Monday, January 26, 2004

Message From our Area Director:

Hi everyone:

Just a reminder for those who maybe planning to attend the convention in Vancouver to get your registration in. The Convention committee says that only 75 people have registered to date.

Lynda Kanne
Atlantic Region Director
Canadian Volkssport Federation
(902) 847-1772

A brochure will be made available at the Annual Club Meeting.

Walking for Fun. Fitness and Friendship
Nova Scotia's Volkssport Clubs and The Cape Breton Island Hoppers will be Walking in Celebration of Our Acadian Heritage from June to September 2004.

A Pre-Registration Form is available at the end of this Text

A brochure covering the details of the Walk Events will be available at the Clubs General Meeting on the 7 Feb. 2004.

Directions and more details can be found on our calendar of events at our website:


Lets Walk and Dine in InvernessCounty

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers will be in the Cheticamp area on Saturday 26 June and Sunday 27 June 2004, our club treasurer Elsie Buck is arranging a dinner at a local restaurant in the Belle Cote area for Saturday evening after the walk Event, please let Elsie Know if you are interested, the dinner will be off the menu or the daily special.

Special Notice about:

Our Weekend in Louisbourg on Saturday 21st of Aug and Sunday 22 August 2004 in Celebration of Our Acadian Heritage

The Start Point for the Louisbourg Lighthouse Event (Saturday 21 August) is Hans Beck Sea Products on Main Street Louisbourg, Please sign in at 12:30 noon, walk begins at 1:00pm, there will be a BBQ & Picnic after the Event and stamping of books will take place at the picnic area.
Please see the prerigistration form at the end of this text; pre-rigistration for the picnic is not mandatory, however it would be helpful to the Ways and Means Committee to assist them in ordering and preparing food products.

PRE-REGISTRATION is Mandatory For:

Fortress Louisbourg, Feast of St Louis on Sunday 22 August, we must sign in at 08:30am, Walk begins at 09:00am.

The Club is not hosting a formal dinner at the Feast of St Louis.
After the walk, members and guest can avail themselves at the period style restaurants located within the fort

A pre-registration form will be made available at the clubs annual meeting and is also available at the end of this text or you can have it emailed by contacting the club president at:

Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club Pre-registration for Feast Of St. Louis at Fortress Louisbourg


On Saturday, 21 August, at 1:00 pm, the Louisbourg Lighthouse Guided Walk will begin at the Han Beck Sea Products parking lot located on Main St. in the Community of Louisbourg.
Following the walk a BBQ & picnic will be hosted by the CBIH. ($1.00/item)
The IVV fee of $2.00 Canadian will apply for this event to be paid upon registering at the Start Point.

Please let us know if you will be participating in: the WALK_______ or the BBQ________ or BOTH____________.


DATE: Sunday, August 22, Please be at the Start Point at 08:30 am, GW begins at 09:00

Name(s): _________________________________________________________


Address: _________________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________Email_________________________

$12.00/person in Canadian funds: $____________________________________

The $12 cost includes the IVV stamp and the required entrance fee to Parks Canada Fortress Louisbourg. Meals are not included; authentic period style restaurants are available during the daily activities and are the responsibility of the participant(s).

Send a cheque or money order in Canadian funds before July 20th payable to:

Cape Breton Island Hoppers
364 York Street
Glace Bay NS
Canada B1A 2N1

Club members may register on or before July 30th 2004.
A late registration fee of $2.00/participant will apply.

Will you be participating in the Walk Events on the 21st and/or the 22nd of August, please indicate by circling one or both dates.

Come Put Your Heel and Toe On Our Island

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Due to weather conditions we have rescheduled our annual meeting:


WHERE: The Radar Base on Lingan Rd, The Schooner Curling Club


Congratulations to the following club members:

Rosella Hogan of Glace Bay and Shirley MacRae of North Sydney have achieved awards for completing 30 Events.

Howard (Nip) Hillier of North Sydney has achieved an award for completing 100 Events.

Carol Butts of Marion Bridge and Carmel Coffin from Sydney have both received their awards for completing 150 Events.

Shirley Boutilier and William (Bill) Boutilier have each achieved awards for completing 200 Events.

Distance Awards for 2500 Km were reported in this months edition of 'VOLKSSPORT CANADA' to the following Cape Breton Island Hoppers Members:

Carol Butts, Shirley Boutilier, Bill Boutilier, Isabel Grant, Robin Grant

Sunday, January 11, 2004


The following Chebucto Hiking Club's year rounds are
temporarily suspended until Howard Johnson's renovations are completed.
(Halifax NS)

NORTHWEST ARM - CVF 262 - Howard Johnson's Hotel, 20 St Margaret's Bay Road

ARMDALE - CVF 266 - Howard Johnson's Hotel, 20 St Margaret's Bay Road

It is possible that they will be back in business sometime in February. We
will keep you informed.

See you on the trails,

Lynda Kanne
Atlantic Region Director
Canadian Volkssport Federation

AGM Visitor

Lynda and Rick will be attending the CBIH's annual general meeting on the 17 January 2004, if you have any questions or queries about the CVF I am sure Lynda will be able to provide the answers.

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Very shortly Inverness County will be publishing some of our walk events that will be held in their area next summer and CBRM has already given us some space on their website.

Do you have an interesting bit of walking news or a tip on walking you would like to share with the group please email it to me at
We will publish the item asap.

Friday, January 09, 2004


Please don't forget!!
Saturday 17 January 2004 at 2pm
The Radar Base, Schooner Curling Club.

Please come out and support your club.

Something to Think About

by Heather McLeod
(Edited from the Central Nova News, published Jan. 2004 Vol. 10 No. 1)

In October, Rilla McLean, our CBIH wheelchair participant, made a presentation to the task force on the use of off-highway vehicles.
Although Rilla was not representing any group, the incident that sparked her presentation was the condition of the TCT on her volksmarch at Creignish (a rails-to-trails section) last June.
Members of the CBIH and the Central Nova (CNVC) attended this hike and can testify to the difficulties she encountered.
Rilla was a water carrier in May 2000 when the trail officially opened and was delighted to find a scenic wheelchair accessible and user-friendly trail close to home.
Even in the summer of 2002 she did not encounter problems. However, June 2003 was a quite different story as there were deep ruts, some filled with with loose gravel, and shoulders too narrow to navigate around the ruts.
it was not the standard of TCT walkers would expect for a rails-to-trails segment and families with bicycles or strollers would encounter the same problems as Rilla.
The majority of ATV drivers are friendly and courteous and wish to have a safe trail to ride on. Unfortunately, a minority do not exercise responsibility and are ruining the trail for other users.
It is something to think about.

Rilla is also involved with the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Canso Causeway and is promoting the idea of our club and others to walk across the causeway and continue with a 10km route possibley using the transCanada Trail towards Creignish, of course this is only in the planning stages and will be discussed by your walk committee.

TIPs & Quotes from other sources:

A Regular Walking Program: lowers the risk of heart disease; fights osteoporosis; changes cholestrol profile; promotes weight and waist loss; promotes feeling better.