Tuesday, November 12, 2013


(A) Guided Walk Event:

Sunday, 17 November @ 2pm, Registration begins @ 1:30pm
Location: 380 Esplanade, Cambridge Suites, Sydney
This is the last Guided Walk Event for the 2013 Schedule.
The walk leaders are planning to develop a 3rd alternate route for the Sydney walk event with the intentions of using parts of the new "OPEN HEARTH PARK". This will prove to be a great new addition to our Sydney YRE.

(B) All Members of the Cape Breton Island Hoppers are cordially invited to attend the:


Host: Ann and Rollie Coombes
Location: 364 York Street, Glace Bay
When: Saturday, 23 November
Time: 6pm

This will be a "pot luck" affair, bring along your favorite dish of food (hot or cold) and/or dessert
Your host will provide Coffee, Tea, punch bowl drinks, variety of breads and rolls.

Not sure what to bring! Call or email the Social Committee Chairperson Dianna MacDonald or Ann Coombes

(C) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the CBIH was held on Saturday 9 November at the McConnell Library in Sydney.
The meeting had to be held earlier then what is on the annual schedule of events due to scheduling from the library. Several notices had been published on this website and the club president Elsie Buck passed on the corrected date at several walk events.


(1) The 2014 schedule was presented to the members at the Annual Meeting and over the next few weeks this will be published on the club website under "EVENTS".

For those members who would like a printable copy of the 2014 schedule online please email bretonhoppers@hotmail.com and I will be happy to send this to you as .pdf 

(2) The Trails Committee, after completing the 2014 walk schedule, are now working on the 2015 events.
This is the backbone of our organization and we are calling upon all members to make an effort to seek out new, to us, trails that you think would be interesting and doable for our Group Walk Events.
If you want new and interesting walk events! We need new members on the Trails Committee who are willing to take the lead in this regard. 
Send us an email or talk to the Walk Committee Chairperson at the upcoming walk events. The club continues to need volunteers to fill positions on all committees. 
I can only tell you from personal experience how satisfying it is to come up with walking programs or special type of events and to ensure they are completed. A thank you from our walk visitors during the Louisbourg and marathon events had been payment enough!

(3) a. The Real Big News from the 2013 Annual General Meeting, Elsie Buck President of CBIH asked to be replaced after 2 years as our president. The presidents position as well as the Vice President, Walk Committee positions, walk registrations, putting up directional signs and many more tasks have been in the MacKinnon - Buck household for the past 6 years, as both Elsie and Joe have shared these duties over the years.
Thank you Elsie for an excellent job - Well done Joe!

b. The Good News for the club, Cal Thistle, one of our founding members and longtime volunteer on walk committees, Guided Walk Leader, and Ways and Means Committee came forward to take over as the 6th President of The Cape Breton Island Hoppers Volkssport Club. Cal brings plenty of experience to the job and it will be a smooth transition for Cal to take over and for Elsie to take up the reins of the Past Presidents job.

c. The Vice Presidents position remains vacant- There should and must be a backup for the club president - Why not You?
 All committees have a chairperson but again your club needs more committed persons to help continue to keep the CBIH Going for the near foreseeable future.

(4) The CVF 2014 Annual General Meeting and Convention will take place in Banff Alberta and details can be found on the CVF website: www.walks.ca 

(5) The CVF Winter Walking Program is in effect and details can be found on the CVF website or contact Elsie Buck for local details, plus:

The following message, from CVF Facebook, is from the Vice President of the Canadian Volkssport Federation


Gordon Bell 9:59am Nov 9
November is moving fast, hopefully you all have your Winter Walking Program booklets to get you out walking this winter season. Its on the Walks.ca site under special programs. Just print it, stamp it and when you send it to the CVF office (in April) with a $5.00 cheque you will receive your certificate.

We are Canadian a little cold and snow doesn't stop us from enjoying every season.

See you on the Path ahead.
Gord - Vice President CVF

 "Walking is the first thing an infant wants to do and the last thing an old person wants to give up"
- John Butcher, Founder Walks21, 1999