Friday, August 27, 2004

There's Time Between Our Regular schedule to Walk/Hike in the Highlands. This appears to be a very FUN activity, Meet new FRIENDS and continue to Develop our FITNESS. Contact
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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fundy National Park, Bus Tour

The bus tour will begin on Friday morning September 3rd, departing Glace Bay at 0440am.
Details of the trip have been published in a seperate News Letter to those participants going on our very first tour out of the province.

If you are booked on this trip and have not recieved the itenarary please call or email me

Come Join Us for our annual challenge event, this year we will be going to North River Falls:

Sunday, 12 September 2004 @ 10:00am, Registration begins at 0930am.

This is an 18K Guided Walk, Rated at 4C and led by Bill Boutilier.

The walk begins at the North River Bridge Provincial Park.

Please Note: The St Ann's Bay Development had a reopening ceremony of the North River Falls Trail on Monday the 30th of August. Congratulations to the development group for maintaining this trail.

Hike The Highlands Festival Sept. 17th - 26th

This is a new Hiking Festival and is being organized by The Cape Breton Highlands Project.
For Information call Angela Lauffer 1. 888.897. 4094 or email
This looks like a worthwhile project and I have been in contact with Angela and I hope to meet with this group in the near future.
Our rules and regulations preclude us from having a Sanctioned IVV Walk Event this year and our schedule is completed for next year, therefore if we can work with the Highland Festival it will be an add-on to our schedule and I will work to get at least 2-3 events as a sanctioned walk so that you the membership can get a few new stamps for your books.

I will be going to this festival this year and will report to the membership during our Annual Meeting.
I encourage all members who can to join me or proceed on your own so that we get different views on the subject.
Please note that if you register with the Festival they have special offers, t-shirts, bandanas hiking kits etc.
Let the executive and myself know how you feel about this endeavor!!

Come Put Your Heel and Toe On Our Island!

Louisbourg Walk Events Successfully Completed Whew!!!

The four L'Acadian walk events that were planned to celebrate the four hundred years of Acadians in the new world have been completed as have the L'Acadian Mondiale which was held in Clare, Nova Scotia.

Overall this has been a great success for our club, we had a chance to visit the Cheticamp area for two days of walking and touring that area plus some of the ladies in our club had the chance to shop as well; wherever there's a "going out of business sale" some of our favorite walkers can squeeze in some shopping between walk events as well.

The Lighthouse Walk

On Saturday, 21 August, registration began at 12:30 at the Hans Beck Sea products and by 1pm as planned 55 walkers from various location, such as the USA, Dartmouth, Truro, 'The Valley' and Ontario, strolled out of the parking lot under the direction of our walk leader for this event Phil Irons and assisted by Anne Irons.

This was an 11K walk to the lighthouse with a short detour along the Louisbourg waterfront and then the trek along Havenside Road with a stopover at the picnic area for a view of the Fortress Louisbourg, however today's view was obstructed by a blanket of fog and when we approached the lighthouse area the foghorn was giving off its strange eerie warbling sound into the fog.

Note: The sound of the foghorns seemed to have changed?? Or has my hearing finally detioriated....What!!

Iris Stevens who is with the Lighthouse society informs me that the light is not as bright as it once was and there is a project to restore one of the original generators and former lenses. The Lighthouse Society in Louisbourg has become bogged down with red tape as the LIGHT is on Parks Canada Property, the strings of bureaucracy are holding up much needed work on this historical site; The CBIH wish the Lighthouse society the best of Luck.

After arriving back at the parking lot, most of the walkers returned to the picnic site near the light for a bbq and socializing. The weather was overcast but comfortable for walking and we were able to enjoy Bill and Cals burgers and hotdogs, Thanks Guys.
A special thank you to our Ways and Means committee, Carol, Barb and Jean.
My special thank you to Shirley for coordinating the picnic area and overall supervisor and keeping me calm and in check throughout this experience.

