Saturday, July 30, 2005

AUGUST 13th and 14th Causeway Celebrations

WALK PROGRAM, HOTELS, ROOMS, Campsites, BBQ/Picnic, Pot Luck.

There's a lot going on at the Causeway this year during the 50th Anniversary of this most important "Road to the Isle".

Check out their website at:The Causeway


The 13th Of August (Saturday) we will start our walk at 10am, please register early 09:30am
The walk begins to the left of the Skye Motel, the property known as "Gut Of Canso Museum".
Please watch for our signs and follow the Parking attendants directions.



We will turn around near the weigh station and after crossing the bridge we will go into the lighthouse area for pictures then continue our event in behind the Coast Guard/DFO complex at the "locks" to the Trans Canada Trail and Ghost Beach.

The official Ceremonies for the Causeway begin at 2pm, there will be shuttle buses available, but please note this is not The Island Hoppers Responsibility; also note that I have published information on a previous post about a cold plate meal available at the Port Hasting Fire Hall, beginning at 11am.

If you are planning on going to Port Hawkesbury and Port Hasting for the weekend, please be advised that everything in the area is booked solid for the 12-14 of August (motels, cabins and B&Bs).

There are places still available in Antigonish for the weekend:

The Claymore ($125) and Coastal Inn ($75)

The checkinns number for NS is 1-800-565-0000.

Saint Francis Xavier University is also available for the weekend as Rollie & Ann have booked a room at a reasonable price.

The phone number is 1-902-867-2855 or

If you planned to do the Pomquet walk on Sunday morning, then Antigonish would be convenient for you.

The Pomquet Beach Walk starts at 9:00am, Sunday 14 of August

This walk is hosted by the Central Nova Volkssport Club and the Walk Leader is Tanya MacNutt.


From Hwy 104, take Pomquet exit. Turn left at Pomquet Beach Rd. sign. Drive 3.5k to Pomquet Provincial Beach sign (turn right), continue to parking lot to SP.

This is a 5/10k, Rated 1B

The Cape Breton Island Hoppers will host a walk event on Sunday afternoon (14th of August) at 1:00pm

Creignish Mountain Trail, from Port Hastings follow Hwy 19N, approx 10-15min. to Craigmore, house #3086, home of Clare & Blaise McNeil who will also be our walk leaders for this event.

This is a GW, 10k, 3C event.

Blaise & Clare will also host our Annual BBQ and Potluck immediately after this walk event and if you need a camping spot please contact Clare at 1-902-625-2899, she maybe able to assist you in this regard as well.

This is a lot of work for one couple and I want to thank them for their efforts, please show your support, show up for the walk and check with the Ways and Means Committee if you can bring something or help in some way. This is part of the Fun of volkssporting and meeting and associating with old walking friends.

The weather will be great!! Let Us Pray.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The Chebucto Hiking Club invite all volksmarchers to a hiking adventure in Gros Morne National Park, 24-28 August 2005.

Fives Days Of Hiking in Gros Morne National park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The hikes are scheduled so that there is ample time to enjoy the cultural and other activities in the area.

The Walk Schedule in Brief:

24 Aug - 2p.m. Baker Brook Falls Trail - 10k - R-2B

25 Aug - 10a.m. James Callaghan Trail - 10k - R-3C or 16k - 4D

26 Aug - 10a.m Lookout Trail - 5k - R-3C

26 Aug - 1p.m. Trout River Pond Trail - 15k - R-3C

27 Aug - 10a.m. Western Brook Pond/ Snug Harbour Trail - 7/15k - R-2B

28 Aug - 10a.m. Green Garden Trail - 10k - R-3C or 16k - R-4C

There will be a banquet, a three course turkey dinner, 7pm on Saturday, 27 August at the Ocean View Motel

Details of this event are in a brochure that I have distributed at our walk events.

you can also contact:

Gerry Everard
c/o Chebucti Hiking Club,
PO Box 26018, Portland Street Market R.P.O.
Dartmouth, NS
B2W 6P3

Or email:

For Further details contact:

Judy Everard, President

Chebucto Hiking Club

Fun, Fitness, & Friendship for all volksmarchers.

