Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Trail Photos

The second walking, snowshoe and cross country ski event known as an SK+ takes place at Kennington Cove, near the security hut on the Kennington Cove Rd., located in the National Historic Site Louisbourg, this is a 10Km event rated at 2C.

The Event starts at(1:00PM), registration begins at (12:30), Sunday, February 20th, 2005

During our last SK+ at Mira PP there were 24 participants, bring along a friend and lets try and get our participation numbers up. There is openings for new member candidates for the club!!

The New Executive get together:

Saturday Feb 12th your new club executive met for the first time since our Annual General Meeting in Nov. of 2004. The meeting was held at Rollie's place in Glace Bay.

The newest members of the Executive Stan Wadden (new trails coordinator) and his assistants Shirley Pettigrew and Charlene Wadden are excited to get started on this seasons walking program and preliminary plans are already in the works for the 2006 walking program.

Stan was not deterred by the list of duties presented to him by the president Rollie Coombes and in fact he was quite willing to take on the challenge of the Trails Master. Draft copies of all committee's and their annual reports are being developed.

No stranger to the Ways and Means Committee, Cal Thistle and Barb are beginning to plan for picnics/BBQ's, possible fund raisers; Cal will be looking into writing out the duties of the Ways and Means Committee Chairperson, these should be of assistance to future committees.
Cal will continue to coordinate the call out/phone tree to remind members of our up coming walks.

The presidents, Secretary and treasurers duties will be outlined in a draft in the near future, again this is to help future (new) committees to assist them in their respective voluntary jobs or positions.

The president and trails coordinator will be going to Halifax for the 2nd Annual Presidents Meeting, Saturday, April 16th 2005 with the Atlantic Area Director Lynda Kanne, this meeting will be hosted by the Chebucto Hiking Club. After taking over as the Atlantic Area Director, Lynda wanted to ensure that all clubs in the area were aware of each others programs and to try and ensure that some cooperation was and is taking place, we agreed at the last meeting to try and not hold major events at the same time with the understanding that volkssporters would like to participate throughout the region in all of the bigger events. Example: the Dartmouth Club holds an annual Marathon and we here on the Island now have our Celtic Colours Walks, hopefully we will not hold these events in the same week or at least not the same weekend.

Prior to the meeting the Chebucto Club will have a Guided Walk "Halifax Explosion", anyone may attend the walk and in fact a lunch or dinner is also being planned. Further details will be made available as the meeting draws near and anyone interested in the walk can contact me for more information.

I would like to invite the Area Director and the presidents to Cape Breton next year, as a member of the club I would like your opinion on this please!

During the Annual Club Meeting it was mentioned that a new volkssport group would be forming in the Ingonish area, sponsored by the Northeast Highlands Chamber of Commerce, originally they had considered becoming affiliated with our club or become a separate identity as an affiliate with the CVF; they have decided to become affiliated with the CVF and I have become their unofficial mentor in the ways of Volkssporting.

This new group will be known as "The Northeast Highlands Hiking Adventures".

They will be focusing on the Northeast Highlands Area (Ingonish,Cape Smokey, North River, Highlands National Park etc) and most of their activities will take place in the fall when the tourist go home, this is who they are trying to attract back to the highlands during that interm period before the ski hill opens.

There will be an annual hiking festival and at this time we will be sharing some walks in the area during the festival and further talks are being planned and in fact they have agreed to promote our "Money Point Walk/Hike Challenge Event".

From Mary-Sue MacKinnon, assistant director:

"This festival will be held in the Northeast Highlands September 16th - 25th, 2005. Our full itinerary is not laid out yet, but generally there will be interpretive hikes (long and short) an overnight hike, community dinners, a ceilidh, bonfire, storytelling, etc. These regular activities will be combined with other activities such as kayaking and whale watching. There will be camping opportunities and all of this will take place in the Highlands with perhaps a few short hikes in the St. Ann's area.

We also hold interpretive snowshoe walks during our Winterfest which is held in St. Ann's and in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Our Winterfest is scheduled for March 11th - 20th, 2005."

Other notes from the Executive Meeting:

During our executive meeting we were unable to come up with a Vice President, therefore if for any reason I am unable to complete my term of office the Club Secretary would call upon the executive to appoint an interm president pending a General Meeting of the members.

During the next few weeks I and the executive will be talking with you the members about a Club Vice President and the possibility of bringing the Canadian Volkssport Federation's Annual General Meeting and Conevntion to Cape Breton in 2008, plus a bus trip around NS in 2006 also plans for our 2007, 10th Aniversary. There will be a club meeting at the end of May for this purpose, a time and date will be published in the near future.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Snow Shoe, X-C Ski, Walk And Pot-Luck, Fun, Fitness, Friends

Our first event for 2005 will have it all!

Come join us on Feb. 6th, 2005 @1:00pm

The Start Point is Mira Provincial Park, Brickyard Road.
From the 125 (Sydney bypass), Ex. 8 to Rte. 22 (Louisbourg Hwy.)

For those of us who are collecting Event and Distance Stamps your books will be annoted with the SK+, meaning that you can walk or X-C ski and/or snow shoe the event.
This is a 10Km, 2C Event and Carol reports excellent ski and snow shoe conditions.

AFTER THE EVENT: You are all invited to Carol Butts home at 371 Trout Brook Road for a Pot Luck buffet.

Please contact Carol Butts if you have any questions about the Event or the Pot Luck.

On behalf of the club members I want to thank Carol Butts for volunteering her time and home to us, for this first years event.

This would be a good time for club members to voice any concerns they have about this years upcoming events or anything that you feel would be helpful to promote our clubs activities for this year.

Sunday, Feb. 20th we are off to Kennington Cove for an SK+, 10Km Event and again this will be led by Carol


The new Club executive/committee members and last years executive (if available) are asked to meet at Rollie's home, 364 York Street Glace Bay 2pm,Saturday,February 12th.
There will be discussions about 2005 activities, select a new VP, 10th Anniversary in 2007!!, bringing the CVF's AGM to Cape Breton. If you are a member of the executive or volunteered for a committe,Please contact
bretonhoppers@hotmail.ca if you can or canot make this meeting.