Thursday, March 13, 2014


According to long term weather forecast we should have a mixture of light rain/sunny day this coming Sunday 16 March.

NO MATTER THE WEATHER its time to get out and walk with your club members, shake off the winter blues and start thinking about spring.

Albert Bridge, Mira
Mira Provincial Park, Brickyard Road, Sunday 16 March 1:30pm Registration 2:00pm Guided Walk begins

More then likely this will be a WALK EVENT through the park lanes and trails.
The heavy rains we are experiencing at this time will more then likely get rid of most of the heavy snow. 

However:Keep the snowshoes handy!Keep the rain gear even handier!Its Cape Breton weather, be prepared for anything!

No matter how slow you walk, your moving faster then a couch potato. Lets get out and Walk for the Health of it!