The Fortress Walk (Fete d' St Louis)

Sunday, 22 of August was our planned 12K walk into the fortress; registration took place at the parking lot near the Information Centre and at approx 09:10 we stepped off, with a slight delay as Parks Canada would not prerequisite us due to the daily rotating strikes.

My sincere Thank You to the staff at the Information Centre for their professionalism in dealing with our group during their dispute with their employer; they worked with us in a very courteous and polite manner.

There were 48 walkers on this trek of Cape Breton history, of course as always there was rain and some fog as we began the march along the back roads leading to the No. 2 Gate but within 10-15 min the weather began to clear and we were soon shedding our raingear.

The commissionaire at the gate informed us that this was only "a light Louisbourg morning dew" and it would clear up shortly which proved to be correct and the rest of the walk along the ocean side and through the old ruins trail was indeed a very comfortable walking experience.

On this adventure we had several American visitors and many others from the "mainland" who had never been to Fortress Louisboug and I believe from my conversations with them that most will be back for more great walks in Cape Breton.

The remainder of this walk was through the Kings Bastion/Bastion du roi and along a portion of the fortresses high walls with the spectacular views of the areas where the advancing troops must once have stood looking at these majestic over bearing walls, we continued down into the town area of the fortress and allowed for a must needed break. While on this break many of the forts inhabitants made a point to introduce and talk to these strange visitors tramping through their streets. Some trading and bartering took place and we were on our way with local seeds for next years planting. We continued with the walk returning along the same road that we had entered the fortress and bid adieu to the security persons.

After reaching the parking lot and another needed run to the rest area, our books stamped, 12k marked in our distance books, all of the walkers for this event were directed to our bus and once again we entered the fortress "the easy way" and we spent the remainder of the day enjoying the spectacle of the "Fete d' St Louis".All the participants were now on their own to enjoy the day as they wanted and many of us headed for an authentic style meal at the Hotel de la Marine. Finishing a walk off with a good meal seems to be the tradition for this walker and most club members.

Louisbourg seems to be one of our most popular events and even with the Parks Canada Strike we were able to attract a total of 103 participants for the 2 day event with only a total of 6 cancellations.

There will be a walk next year to the lighthouse only, however the fortress will more then likely be on our agenda for our 10th anniversary.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Park Canada Strike (messages)

As of Last Thursday (12th of August) I have been in contact with persons from Parks Canada, they canot give me 100% assurance that the strike will affect the 'Fete du St Louis', it is a rotating strike situation, however they continue planning their events and are quite aware of our program as well, Parks Canada will do all it can to ensure that we will be allowed to use Fortress Louisbourg for both our events.

The walk event to the Lighthouse and the BBQ should not be effected, and as a further note to this situation, Han Beck Fish Products have assured us that we can use their parking lot, as planned, at 7595 Main Street Louisbourg on Saturday 21 Aug, there had been some question about the use of the parking lot due to the fact that it is on Saturday instead of the usual Sunday that we have used the lot in the past.

IF WE CANNOT GET INTO the Park on the day in Question, there will be a walk, at present I am looking into an alternate route with a new start point, those of you who were kind and considerate enough to prerigister for this event will get your money back in full at the event less the $2.00 for the IVV credit. Those who do not want to take the chance and drive to CB for our 2 day event will have their funds returned asap.

If you want up to date daily information about the strike call Parks Canada info line:

1. 888. 773. 8888


Hi Folks - I was speaking with Bill Mayo by phone this evening regarding our Labour Day weekend of walks in and around Fundy National Park. Bill does not expect the National Parks employee strike to adversely effect our planned activities even if the rotating strike should continue into September.

As previously announced, there is a Banquet on Sunday evening, September 5th that includes a turkey dinner and all the trimmings. Prior to the dinner there will be a complimentary wine and cheese 'happy hour' at the Fundy Highlands Inn and Chalets. There will also be a draw for many door prizes during the banquet.

If you are planning to participant in the banquet, please be sure to get your cheque, ($21 per person made payable to the Dartmouth Volksmarch Club) to Lily or myself by Sunday, August 29th. We have to give the number of participants to the banquet caterer one week in advance. Lionel

From Lynda Kanne Area Director Reference Bus Tours:

Hi everyone: I would to take the time to thank you all in your support with the two bus groups that have passed through our provinces in the past two weeks. I met with and walk with both the Bad Pennies and the International Wanderers while they were in Halifax. I also was in Lunenburg to walk with the Bad Pennies on Thursday August 5th. Both groups spoke highly of our clubs here in Atlantic Canada and of the volkssporters that took time out of their busy schedules to join them on a walk. Thank you to everyone for your continued support in Volkssporting in Atlantic Canada.

Lynda KanneAtlantic Region DirectorCanadian Volkssport Federation


'Walking makes for a longer, healthier life'

Thursday, August 12, 2004


I will be in contact with Park Officials on a daily basis after Thursday night the 12 of August and if there is any changes to our schedule I will inform all members and visitors by email, phones and any which way I can!!

Meanwhile the Walk(s) Continues and we ask that you register ASAP!

Louisbourg Walks!

Saturday 21st of August at 1pm, walk leader is Phil IronsStart Point is Hans Beck Sea Products, Main Street, Louisbourg
BBQ and Picnic after the walk at the Picnic area near the Lighthouse, Please register by calling 902. 849. 0747 or email rollie

REGISTRATION is a MUST for the walk event on Sunday 22nd of August

Start Point: Fortress of Louisbourg, Parking Lot at the Visitors Information Centre
A Parking Area has been reserved for this walk, please watch for our signs and follow directions of Park Staff.
Walk Leader is Rollie Coombes 902. 849. 0747

Please REGISTER NOW by calling Rollie or email,

Cost for this event only, is $12.00, which includes your IVV STAMP and admission into the fortress and the Bus trip in and out of the fortress's facilities after the walk.

There is no seperate price for individuals who only wish to walk and then leave, sorry its all or nothing!!

Sign in at 08:30AM, Walk begins promptly at 09:00AM

Overview Of The Past 4 Weeks of Walking:

The Broad Cove Chapel Walk on the 11 July was led by Phil & Anne Irons.
Twenty-one (21) eager walkers showed up for this event along the Broad Cove Rd./Trail.
This is a great area for views of the ocean with fishing boats and whales off the coast.
However the day proved to be one of rain and more rain but our little troop of walkers pressed on and finished the 10K event.
Proving once again the die-hard volksmarcher will do anythng for that coveted IVV stamp and accumalation of distances in their books.
Our new friends from the USA, Kathleen and Phil Rice joined the group for this adventures.
The Rice Family are summering on the Island and have joined us for subsequent walks.
Welcome to our club folks, we hope your stay in CB will be a satisfactory and happy one despite some of our weather conditions!
A "tip of the hat" to all of you who Put Your Heel and Toe on our Island!

The walk event at Waddens Cove/South Head on Sunday 25 July had 18 walkers join our walk leader Shirley Pettigrew.
The sky was overcast but fortunately we had a great day for a walk to one of the oldest anglican churches on the Island; the plaque on the church was dated 1846.
This little white church fortunately or unfortunately is well hidden from the main road and with the well kept up cemetery could remind one of the song "Come to the little church in the glenn".If thats not the correct title then maybe someone can correct me.
During this walk we were to travel down "Sailor Dan's Road" and part way out to South Head, however the road was filled with very large puddles (small lakes) and over flowing streams that proved to be impassable or uncomfortable by foot.
Fortunately our walk leader had scouted out the area the previous day and had selected an alternate route which proved to be just as scenic with Scaterie Island looming across the bay at Main-A-Dieu.
Thank You Shirley for a great walk and foresight and proving again that the prewalk is very important or as we would say in the army "nothing is ever lost on a recce". ( the US army abbreviation would be "recon")

