrew, 10k 2A


An Additional walk event (not on our regular schedule) will be Sunday 19 Oct, 2pm

Walk Leader Elsie Buck.

Start Point: Board walk at the rear of the Civic Centre, 320 Esplanade Sydney.
This is a 5k walk event only using the Sydney (new 5k trail) Year Round Event.

Walk event highlights the “Big Fiddle”, Sydney’s historical north end, Wentworth Park & Cenotaph/War Memorial.
Our Sydney YRE is now part of the Canadian Volkssport Federation’s National War Memorial Walk Events, www.walks.ca.
All members are entitled to the IVV Distance and/or the Event stamp for this walk.



At the same time and at the same Start Point will be the first annual “FEED NOVA SCOTIA” Walk Event to be held on Cape Breton Island. [A 4k Walk for participants not involved in the IVV awards program will be available to all who are interested in helping out this worthwhile cause]

[Island Hoppers can if they so desire participate in the 5k YR event as per the *note above to qualify for the IVV stamps.]

If interested in participating and contributing to help Feed Nova Scotia please go to their web site. Print and fill out the contribution forms and send your contribution to the appropriate address.


Contributions for “Feed Nova Scotia” are not and will not be  collected by the CBIH.

Home Page for Feed Nova Scotia: