Monday, September 28, 2009

2010 Convention Meeting

All Club Members and interested groups are invited to attend:
General Meeting of Committees and Volunteers for the 2010 Canadian Volkssport Federation:
Next meeting will be held 6:30pm,Tuesday, September 29th 2009
The McConnell Library, CBR Library Headquarters, 50 Falmouth Street, CBRM, Sydney.

More volunteers are needed and are welcomed to attend
Come help make this a great convention

The meeting is restricted to 2010 Convention details

Joe MacKinnon President CBIH, Elsie Buck VP, Chairperson Convention 2010

Sunday, September 20, 2009





9am - 12 Noon

All proceeds will be used for The Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) Annual General Meeting and Convention, the convention will be hosted by the Island Hoppers and will be held in CBRM - Sydney, 28 -30 May, 2010.

WAYS AND MEANS Committee and all those volunteers who want to make our 2010 National Convention a Great Success please note:
We will setup Friday night at 9:30 PM as the hall is used prior to that time. Volunteers are needed to set up the hall as well

We are asking that members and friends of the club look for items they would like to donate for the flea market. People can make a monetary donation if they wish.
Some suggestions are to have Tea, Coffee, sweets at the event for a small donation; as well fudge can be sold just to mention a few.

Final details will be made at next Tuesdays Ways and Means Committee Meeting, Time: 7:00pm at Lucy Nardini's home,located at 106 Carmichael Drive.

You can find Lucy's by going up Fatima Drive to the top of the hill where Carmichael is, then turn left and go to the far end of the street to Lucy's place.

NOTE: You can also help by spending $2 at one of our self-guided tours of Glace Bay, Louisbourg, Baddeck, Sydney and North Sydney. See details at our website:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Annual Nova Scotia 42K Marathon Walk Event

The "Early Bird Walkers" at the 0 Km Mark                 These young ladies did 5K achieving their goal!  
DSCF1637                   DSCF1647
Saturday Sept 12th, 2009                            
The Cape Breton Island Hoppers have been, for the first time, the host club for the Annual NS 42K Marathon Walk Event. The 2009 marathon was held in Inverness County, Cape Breton. The Island Hoppers offered multi-distance event throughout the day. Those walkers wanting to do the full marathon began their walk at 8am and the more anxious and very enthusiastic adventurers were at the Start Point as the sun came up and the registration desk and tent were being erected. Once signed in at Troy Station parking lot, the walkers headed out on a one-way walk to Port Hood Station. During the event the volksmarchers were aware of the fabulous scenery along the route with mainland Nova Scotia and the Strait of Canso on the west side, and the green hills of Cape Breton on the east side of the trail including Hwy 19 that is referred to as the Ceilidh Trail. The participants were in for a great walk on the Trans Canada Trail that winds its way across Inverness County. The Trans Canada Trail on the west side of Cape Breton is looked after by the Inverness County Trails Association and in turn the trail is divided up and looked after by the different communities that it travels through. The walkers for this marathon began on the Ceilidh Coastal Trail continuing onto the Judique Flyer Nature Trail, and finishing up on the Chestico Rail Trail in Port Hood Station. These are excellent trails and we would like to take this time to thank all the trails community volunteers who helped to build and maintain the trails and to those who came out from each community to assist wherever possible along the route. Some local citizens even offered their homes as rest stops along the way.
Besides the marathon walkers, local walkers and even some families and many other volkssporters from across NS participated in shorter routes along the trail during the day and no matter what distances they traveled, all reported, that this was a great scenic trail. The care that was put into developing this multi use trail could be used for persons of all abilities and all ages.
The event was topped off with a dinner that evening in the Community Hall at Judique, the Celtic Music Centre of Cape Breton. This is one of the “Great Halls” that the CB International Celtic Music Festival is held in each year. During the dinner the Atlantic Director took the time to present Tanya McNutt, the president of Central Nova Club with her well deserved 5 year volunteer pin. An award that was overdue and hopefully we have corrected that error.
This was the 20th Annual Nova Scotia Marathon Event and it was my great pleasure as the Atlantic Director and as a member of the CBIH to welcome Lily Conrad to Cape Breton. Lily has now completed her 20th consecutive marathon event and it is our privilege here in Cape Breton to have her accomplish this feat on our island. Lily has been presented with a CVF Presidents Certificate, signed by President BenoÎt Pinsonneault. As the Atlantic Director it was also my distinct pleasure to present Lily with a plaque to commemorate this occasion as well.
This event would not have been as successful as it was without the many volunteers who came forward to help out. Our Trails Coordinator Elsie Buck arranged all of the materials necessary for such an undertaking. Clare MacNeil, who provided her home, drove the support ATV, and also hosted an evening wine and cheese; Ann Coombes and Joe MacKinnon both of whom maintained the Start Point for the entire day. Kathi and Phil Rice who maintained a check point along the trail. Many others who helped out such as Heart & Stroke Foundation, St John Ambulance, Trails Committees along the route, we thank you all for your assistance and any others who participated in any way.
A total of 85 walkers participated in all of the walk events for the day and a record number of 52 completed the 42Km NS Marathon Event. Congratulations to all walkers who completed their goals for the day’s activities.
DSCF1660(1)                   DSCF1652
Judique Hall after the dinner.                       They did it!