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The  Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club would like to continue to send you news and information on our walk programs, projects and initiatives as well as our future electronic publications, including our e-newsletter.
Because Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (C-28) is coming into effect on July 1st, 2014.
We are a non-profit organization nor do we solicit funds, however I feel we must be cautious in this regard.
We must obtain your consent to continue to give you updates on club activities.
Please reply to this email to give your consent.
You may change your consent at any time by sending us an email and state that you wish to opt out.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Roland (Rollie) Coombes, Trails Coordinator
 website and e-mail coordinator for CBIH

Walk For Fun, Fitness and Friendship!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Group Guided Walk Event in the Village of Baddeck using the Seasonal Year Round Event (YRE

Group Guided Walk Event in North Sydney using the Year Round Event

CBIH Members,
VOLKSSPORT CANADA is our on-line Canadian Volkssport Federation magazine.
The paper magazine has recently been discontinued or in limited copies for the time being.
Please see the attachment regarding a new column in the magazine and the email below from our CVF President Ethel Hanson.

Michele Bell
CVF Executive Assistant
Walking is good for the mind, body and spirit.
    There will be a new column in Volkssport Canada for the October-December issue (description attached). This will be an ongoing column so please write in telling everyone about your favourite permanent trail, be it in your town, your province or elsewhere in Canada. The first articles will be due Sept 8, 2014. It would be nice to get some dialogue going about the great walks we have here in Canada.
Ethel Hansen,
President, CVF/FCV
Explore your city, country or internationally with Volkssporting
 Brief explanation of YRE's - Year Round Events or Permanent Walk Events

Five members of CBIH using Our Louisbourg Seasonal Walk Event, photograph by Beverly Fisher a volkssporter visiting from Alberta who had been interested in our Louisbourg event.

Please note for those of you who recently joined the CB Island Hoppers; this program is available for those who want to participate in these walks on their own or with friends or simply stroll with your pet. Good way to accumulate Distance and Event Stamps for the CVF/IVV Awards Program.
As a club we do these events as Group Guided Events as well but we encourage members to participate more often during the year.

CBIH sponsor 5 Year Round Events (YRE's) or Permanent Walk Events.
Due to location and Winter trail conditions some events are designated as Seasonal.
These are self-guided map walks with written instructions on how to complete the designated 5k and/or 10k  route that the Trails Committee have provided for the life time of the club.
These YRE's had originally been intended for volkssport participants from other location who like to walk and explore new location while on vacation and still be able to receive the CVF Distance and Event Stamps, you can do the same by checking out the Atlantic "Blue Book"; this will give you the address of all the YRE's in Atlantic Canada or simply go on the website for a list of the walk events in all Canadian provinces and the USA plus Europe, Asia, and Australia if you are so inclined to travel and want to meet new friends across the globe.

Each YRE has it's own distinct CVF Number CVF -308
You may stamp the Distance Book as many times as you walk and sign in for the Event. The Event Book can only be stamped twice in the same year as per CVF Rules and Regulations. More information is available from the Club President or the Trails Coordinator on this subject if needed.
If you would like to submit an article about our YRE's you will need the following information:

Our YRE's CVF#'s and where they are located:
Baddeck, 479 Chebucto St, B0E 1B0, The Telegraph House - CVF -247
Glace Bay, 99 Reserve St, B1A 4W3, CO-OP Gas Bar - CVF-192
Louisbourg, 2 Wolfe St, B1C 2J2, Peck's Convenience Store - CVF-243
North Sydney, 9 Baird St, Clansmen Motel - CVF-244
Sydney, 380 Esplanade, Cambridge Suites - CVF-59
My Favourite:
Volkssport Canada is introducing a new column. Tell us about your favourite Permanent Trail (YRE or Seasonal) within Canada. It can be your favourite walk in your own city, in your province or elsewhere in Canada. It can be your favourite historical walk, your favourite beach walk, the walk that most pleasantly surprised you, or the walk that is the most scenic you have ever done. Report the sanction number (YRE 308) and City/Town where the walk is located. Why did you choose this walk to write about? Include a picture if you have one. Send your articles to the Editor, Volkssport Canada (

Ma favorite:
Volkssport Canada introduit une nouvelle colonne. Laissez-nous savoir votre piste permanente favorite, (YRE ou Saisonnière) au Canada. Votre marche favorite pourrait être dans votre propre ville, dans votre province ou ailleurs au Canada. Ça pourrait être votre marche historique favorite, votre marche favorite sur la plage, la marche qui vous fait le plus plaisir à vous, ou la marche la plus scénique que vous avez faite. Rapportez le numéro de sanction (YRE 308) et la ville/municipalité ou la marche est située. Pourquoi avoir choisi d’écrire sur cette marche? Inclure une photo si vous en avez une. Envoyez votre article à l’éditeur Volkssport Canada (kathleen

Ethel Hansen,
President, CVF/FCV
Explore your city, country or internationally with Volkssporting

Monday, June 23, 2014




 Sunday 22 June The Island Hoppers headed up the Mabou Hiking Trails.
Our Guide for the day was Nadine Hunt a member of the Tails Association that maintain the trails.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Nadine for her patients in getting the group up to the top of the mountain and guiding us along this portion of the very extensive Cape Mabou Trails system.

John Merrick has passed on the following information

Hi all,
As near as I can figure without any GPS confirmations; from the car park at approx 40m above sea level (ASL) we climbed to a point at the first look off at approx 175m ASL; ie., a hill of approx 450 feet....and then kept on going farther up for probably another 150-200 feet.