Sunday August 1st at 10:00am found 31 of our members and friends on the fishing craft BMW 2, heading out of the Main-A-Dieu wharf on a forty minute boat trip to Scaterie Island.
This adventure to Scaterie Island was organized by Bill Boutilier, originally Bill wanted to check out the island for a sanctioned IVV Event but as the word got around Bill found himself with a large contingent of members who wanted to go out as well.
Bill searched for a boat and capt. who would take us to the island and it was arranged to depart on Sunday 2 hours before the annual local pilgramage; this is the descendants of the original families who lived on the Island, they return each year for a BBQ, celebrate mass and explore the old homesteads.
Surprisingly this little 12Km Island had a school, a church and a thriving community at the turn of the last century. After reaching the island we were a little overwhelmed by the ruggedness of the landscape, the wonderful beaches, the thickness of the forest, there is a main trail to the lighthouse and we soon found out that one shouldn't wander to far off the trail.
On one of the beaches on the south side of the Island we came across the bones of a Fin Back whale and a large amount of drift woods and plenty of smooth shiney beach rock.
Walking towards the lighthouse which was shrouded in a light fog or haze there was the remains of a small gravesite which appeared to hold at least four persons, the names were no longer readable; from this point you could see the Atlantic to your left and right or is that port and starboard sides of the island with a strong wind in our faces.
The lighthouse guards a massive amount of reefs and shoals off the tip of the island. there are two homes next to the Light but have been abandoned for quite sometime and just beyond the doorway of one of the homes to the rear is a lone gravesite with most of the markings worn away by the weather.
We left the Island with fond memmories and we will try and put this on again as a sanctioned walk, however we will and must ensure that we are well prepared and organized, it will have to be an exclusive club activity as weather will definitely be a major factor in this trip.
A very hearty Thank You to Bill for the work he put into this exciting trip.

The Island Hoppers and their guests would like to thank Brian Wadden of the BMW 2 and his mate Tom Lahey for their professionalism, their guidiance while on the island, their overall devotion to the preservation of Scaterie Island. Thank You gentlemen!

Our favorite Trails Coordinator Bill Boutilier and the Club Vice President lead 20 walkers up to the Cape Clear Lookoff on Sunday 8th of August.
This was a 10K walk which was fairly easy except for one little (BIG) long hill. What a fabulous view overlooking Big Intervale and the river valleys and their tributaries, the highlands of the Margaree area and somewhere in the far distance was the Big Intervale Fishing Lodge.
A motorcyclist who met us at the lookoff showed a map with elevation of 400 ft??I will try to verify this in a future news letter, as a comparsion the information for Cape Smokey claim it to be 275m (900ft) and North River Falls at 32m (105ft).

Tuesday 10 of AUGUST

Five of our club members met with the bus tour "walking adventures international" and after leaving the Telegraph House at 8:15AM, we proceeded to Uisge Ban Falls for a 10K walk along the North Baddeck River Trail and then onto Uisge Ban Falls.
Our US visitors were very impressed with the trail, the scenery along the river, many were impressed with the prisitine condition of the forest and most of all the Falls.
There were 24 passengers on the bus and unfortunately one members was unable to make the trip due to an ankle injury, however he hobbled around the Village of Baddeck for the day.
Lee and Lorraine Dummer the tour guides for the group would like to return to our area, however their tour company has scheduled the maritimes for a two year hiatus, so with a bit of good luck we should see them again in 2007 during our clubs 10 year anniversary.
My personal thank you to Carmel Coffin, Lucy Nardini for leaving Sydney with me at 0620am, 20min earlier then planned, Thanks Ladies.
Many Thanks to Isabel and Robin Grant for joining us as well on such a wonderful morning and being great CB ambassadors.

The Acquilla Bus Tour out of NB with the "Bad Pennies", our tour group from the US as well were led by Matt Pernick. This group did a self-guided walk in the Village of Baddeck using our Year Round Event, located at the Telegraph House.They were in Baddeck on Saturday the 7th of August, my apologies to our visitors for not being able to meet with them, unfortunately our schedules could not be coordinated as well as we would have hoped.Hopefully the "Bad Pennies" will return and we can do a walk with both groups in the near future.