Monday, September 20, 2010



One of the many (6) brooks we crossed going to North River Falls.(this was the easy one) Please continue reading if you intend to do this HIKE EVENT!

The next walk/Hike event for the CBIH will take place at North River Bridge on Sunday September 26th, 2010.

The walk HIKE EVENT must start promptly at 10:00 am
Registration will take place at 09:30 and end at 09:55
HIKE LEADER: Rollie Coombes

There is construction work taking place on the Cabot Trail after St Anne's Gaelic College even on Sunday so please give yourself additional 15 minutes of travel time.

We must be walking asap so that we can be off the trail before dark!

There is no shorter route to North River Falls except by helicopter.
Trails signs along the route, "TRAIL, Keep it Wild" , is definitely true of this dramatic rugged trail.

Our Annual Schedule of Events has rated this trail in error at 2B, in fact this trail should be RATED 4D

As an organization our club has been to North River Falls on three occasions with various results depending on weather conditions and the time of year and as of today this is my 5th trip to North River Falls and this has been the most challenging yet, and again due to weather and wet trail conditions.

This is our Annual Challenge Event and due to heavy rains and fallen trees the event can no longer be considered a simple leisurely Volkssport event or what we would normally consider a walk event for all of our club members. The hike to the falls is not for everyone!!!

The hills we encountered are not extremely high but can be very slippery during and immediately after a rainfall.

If you have any doubts about your ability to cross rivers or scamper across wet rocks or move along a narrow ledge, then you should reconsider going all the way to the falls. 


You must be prepared for an 8 Hour Hike to the falls!!

Two of our members Phyllis MacLeod and Diane Clarke had been to the North River Falls immediately after the storm that hit Meat Cove and encountered difficulties and averaged about 8 hours on the trail.
Three of our members Carmel Coffin, Lucy Nardini and Rollie have just returned on Sunday 19 September and we had taken about 7 hours to do the round trip.

 Both parties of explorers have indicated we should drop this trail (to the Falls) off of our schedule of events for the foreseeable future.

There are only two bridges remaining across  the brooks and streams that are now small rivers, we were forced to make 6 water crossings in order to get to the falls.

We counted over 8 dead falls that we had to maneuverer around  causing some delays as well as the water crossing.

Due to the heavy rains the trail is 60% wet with streams flowing along the trail.
If we have more rain this coming week the trail will deteriorate even more and looking at the long term forecast this is a definite possibility. 


The schedule of events has given all walkers an option to do 5K, 10K and 18K.

For those members wanting to do 5 & 10 Ks we can offer you a reasonable safe but possibly wet trail with some cautions.

Any members wanting to do the entire 18K to the North River Waterfall must be prepared for an 8 hour demanding HIKE!



All Participants should wear Hiking Boots or good sturdy hiking sneakers.
You must carry water and for those continuing to the falls extra water and definitely a snack
All participants should carry a walking stick to help get across the brooks and along a 400m stretch of a rock face or cliff.
Carry or wear a rain suit/jacket
Carry a whistle in case of injury (the sounds from the river drowns out voices)
Small First Aid kits if you have one, the walk leader will carry a larger FA kit.
A small flashlight would be a smart idea as well just in case we are on the trail after dark.
Dry clothes and shoes upon return, its along drive back home.

The walk HIKE EVENT must start promptly at 10:00 am
Registration will take place at 09:30 and end at 09:55
We must be walking asap so that we can be off the trail before dark!

Our Annual Schedule of Events has rated this trail in error at 2B, in fact this trail should be RATED 4D

Some photos of the pre-walk event:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The next walk event for the CB Island Hoppers:

Sunday 26 Sept., 2010
Scroll down to see more information on this and other walk events!

Discover Atlantic Canada Through Volkssports
Or "The Blue Book!"

Saturday Sept. 18th 09:00 am
5/10k, 2B
Dartmouth Volksmarch Club presents the:
The 12th Annual IVV Walk Event will take place at Greenwood Village Commission Office, Central Ave., Greenwood
Contact DVC for further details:
Ron Kent President 902-462-2743
website info:

Sunday, Sept 19th 10:00am
12k, 3D
Dartmouth Volksmarch Club
Chezzetcook River
Dan Haycock 479-2817 for further details
Hwy 107, exit 21, left to Conrod Settlement 

The next walk event for the CB Island Hoppers:
North River Falls
Sunday 26 Sept., 2010
Registration: 9:30am
Start Time: 10:00am
18K return
Also available 5/10K
Walk Leader Rollie Coombes

This is our Annual Challenge Walk Event; participants must be ready for at least 6 hours or more on the trail.
Carry extra water, and pack some snack or trail type food but do not overburden yourself.
Good Hiking Boots, Rain gear and walking sticks and a whistle if you have one.

From Sydney follow Hwy 125 to the 105 and take Exit 11 to the Community of North River Bridge and follow the signs to the Provincial Picnic Park at North River Bridge PP.

At this time we are planning to use the North River Trail to the falls, however if the weather conditions continues (rain) we will use the Oregon Road and Trail to the summit that overlooks the water fall.

There will be an exploratory walk or pre-walk event, to the falls on Sunday 19 September to ensure that the trail is passable for our group event.

If you would like to join this first walk please contact me asap as I want to limit the amount to no more then 4 - 6 walkers going on this early walk.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Bus Tour

After the trip to Gaspe area I thought you might like this:

The following was extracted from "Readers Digest" submitted by Roy Thirweill Warner, Burlington, Ont.

Insert Gaspe in place of Holland

A tour group of Canadian seniors is travelling by bus through Holland Gaspe.
When the bus stops at a cheese farm, the young guide by the name of Lynda, leads the tourists through the fine process of cheese-making, explaining that goat's milk is used.
Pointing to a lovely hillside where many goats are grazing, the guide explains, these are the older goats. They're put out to pasture when they no longer produce milk.
"What do you do in Canada with your old goats?" She asks.
A spry gentlemen, by the name of Rick answers,
" They send us on bus tours!"

Gaspe Hiking tour photos will be published over the next few weeks in our Photo Section.

Monday, September 06, 2010

2010 Marathon Event w/Valley Trekkers VC New Date

NOTE: The Marathon Event Takes Place on Saturday, September 11, 2010.
The CBIH Annual Walk Schedule has the incorrect date.
Please Note the 42k Marathon Event hosted by the Valley Trekkers Volkssport Club will be held at 97 Palmer Road, Harmony, NS.
Take Exit 16 off Hwy 101 to Aylesford.
Details are found in the Atlantic Blue Book.
My sincere apologies for any inconveniences that this may have caused.

Rollie Coombes