There are many more trails to explore in this region and I hope to get up there once again this year to select some more fantastic walking trails. 

This is a great experience for all Cape Bretoners to see and hopefully more of our visitors to the island will get to experience this beautiful landscape as well.

The Social Committee made reservation at the Mull Restaurant in The Village of Mabou, where 16 of our members enjoyed good meals, good drinks, great desserts and good friendship at the end of the day. Well worth the 2 hour trip from Sydney and Glace Bay and other parts of the island. 
John and Bev Merrick from Dartmouth Volksmarch Club joined us for the day and they hope to participate in more walk events with the CBIH as members, and as well, they maintain a summer residence in Cape Breton. Welcome aboard folks. 

More Pictures of the days activities can be found on our Photo Gallery site:
Or click on the link to the right of this page.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


More update info for Sunday 22 June:
The Mabou Farmers Market located on Mabou Harbour Road, will be opened this Sunday 22 June from 11:00 am - 2:00pm, a great opportunity to see the market before our walk event and a great location for members to Meet-up and carpool to the Start Point (please make your own individual arrangements).

The Social Committee has reserved some tables at the "Mull Restaurant"
Before we start the walk please let the social committee member know if you would like to attend!

The Cape Mabou Trails are located north off Hwy 19; when entering the Village of Mabou watch for Nova Scotia highway signs pointing towards Mabou Harbour and Mabou Coal Mines

Some CBIH "WALK SIGNS" will be posted as well.

PLEASE NOTE: From the Village of Mabou to the Start Point at Cape Mabou on the Mabou Coal Mines Road is approximately a 20 - 30 Minute trip on a dirt road that has recently been graded reducing potholes, but use caution due to loose gravel.

From Sydney the Cape Breton Distance calculator shows 1:56 hours, 152 k, so please give yourself lots of safe traveling time; add on an additional 30 minutes from the Village of Mabou to the Start Point.

START POINT: Located along the Mabou Harbour and Mabou Coal Mines Road going towards Cape Mabou, CBIH signs will be posted along the road to the SP.

Sunday, 22 June 2014
Registration: 1:30pm
Start Time: 2:00pm

Walk Leader: Rollie Coombes/Nadine Hunt
Guided Walk Event
Distance: 5 -10k
Trail Rating: 2B

For this occasion we will have Nadine Hunt, a member of the Cape Mabou Trails Association as our guide.


The Social Committee has reserved 16 places at the "Mull Restaurant" in the Village of Mabou

Monday, June 16, 2014



After the walk at Red Islands Trail all of the participants enjoyed a dinner and dessert at "The Clucking Hen Cafe" located on the Cabot Trail. Good dinner , excellent desserts! Several care packages were taken home as well!! See more photos in our photo gallery.

Cal’s Rhubarb Thingy from "The Clucking Hen"!

1 cup flour
½ cup butter
5 tbsp icing sugar
Mix flour, butter and icing sugar with a pastry blender or fork until crumbly. Put into bottom of an 8 in. square pan. Bake at 350 deg for 15 min. or until brown.

2 eggs
1 ½  cups white sugar
¼  cup flour
¾ tsp baking powder
Beat eggs until fluffy. In a separate bowl, mix sugar, flour and baking powder and gradually add to eggs.

2 cups fresh rhubarb cut in ½ in. pieces
½ tsp salt
Add rhubarb to above egg mixture and mix together. Mix in salt. Pour over baked crust. Bake at 350 deg for 30-35 min. The egg mixture comes to the top and forms a meringue. Serves 9. Enjoy with a cup of tea.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Group Guided Walk Event will take place at Red Island Nature Trail located at 46715 St Ann's Bay United Church parking lot.

Travel Directions:

From the 105 Highway take the Englishtown Ferry travel north 9.8k on Route 312/Cabot Trail to St Ann's United Church. The trail is located to the right of the church, please park on the right near the trail without interfering with the church parking area.

Date: Sunday 15 June

 Registration: 1:30 pm
Walk Time: 2:00 pm

Walk Distance: Select 5k or 10k
Trail Rating 2C

As per CVF Trail Rating Guide:

2 - "Some moderate hill or stair climbing"
C - " A significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths)

Go to our Photo Gallery to view the latest pictures from Sunday 8 June, our Multi-Trails Day Event

Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club 

Trails Day Events, Sunday 8 June 2014

WALK EVENTS: [1], [2],[3],[4],[5] -Please note order of events such as Meet-up and Walk Times for each individual trail listed below:

Registration and book stamping will be available at all Meet-up points so as to accommodate walkers who may not be able to make all the walks.

[1] 7:00am Meet-up: 105 Alexander Street, St. Anthony Daniel Catholic Church parking lot located at the intersection of Alexander and Mt Kemmel Street
7:15am Group Walk - Rotary Park/Green Links Trail - Distance 3km
Walkers can carpool to the remainder of the walk events if desired

[2] 8:30am Meet-up: At the top end of Terrace  Street- Soccer Field
8:45am Group Walk - Baille Ard Nature Trail - Distance 4km

[3] 10:15am Meet-up:  Havenside Road, Kennelly Point picnic park, Louisbourg
10:30am Group Walk - Lighthouse and Coastal Trail - Distance 5km


[4] 1:30pm Meet-up: East Bay Nature Trail off Highway 104 in East Bay, a short distance past Saint Mary's Church.
1:45pm Group Walk - East Bay Nature Trail - Distance 3km

[5] 3:00pm Meet-up: the trail-head at Knox United Church Hall, Coxheath Road
3:15pm Group Walk - Coxheath Wilderness Trails - Distance 5km