Friday, March 21, 2014



Host Club: St Albert Trekkers

Convention Chairperson: David Hall

Latest up dated message from David Hall:

When our club decided to hold the convention in Banff we knew we had to set up some extra walks.  There was just one walk sanctioned in Banff.  So under the direction of our trail master – Niels Breum, we set up the following walks:
President’s Walk   This guided walk led by 18 leaders goes out to the Bow Falls and famous Banff Springs Hotel. The 10 km part of the walk also walks through the campus of Banff Centre – a school of  Fine Arts and business leadership.
Convention Walk  This guided walk goes up to  the historic Cave and Basin Sulphur Hot Springs and Cascade Gardens.
Seasonal and YRE Walks   YRE Central, located in the Black Bear room, is where you can register for all the YREs and Seasonal walks in the Banff and surrounding area.  After walking, come back once to get your books stamped.   We think it will work well.  These walks include:
Starting from the Banff Park Lodge Hotel
Banff YRE, Banff Historical, Hoodoos,  Tunnel Mountain, Vermilion Lakes and Sundance Canyon.
Starting from the Sulphur Mountain Gondola parking lot  (reachable by bus or a short car ride) 
    The Sulphur Mountain 6 or  11 km walk is a hike up about 12 switchbacks to the top of Sulphur Mountain.  Not for the faint of heart but nice to say you have done it!!  Views!!
Within an hours drive of the Banff town site there are the following walks:
Canmore 5 & 11 km YRE, Johnston Canyon, Boom Lake, Emerald Lake  5 & 11 km, Lake Louise  5 and 12 km, and Moraine Lake  5 and  10 km  (the 12 km Lake Louise and 10 km Moraine Lake routes might be iffy at this time of year, so we will update you just before the convention),
And of course there are walks in Calgary, Airdrie and Okotoks, not very far to the East.  If you are into Dinosaurs there is a walk in Drumheller, Dinosaur capital of the world.
Favourite Walks   I get asked what is your favourite walk David?  That is tough.  In the Banff town site I would say it is a tie between the Hoodoos and Tunnel Mountain.  Outside the town site it is also a tie between Johnston Canyon, Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. Oops, maybe Emerald Lake is also tied!!  All these mountain walks are terrific. 
If you are staying longer in Alberta then it is best you check out the walks on the Alberta website as well as the convention website:
Spring is in the air.  The first bear of the season has been seen in Banff.  A 225 Kg male grizzly!  (I hope I don’t see him!)     Look forward to seeing you in just over 2 months.