Sunday, August 12, 2007


Island Hoppers,

After ten years of walking with you as a member of the club, the original trails coordinator and being a founding member of The CBIH and the president of the club for approx. 5- 6 years it is now time to take a leave from club duties.

Today (Sunday 05 August 20007) was my last official day as the club president. Joe MacKinnon and Elsie Buck will look after the duties of the club president or as care takers until 24 November 2007.

Nominations for a new club president, vice president, treasurer, membership will have to be filled in the upcoming club annual general meeting. Elections for these posts must be completed on Saturdy 24 November.

I will be working with Elsie and Joe to help maintain a smooth transition of a new executive for the upcoming year and in fact we have just completed a new 2008 schedule, the new schedule will be available for distribution in late October.

The President of The Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) Graham Foster and the CVF Board of Directors have invited or elected me to be the Director of Atlantic Region to replace Lynda Kanne who has held that position for the past four years.

The CVF constitution does not allow for a third consecutive 2 year term for this position. I have accepted the Boards decision and will become the Director Atlantic Region effective 06 August 2007 and will complete this term during the Annual General Convention to be held in Wolfville NS during the weekend 23-25 May 2008 with a possible extension until 2009.

I do not want to hold the position of CBIH President and Director Atlantic Region at the same time due to a possible conflict of interest and the work load that will be thrust upon me as a new director within the CVF.

However I can and will remain as an ordinary member and Past President of CBIH.

The Island Hoppers will and must continue as Cape Bretons only island wide club I ask all of you to please help Joe and Elsie to continue this club.

A club president is not the club; the club is its members and more importantly it is the active membership that will continue to walk for fun, fitness and friendship that make up this wonderful organization.

With deep affection for all of you,

Rollie Coombes
Director Atlantic Region & Past President CBIH