Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Sunday the 18 of April proved to be a wonderful day for walking along the North Sydney/ Sydney Mines Harbour area.
A bright sunny day with a cool breeze blowing off the ice in the harbour and the Newfounland ferry in the background made it a picture postcard walk event for the 22 Island Hoppers who participated in this event.
The Event was led by Robin Grant and Isabel ensured we kept on the right trail through the community of Sydney Mines.
Alan Paruch and his son Jonathan joined us for this event and are looking forward to joining us for our next event and we are pleased to welcome them to to our club and Volkssporting.

Our next Event is Sunday 2nd of May at 2:00pm in Big Pond, this is a 10 Km walk led by Elsie Buck and the sweep for the event will be Joe MacKinnon, if you have questions about the walk call them at 562-3117.

Take Hwy 4 to Big Pond, turn left at Glengarry Road approx. 1Km to "Rear Big Pond Road" and East Bay Hills.

Did you get a brochure on our 1st Annual Celtic Colours Fall Walk Events? or Check out the website at:

Celtic Colours WALKS

Did you get the Application for our Louisbourg Events?

Want Information on our Bus Trip to Fundy National Park? Application forms should be filled out soonest!!!

Please Contact me for any of this important information:


or call me 902-849-0747

There are still a few copies of the Blue Book remaining:

Discouver Atlantic Canada Through VOLKSSPORTS

Excerpt from the "blue book"----

Volkssports Benefit:

The Individual-

through an increased level of non-competitive physcial activity, ideal for all ages

through a greater awareness of the community

by meeting new friends and sharing a common , enjoyable activity.

The family-

by providing an activity in which family members can participate together.

The community-

by attracting visitors to the community to participate in volkssport events

by showcasing their community to volksmarchers from other communities and countries

by providing a simple, inexpensive and healthy activity for their citizens.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Special News about Our 1st Annual Celtic Colours Fall Walk Events:

During my term of office for the past several years, I have wanted to
produce an annual walk event during the Thanksgiving weekend with a Falls
Colour theme that would also incorporate the Celtic Colours International Music

Your Walk Committee with myself and the encouragement of Max MacDonald the
Producer of Celtic Colours have come up with a Walk Schedule for the Fall of
(2004) from the 8 - 16 of October.

A brochure entitled 1st Annual Celtic Colours Fall Walk Events will be made
available on our next walk Event Sunday 18 of April @ 1:00pm, The Start
Point is Indian Beach, North Sydney on Purves Street near Rollie's Wharf.

The Celtic Colours Organization website has a very professional and exciting
website and they have given us a page on their site, please click on the
site below and go to EVENTS and RELATED - CELTIC WALKS:

Celtic Colours WALKS

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Please contact:

Elsie Buck at 562-3117

or Rollie Coombes 849-0747


We must have 20 or more participants to make this trip as inexpensive as possible

At the present time we do not have enough participants, who have given a deposit to ensure that the rooms and Bus are confirmed.

Some information is available on this web site dated Mon Mar 22, 2004 titled OUR BUS TRIP

What Colour IVV Record Book Should I Use??

The following article was originally submitted by Judy Everard of the DVC

Many members, especially the newer ones, find IVV Record Books rather confusing and don't really understand the various colours. Since another colour - RED - has recently been added, hopefully the following will simplify matters by giving a brief explanation of when to use the various books and at the same time answer many of your questions.
IVV Record Books are used to record both Distance and Events although not all members keep a record of both; some choose to record only one or the other.

The Distance Books come in Blue, Beige and Yellow and are used as follows:

BLUE - 500km increments up to 8000km (500 - 8000km)

BEIGE - 1000km increments up to 22,000km (9000km - 22,000km)

YELLOW - 3000km to bring your distance up to 25,000km and then 5000km increments thereafter.

The Event Books come in Green, Purple, Salmon and Red and should be used as follows:

GREEN - Your first book will record 10 events (5 on the "free sheet" and 5 in the book) and the next two books will each record 20 events for 30 and 50 events.

PURPLE - Increments of 25 events and used between 75 and 600 events. Thus, your first purple book will be for 75 events and will contain sanctions for event #51 to event #75.

SALMON - Increments of 50 events and used from 650 to 1500 events. Your first salmon
book will be 650 events and will contain sanctions for event #601 to event #650. This book looks like a "beige" colour but is officially referred to as "salmon".

RED - This is a relatively new book which records 100 events and used from 1600 onward. Thus, your first red book will be for 1600 events and will contain sanctions for event #1501 to event #1600.

There is also a Bicycle Distanc Book. Although it is permissable to enter the distance for a bicycle event in your regular distance book once per year, if you plan to participate in other bike events more often you should have a Bicycle Distance Book.

Regardless of which book you use, always remember that we walk for FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP!!!

To collect your Pins and Awards Send Your Books with the Passport Book to:

Anna McAnally
CVF Awards Coordinator
182 Ontario Street
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0

Our First Walk for the Season!

On the 28 of March, 16 of our members braved the windy weather for our North Sydney Guided Walk Event, led by Robin Grant while Isabel looked after the back of the pack as our sweep.
Our newest member, Janice Wilson joined us for this event along with Joan Walsh, both have completed volksmarch events in Europe while there with the Canadian Armed Forces. Welcome to the club folks!
The TransCanada Trail was not readily accessible due to snow conditions, Robin scouted out a route around North Sydney which proved to be a great walk as all the sidewalks were clear of ice and snow and we were sheltered by the wind.

Check Your Schedule!

Our next EVENT is Sunday,18 April @ 1:00pm in Sydney Mines starting at Indian Beach near Rollie's Wharf

Stay Tuned For New Info to be Released Shortly on Our 1st Annual Celtic Colours Fall Walk Events