Thursday, March 17, 2005


The following is an excerpt from a message sent out by Walking Adventures International, this is the bus tour group that we have guided through the Uisge Ban Falls Trail in Forks Baddeck throughout the past several years. Walking Adventures International are located in Seattle, WA, USA.
WAI are planning a tour to Quebec City in May of this year for the Canadian Volkssport Federations convention and now they are planning a spontaneous mini-tour to Cape Breton during our Celtic Colours Walks in October of this year as well.
Our Celtic Colours walks were not on their schedule for this year however upon getting the information about our fall walk program and the Celtic Colours International Music Festival their interest has been peaked and they are now in the process of trying to fill at least 20 seats for this occassion.

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From: "Walking Adventures"

Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 10:15 PM
Subject: Walking Adventures Update

> Greetings from the Northwest!
> The March 2004 issue of National Geographic Travelers magazine ran a
feature article with a Destination Scorecard - a rating of great locations
around the world in terms of management and preservation of the setting. The
Scorecard attempted to answer the question, "How have top destinations
around the world managed environmental problems, cultural erosion, mass
tourism, and other factors that can destroy the 'unspoiled' appeal of a
> Scanning down the Scorecard, the top 10 award were given to:
> * Norwegian fjords
> * Cape Breton Island, Canada
> * South Island, New Zealand
> * Torres del Paine, Chile
> * Tasmania, Australia
> * Rocky Mountain Parks, Canada
> * Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom
> * Kruger National Park, South Africa
> * Kyoto historic district, Japan
> * Quebec City historic center, Canada
> Speaking from personal experience, we would agree with the survey. WAI
currently offers tours to 9 of these 10 destinations. The only place we have
not yet visited is Kruger National Park, and we intend to remedy that with a
2006 Adventure to South Africa. In fact, of the 32 destinations listed in
the category of Top Scores, 23 of these spectacular settings are featured
for travelers on WAI Adventures.
> Sometimes, in the midst of haggling with airlines over disruptive schedule
changes, handling crises caused by hotels double-booking our rooms, or
managing deadlines that seem unrealistic, we unfortunately get distracted
from our mission and our blessings. Seeing an article like this reminds us
of the abiding privilege we have of introducing travelers to the
breathtaking natural wonders of our world, to history-changing stories in
every corner of the planet, and to the myriad mysteries of other cultures.
Excerpt of Message Ends.

With this kind of enthusiasm and promotion, hopefully we can attract more walking groups and individuals to the island, not only in the fall and summer but all year round.
I am looking forward to seeing all our members on the next walk at Baille Ard Trail this Sunday March 20th. Times and Start Point are posted in your schedule and this website.
Hopefully, the next issue of Volkssport Canada should be featuring another article about the Cape Breton Hoppers and our Celtic Colours Walks.
Registration for the dinner(a MUST)can be found in the brochure, please contact me for details or a brochure. Rollie

Monday, March 07, 2005


Make a Move:
Get Back to Nature

PLEASE NOTE: Due to weather conditions, a late snow storm, we were forced to CANCEL this WALK EVENT

NEW DATE: Sunday, March 20th, Registration begins at 12:30 and the walk begins at 1:00PM as originally planned.

I apologize for any problems this may have caused to you, I am ordering better weather conditions for the next event! Rollie

This is the motto of the Baille Ard Walking Trail and on Sunday March 13th 2005 at 1300hrs (1:00pm) that's what we will be doing, getting back to nature and having Fun, meeting new and old Friends and continuing our Fitness program of walking.

REGISTRATION begins at 12:30hrs (12:30 noon).

The Start Point will be as per the schedule of Events:

Rear of Sherwood School, 500 Terrace Street, Sydney

This will be a 10KM event rated at 2B

Our new Trails Coordinator has provided us with a trails report and you will note that we will only be doing a portion of the trail due to the conditions.

At this time snow shoes are not required?
However this is an SK+ Event, you may walk, snowshoe or XC-Ski but we recommend walking as we will be leaving the trail that we had done in the fall, it is not suitable at this time for other activities.

From Stan:


Sunday's pre-walk in Sydney's Baille Ard Trail went well. The weather was excellent; with (8) people participating. The trail in the park was narrow (appox. 16") and firm and lasting 30 min. We walked up to Hardwood Hill and down to Oxford St., back to Terrarence St. to Sherwood School. Then entering the trail for another 30 min. doing it in reverse, ending at the parking lot, at the end of Terrace St. Over all walk: close to 2 hours. Participatants were: Carmel Coffin, Lucy Nadine, Diana MacDonald, Joe MacKinnon, Elsie Buck, Shirley Pettigrew, Charlene Wadden, Stan wadden. Double stamps at next week's walk.

All reported to Tim's at George St. for a pit stop and fuel up lasting another 45mins.


Please contact the trails coordinator at the next walk so we can consider it for next years schedule of walking events.
Hope to see you all at the next event and if you need a schedule for a friend or for yourself please contact me at 849 0747