Friday, December 19, 2003


To all our members and friends may I offer a healthy and fun filled holiday season to you and your families.

Happy trails to you....
Until.. we meet.......... again

The Atlantic Area Director Lynnda Kanne has sent Holiday Greetings to all in Cape Breton.

WebSite UpDates:

Phil Irons our Past President and now our Web Person has been working on our website. He has updated the Calendar of Events for 2004.
There is a great deal of work to put a site together plus the input of the Calendar of Events, A very special Thanks to Phil for this work and putting up with my over blown e-mails.

Heather McDougall from the Recreation Dept has informed me that the Island Hoppers will be featured on the
CBRegional website; hopefully this will give us a little more exposure to the community.

Our friends Jacques Cote and Micheline Guillot from the crosscountry ski club at Ski Ben Eoin continue to send out a newsletter about the activities at Ben Eoin.
Please contact Jacques Cote if you would like more info about crosscountry skiing.
Micheline and Jacques are also involved with a new bicycle club and if your interested please check the CBRM webpage.

Trails Coordinator (Trail Master)

A very Special Thank You to Bill Boutilier and the trails committee for producing the Events for 2003. This has been a very successful year, some very special new walks and several new members.
We owe Bill a great deal for the work he has been doing for the upcoming Events in 2004 and Bill has many more new Trails he plans to present to us for 2005.
If you have an Event you would like to present to the club for 2004 or 2005, please contact Bill at 727-2250 or email:

Bill&Shirley Boutilier

The Thanksgiving Weekend in October 2004 has not been booked for any events, if you have a suggestion for a some walking events at this time we look forward to hearing from you.

Nominations for Executive Positions:

If you would like to nominate a club member for a position on the executive or you would like to volunteer please contact the Vice President Shirley Boutilier who has volunteered to look after nominations at 727- 2250 or email:

Bill&Shirley Boutilier

Discover Atlantic Canada:

The Atlantic Region's Guide to Year Rounds/Seasonal Events & Guided Walks 2004 is available @ $1.50/book by contacting the club president Rollie at: or pick up your copy at the clubs annual meeting from the treasurer Elsie Buck. Elsie will also collect your Annual membership ($10.00/pers or $25.00/family) at the same time.