Wednesday, June 18, 2014


More update info for Sunday 22 June:
The Mabou Farmers Market located on Mabou Harbour Road, will be opened this Sunday 22 June from 11:00 am - 2:00pm, a great opportunity to see the market before our walk event and a great location for members to Meet-up and carpool to the Start Point (please make your own individual arrangements).

The Social Committee has reserved some tables at the "Mull Restaurant"
Before we start the walk please let the social committee member know if you would like to attend!

The Cape Mabou Trails are located north off Hwy 19; when entering the Village of Mabou watch for Nova Scotia highway signs pointing towards Mabou Harbour and Mabou Coal Mines

Some CBIH "WALK SIGNS" will be posted as well.

PLEASE NOTE: From the Village of Mabou to the Start Point at Cape Mabou on the Mabou Coal Mines Road is approximately a 20 - 30 Minute trip on a dirt road that has recently been graded reducing potholes, but use caution due to loose gravel.

From Sydney the Cape Breton Distance calculator shows 1:56 hours, 152 k, so please give yourself lots of safe traveling time; add on an additional 30 minutes from the Village of Mabou to the Start Point.

START POINT: Located along the Mabou Harbour and Mabou Coal Mines Road going towards Cape Mabou, CBIH signs will be posted along the road to the SP.

Sunday, 22 June 2014
Registration: 1:30pm
Start Time: 2:00pm

Walk Leader: Rollie Coombes/Nadine Hunt
Guided Walk Event
Distance: 5 -10k
Trail Rating: 2B

For this occasion we will have Nadine Hunt, a member of the Cape Mabou Trails Association as our guide.


The Social Committee has reserved 16 places at the "Mull Restaurant" in the Village of Mabou