Sunday, July 24, 2005



Our first open meeting to help plan the 2006 schedule was held at the radar base on the Lingan Road.

My thanks to Barb and Cal Thistle, for arranging to have this facility opened for us.

Thank you, to all those who brought a small tray of sandwiches and sweets.

This was our first try at having an open meeting to help plan the schedule for the next year; I felt it was a reasonable success and a lot of good suggestions were passed onto me and the walk committee to help with the final schedule.

My objective was to get suggestions of where you the members want to walk next year.

WE got off to a slow start with trying to fill in the entire year within a 2 hour period; therefore we settled on trails suggested by the membership and the Walk Committee will fill in the blanks as it were; hopefully this will meet with everyones approval.

The walk committee will be opened for any other new trails that you feel we should try in the next year. "Your suggestions and opinions are important to us and your fellow club members".

Thank You to all who gave up their Sunday afternoon, your interest shows that the club has a continuing future here on the Island.

Little time was spent on talking about bringing the CVF's Annual General Meeting and Convention to Cape Breton in 2008, however a brief on the subject was passed out to the attending members, if you would like a copy please let me know and I can either email an attachment or have copies available at the next walk event.

Grand River Falls and Fish Ladders

July 31 at 2pm, registration begins at 1:30pm

Walk Leader: Rollie Coombes, 849-0747

Guided Walk 11k,Rated 2C

See our Calendar of Events for directions and watch for clubs <-Volkssport signs

CHANGE TO START POINT, 13 August, Canso Causeway Walk Event

Due to the many activities and limited parking at the original Start Point, The Tourist Info Centre Port Hastings we are forced to move our registration Point.

1. Parking will be available near the green space to the east of the Skye
Lodge in the village of Port Hastings
. Go down the steep gravel hill (by the
sewage pumping station) and park on the left side of the road (that runs
parallel to the railroad track) to exit back onto the highway by the second

2. We will try to reserve that area specifically for Volkssport people
but advise coming early (by 9:00 am to 9:30 am).

Volkssport signs will be placed at the entrance 09:00.

3. There is no charge for parking although The Port Hastings Historical
Society is a NFP organization trying to raise money for a new museum. Visit
our Gut of Canso Museum on Church Street just across the road from the green
area. There is a picture of Ole Olsen and Helene Veil with some Cape Breton Island
Hoppers at the Causeway in the Crossing for a Cause display.

4. The Port Hastings Historical Society is having a cold plate dinner at
the Fire Hall from 11:00 am until they run out. The cost is $10 for potato
salad, ham, tomato, cucumber, roll and dessert.

5. Some members of the Society are concerned about safety if you park on
the green area, There are some large rocks and old foundations that could
present some problems. Also they don't want any parking there if the grass
is wet. Finally, there will not be someone there all day, just for awhile in
the morning.

6. The Re-enactment will start at 2:00 pm from the mainland to Cape
Breton. Before 2:00 pm a parade of about 100 1950's era cars will drive
across the causeway. About 300 pipers and drummers will march across after
the ribbon is cut at 2 pm followed by dignitaries and invited guests. At 3
pm on the canal site, the official ceremony with speakers will be held.

7. On Saturday, there will be tours of the Cape Porcupine Quarry site in
Aulds Cove, Quilt Display at St. David's church in Port Hastings, and Canso
Canal tours.

If you have any questions call Rilla at 625-2411.



Thursday, July 14, 2005


The Ways & Means Committee chaired by Barb Thistle have announced that they will hold a BBQ on top of Cape Smokey immediately after our Walk Event on Sunday, 17 of July, at minimal cost.

Special needs diets please bring your own and "Cal the Cook" I am sure will let you use his grill.

Members are asked to bring a very small sweet tray and the Ways and Means will look after the rest.

Hope to see you all at the Top Of Smokey at 1:30pm for registration.


RADAR BASE, Schooner Curling Club

This is an open meeting for all club members to discuss the 2006 walk schedule

In the past we have allowed the president and walk committee chair to set the schedule, of course they will still do that but your input as a member would be most appreciated and welcomed. There will be coffee/tea and sandwiches available.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF) has instituted Lighthouse Walks across Canada for 2006.

