Monday, March 12, 2007



The Island Hoppers 10th year has begun with the sad and devasting news of the passing of one of our most devoted members.

On Monday March 5th Shirley Boutilier surrounded by her loving family passed away at her beloved home in Marion Bridge.

Shirley is an original founding member of our club, she was a member of our first walk committees, assisted with ways and means. Shirley was ever present at all walk events, volunteered tirelessly to work on our many picnics, bbq's.

On several or many occassions she welcomed the entire club to her home in Marion Bridge to potluck suppers and bbq's.

She and Bill travlled throughout Canada in their RV and made it appoint to walk in all the Canadian Provinces. Shirley and Bill are both recepients of the Ron Colpitts Award for outstanding volunteers on a (CVF) volkssport club committee for 5 years or more.

Shirley was the first one to go out and look for new trails and prewalk as many as she could. She encouraged the walk committee to plan as many events as possible for the year and she introduced us to at least one challenge walk each year such as Money Point and North River Falls.

Shirley's smile and the bright twinkle in her eyes will not be forgotten, she made new comers to the club feel welcomed as old friends. She made old friends feel at home at all times in her presence.

With a little mischief in her smile she reminded me that it was 2 o'clock and it was time to get these people walking. "Come On Let's Get Going There a Trail Waiting For Us"!


The CB Island Hoppers are once again ready for another exciting year of walking for fun, fitness and friendship.

(The Island Hoppers on The Clyburn Trail, Highland National Park)

The First Walk Event for 2007 will be held:

- Sun Mar 25

- Registration 1:30pm

- Start Time 2pm

- Walk Distance 5/10k

- North Sydney, Clansman Motel, 9 Baird St.

Time to shake off the winter blues and get ready for spring.

This year we will be celebrating our 10th year as a walking club within the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF).

The CVF is celebrating a birthday as well. This is the offical 20th Anniversary of this organization and there will be a special walk program throughout the year.

A special certificate will be issued to all members upon completion of at least 4 out of 6 designated walk events that will take place in 2007 only.

This program commenced 01 Feb. 2007 and closes 01 July. Only the designated walks completed within these dates are acceptable for submission.

A special one page booklet has been prepared and can be picked up at the next walk event; on/or before 8-12 May 2007. Ensure that the booklet is stamped at each of the four walk events noted below.

A list of qualifying walks is available on the CVF website at

Due to scheduling we (CBIH) have not been able to participate in the Feb. and April Events. My apologies for this inconvenience.

The Island Hoppers qualifying Walk Events are clearly marked on the Annual Schedule as (CVF's 20th Anniversary Program). A recap of the dates:

Sat 12 May in Glace Bay, World Walking Day, your book will be stamped WWD 2007. The CVF has desiginated this walk event as a Time for fitness.

Sun 20 May the afternoon walk at Uisge Ban Falls, National Walking Weekend, your books will be stamped NWW 2007. Desiginated as a Time For Fun

Sat Jun 02 in St. Peters, The Rail Trail& Battery Park, International Trails Day.

Desiginated as a Time for Friendship.

Sun July 1, Sydney,

40 Cabot Street, St Josephs RC Church, this our original first walk with some variations and is desiginated as Festive Air.

All dates were set by the CVF and in order to get the special certificates we
had to abide by the rules. All clubs had to walk their original
event on 01 July of this year. My apologies to Ways And Means Committee, Barb
& Cal Thistle who have organized our July 1st walks over the past few years.
Hopefully Barb and Cal will once again lead our Canada Day Walk in 2008.
The Annual Walk Schedule and our 10th Anniversary schedule, Celtic Colours Walks, all the walk events for the CVF are online, check the right hand side of this web page for the respected links.