Friday, July 09, 2010

Volkssport Special Walk Event - Capital City Programs

For Club Members Interested in how other volkssporters respond to the IVV awards program here is an example of dedicated Volkssporters who take our non-competetive sport of Fun and Friendship to another level of enthusiasim for our many special walk programs. Thought this was interesting and wanted to share it with our membership!

Our Special Walk Programs can be found on the website:

Hi Roland! My wife, and I have completed the 51 US Capital Walks and are

on doing the Canadian ones. With my brother, the three of us are planning

on departing, From the US, area via car during the last week of Aug. to do

the Atlantic and Maritime Providences' Capital Walks. Last Sept, we did

Alberta and Victoria, and on this trip, we hope to complete NL, NS, PE,

NB, and maybe QC.

I saw on the CVA [nb;Canadian Volkssport Federation ( )] Internet site the "Special Note" regarding the St. John's, NL walk and that we needed to contact you for directions and stamp. I'm not exactly sure of the process that I should follow. Do we do something via mail, or is it done over the Internet?
 We would appreciate information on the process we should use.

NB: As the CVF Atlantic Director I look after the walk event in St John's NL and all walkers going to that province who want the Capital City Walk Stamp must contact me before proceeding to Newfoundland, I in turn send all info to the participant, this is open to all volkssporters. So far from our club I have given out six stamps for St John's CVF -188.

Also, if you have any suggestions on the best way to do the loop of those

capitals, that would be great. Someone suggested taking the ferry from N.

Sidney to St. John's, either with or without the car, and another person

suggested leaving the car in Halifax and flying to St. John's. What would

you recommend?

From Rollie: At this point I gave them the pros and cons of driving to St John's and ferry information if they did not intend to stop for sghtseeing in other areas of NS or NL!! Not being familiar with the area I also explained about the Confederation bridge to PEI and the ferry into NS etc.

We are looking forward to our first trip to those parts of Canada and

thank you for any additional ideas you might have. Thanks.

Doug & Jackie