Lighthouse Walks will be Year Round Events (YREs) or Seasonals (any type);

Walks must pass lighthouses that were or are the responsibility of the Canadian Coast Guard;

Lighthouse walks will be identified in Footpaths/Sentiers 2006;

A fee of $3 will be charged at time of application;

Application will be made to the CVF office;

A lighthouse pin and documents will be sent to the walker at time of application;

There will be Three Award Levels:

Any 6 lighthouse walks - Certificate as Assistant Lighthouse Keeper

8 lighthouse walks, with at least 2 from each coast - Certificate as Lighthouse Keeper

12 Lighthouse walks, with at least 4 from each coast - Certificate as Superintendent of lights.

My intentions for this program is to submit our Louisbourg and Baddeck YREs.
New brochures and applications for both YREs will be submitted to the CVF when we reapply for our Year Round Events, plus a new logo to represent these lighthouses will appear on the related documents.

-Leg Rash in the Heat -

The Following article was submitted by Ann and Phil Irons,the original article was taken from the walklist group program and is passed on for information only.

Leg Rash in the Heat - Golfer's Vasculitis

The common heat leg rash now has a name
Go to any multi-day walking event in the summer and you will see it - a red leg rash on the calves of many walkers. Often it starts above the sock line and makes red patches and splotches up their calves. It usually doesn't itch. We believe it is a heat-related leg rash as these same walkers don't get it in cooler weather.

What is it?

Golfer's Vasculitis

Ask most physicians about this common rash and they draw a blank. That is probably due to few people seeking medical help for it. By the time they got a doctor's appointment, it would have cleared up, as it commonly goes away in a couple of days. At last, a paper in the "Australasian Journal of Dermatology" has described it and proposed naming it "Golfer's vasculitis."

Causes of the Heat Leg Rash:

The research article said many people underwent extensive allergy testing, believing they must be having a reaction to some chemical or plant.
But it is simply an irritation of the blood vessels following prolonged exercise in the heat, such as walking for extended periods or playing 18 holes of golf. It is more common in people over 50. In my experience, walkers can't pinpoint anything new they used that may be causing a reaction. And so many walkers have it that they couldn't all have contacted the same irritant. The source is simply heat and age, your leg blood vessels getting irritated from the heat.


The research offered no treatment or prevention. It seems to occur in healthy, active people and they suggest it should not be a health concern. They recommend not getting allergy testing, etc.



In my non-medical experience at Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks and walking conventions, this rash appears on a vast range of walkers and commonly goes away by itself after a few days. Pampering yourself after a good day's long walk with a cool bath, sitting with your feet up, or using cool wet towels on the rash areas may be relieving.

Other Heat Rashes

Heat Rash - Prickly Heat

Unlike Golfer's vasculitis, prickly heat is itchy.It is caused by blocked sweat glands, and causes raised itchy red dots or bumps.It is best treated by getting out of the heat for a few days, and not scratching.

Itchy Legs Syndrome

If your legs are itchy during or after exercise, with no relation to heat, you may have exercise urticaria.

So now we have a name(s) for all that itching and scratching on the trail.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Please check out this fairly new association which I believe that we can work with to promote our club, volkssporting plus tourism and the trails of Cape Breton.


I have linked our pages to their site and in turn we are linked to PATHWAYS as well.

We will be registered as members in the very near future, you can read about the advantages of membership on their site.

Our next Walk Event is 17 July at Cape Smokey, start time is 2pm, registration 1:30pm

Louisbourg Lighthouse

Our theme for this year is Cape Breton Lighthouses, here is a photo of the light at Louisbourg.
In 2006 The Atlantic Area will feature Lighthouse Walks in conjunction with the Year Round Events and we will be submitting Louisbourg as our contribution to these Events; more details will be featured on a later post to this website.

01 July 2005, Canada Day

Thank you Barb and Cal Thistle for the work you did on the walk event at Petersfield Provincial Park.
If anyone has an updated photo, please send it to me and I will publish it ASAP.
My apologies to Barb and Cal for not being able to attend this walk.

Hope to see you all on the 17th of July at 1330 hrs at Cape Smokey for an 11k walk/hike; be prepared carry lots of water, good hiking boots, sun block, INSECT REPELLANT.